Easily Connect 2 Pairs of AirPods To 1 Phone (Step By Step)

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  • Learn how to connect two pairs of AirPods to your iPhone
  • Understand Apple’s AirPlay feature
  • Control both sets of AirPods independently!
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If you’re like me, you might be old enough to remember sitting with a friend, connecting a set of buds to your portable CD player and each having one to listen to. 

This might seem a bit archaic nowadays (well, actually, it is!), but the idea of two people listening to music on the same device isn’t, so it’s great that you can do this with your AirPods.

It may look a little complex, but it can be done with just a few taps with Apple AirPlay.

What Is Apple AirPlay?

AirPlay, in very simple terms, is a method Apple has created to share information (i.e., music, video, audio, etc.) from your Apple device to another device.

AirPlay is compatible with Apple speakers, Apple TV, and various smart televisions. It’s a quick and convenient way to send your audio or video to another device without hooking up aux cables or HDMI leads and adapters.

It can even be used for casting a screen share of your iPhone to another device. More relevant to this article, however, it can be used to share music between two sets of AirPods.

How Do I Access Apple Airplay?

Accessing AirPlay is simple to do. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Swipe downwards from the top right-hand corner of your iPhone
  2. In the top right corner, below the battery status, you will see a small AirPlay logo
  3. Tap on the logo
  4. Select the device you want to share with

How Do I Connect Two Airpods With Apple Airplay?

As you’ve seen, AirPlay is very simple to use, and it doesn’t take much to pair up with two AirPods.

First, ensure both of your AirPods are in range and charged. If you encounter any issues setting your AirPods up to share audio, it may be that either the iPhone you have or the AirPods you have aren’t compatible and can’t share.

You’ll need to ensure your first set of AirPods is linked to your iPhone via Bluetooth. If you haven’t done this yet or are unsure how just follow these instructions:

  1. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone (if not, then swipe down from the top right and tap the Bluetooth symbol)
  2. Open your AirPods case with the buds inside and hold them near your iPhone
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair

Once you’re ready to go, just follow these next steps to share audio with two sets of AirPods:

  1. Tap the AirPlay button
  2. Select ‘Share Audio’
  3. Hold the second pair of AirPods close to your phone
  4. Once you see them appear on the screen, simply tap them, and they will automatically pair up

Remember that AirPods and AirPods Pro will need to be kept in their case to pair with your device (currently, only AirPods Max can pair just by being nearby).

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How Do I Control The Volume For Two Sets Of Connected AirPods?

Controlling the volume for your two connected pairs of AirPods is very simple. In actual fact, you can control both at once or adjust the individual levels to taste. 

To control the level for both, all you need to do is swipe down from the top right-hand corner and adjust the volume slider as you normally would, or simply turn the level up or down with the volume buttons on the side of the phone. 

Because both AirPods are connected to the phone, any changes to the music (such as pausing or skipping a track) will affect both.

If you want to adjust each individual AirPod, just follow these steps:

  1. Swipe down from the top right-hand corner of the screen
  2. Tap on the small AirPlay logo
  3. You should see both pairs of AirPods with a separate volume slider. Adjust the relevant one to change the volume.

How Do I Disconnect A Second Pair Of AirPods From My iPhone?

Disconnecting your AirPods is as easy as connecting them. Although moving out of range will cause them to disconnect, you might want to manually remove them from your device when you have finished sharing.

To remove a second, connected pair of AirPods from your iPhone, just follow these steps:

  1. Swipe down from the top right-hand corner of the screen
  2. Tap on the small AirPlay logo
  3. Locate the AirPods you want to disconnect. You should see a small ‘check box’ next to them. Uncheck the box, and they will disconnect.

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Can I Connect A Pair Of Beats And Airpods To My iPhone?

Beats, also manufactured by Apple, can be paired up and disconnected from your iPhone like a set of AirPods.

The only slight difference is that you must ensure your Beats are in pairing mode to connect to your phone via AirPlay successfully.

How Do I Know If My AirPods Can Connect As A Second Pair To My iPhone?

Most AirPods (and Beats) can connect to your iPhone as a second pair. However, if you are having issues, it’s worth checking that they are a compatible pair.

Currently, the list of compatible AirPods and Beats are:

  • AirPods Max
  • AirPods Pro 
  • AirPods 
  • Powerbeats
  • Solo Pro
  • Powerbeats Pro
  • Powerbeats3 Wireless
  • Beats Solo3 Wireless
  • Beats Studio3 Wireless
  • BeatsX
  • Beats Flex
  • Beats Fit Pro

How Do I Know If My iPhone Is Able To Connect To Two Sets Of AirPods?

Chances are your iPhone has the capability to connect to two sets of AirPods. If you are using an older model, then you might encounter some issues with compatibility.

Currently, the iPhone (and iPad) models that can connect to two sets of AirPods are:

  • iPhone 8 or later
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd gen) or later
  • iPad Pro 11-inch
  • iPad Pro (10.5-inch)
  • iPad Air (3rd gen)
  • iPad mini (5th gen)
  • iPad (5th gen) or later
  • iPod touch (7th gen)

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Can I Pair Two Sets Of AirPods To My Iphone Via Bluetooth?

No. Currently, Bluetooth will only allow one connected pair of AirPods at one time. This is why you need to use the AirPlay function to allow a second pair to connect.

Why Isn’t My Second Pair Of AirPods Connecting?

If you are having trouble connecting your second set of AirPods, there are a number of issues that could be causing this.

First of all, ensure both devices are compatible with the AirPlay sharing function (your AirPods, your iPhone, or your iPad). 

If all devices are set up to share two pairs of AirPods, then make sure your iOS is up to date. You can check this by heading into your settings menu and tapping your account details at the top of the page, followed by your device.

Next, ensure your AirPods are fully charged and in range. Connectivity issues (or sometimes problems with a muffled sound) can be caused by a lack of charge.

If these don’t resolve the issue, then check that your AirPods aren’t already connected to another device. AirPods can connect to more than one device at once. However, it could be that your set is receiving a signal from the wrong one!

Lastly, if all else fails, try resetting your AirPods. If you’re not sure how to do this, then check out our guide here.

Can I Connect More Than Two Pairs Of AirPods To My iPhone?

Currently, no. The maximum amount of AirPods you can connect to your iPhone is two. 

Can I Connect My AirPods To An Android Device?

Yes, you can. Here’s our guide on how to do it.

What Do I Do If My AirPods Are Buzzing?

A few things could be causing a buzzing noise in your AirPods. It’s annoying but usually easy to fix. Follow our guide on getting rid of that pesky buzz!