Meet The Team

Co-Founder & Editor In Chief

Sean is Co-founder & Editor In Chief at Producer Hive, a community-run music production blog, YouTube channel, and podcast. As Commit, he has released music on renowned deep dubstep labels such as Deep Heads and Interchill Records.


Pip is a music producer, audio engineer and promoter based in Sydney, Australia. He runs the club night ‘Construct’, which has hosted sold-out shows for a variety of world-class artists, including Special Request, Zed Bias, Peverelist and more.

Biz Dev Executive

Kieran is a producer based in Manchester. He has written, produced and recorded for BBC Radio, mixed tracks from Kendall Calling Festival and worked on broadcast sessions for national TV. Kieran is also a guitarist and has performed across the UK.


Charlie is a freelance music writer who specializes in Drum & Bass. As well as making D&B under the alias 'Amalgamate', he runs Breakbeats & Basslines, a record label that aims to promote a plethora of forward-thinking and high-octane electronic music producers.

Writer, Musician & Visual Artist

Adrian has a diverse background in tech, the recording industry, education, and film and television. He's passionate about the constant evolution and growth of the entertainment industry and loves trying out new tech. He’s also an advocate for preserving Internet history and can often be found browsing the Internet archives for cool and obscure media.

Sound Engineer & PhD Student

Angeliki Mourgela studies intelligent broadcast audio mixing for hearing loss, a project supported by the BBC's Research & Development department and the EPSRC. Her research focuses on the development of autonomous mixing methods for enhanced audio production.

Producer & DJ

Mixing seasoned UK Bass, styled with new age Bass House & Dubstep sounds, Bristol native Axel Boy stays constantly challenging himself as he blends melodic synths with hard-hitting bass lines - creating a notable “Axel Boy” sound. Such notable sounds have caught the ears of big-time independent labels such as the legendary Circus Records as well as UKF and Bite This.

Audio Engineer & Guitarist

A lifelong musician who owns more guitars than anyone needs. Having toured nationally, he is a trained audio engineer that has worked in studios and on stages across the United States. As a lover of all things writing and music technology, he crafts every piece with his dog Max on his lap.

Guitarist & Composer

Chris is a guitarist and a composer formally based in NYC, and now residing in South Korea. Chris has played and recorded with artists like Mia Gladstone, Armen Paul, Misia Vessio, Mike Maher, Mia Jae and Bobby Sanabria. He studied jazz guitar at The New School of Jazz in NYC, as well as Seoul Jazz Academy.

Guitarist & Vocalist

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Jamie is a Metal Guitarist/Vocalist who has been active in a plethora of bands touring nationally/internationally since 2008. He also offers services as a local guitar technician while working as a freelance Audio Engineer. He has contributed to labels including Memento Mori (Spain), Blood Harvest Records (Sweden), and Maggot Stomp Records (USA).

Audio Engineer, Soundgirls Representative (EIPMA)

Originally from Fredonia in Western New York State, she's an alumni of SUNY Fredonia's Sound Recording Technology program and completed her internship at 4th Street Recording in Santa Monica where she still engineers sessions. Along with recording and mixing performers, Jasmine is a member of the AES Los Angeles executive board, Soundgirls LA chapter, and EIPMA.

Drummer & Educator

Obsessed by all things drums, John dedicates his passion and love for music as a freelance musician and educator. As well as enjoying a busy and extremely varied live schedule, John also provides online drum lessons to students worldwide from his studio in Surrey, UK. In addition to extensive experience as a trained studio and live engineer, he holds a Masters Degree in drum performance and prides himself in providing every project with enthusiasm, dedication, and joy!

Guitarist & Editor

British guitarist specializing in electronic/melodic metal music. Songwriter/mixing engineer for the bands Decode the Design and MERA. Extraordinarily talented at buying unnecessary guitar gear and plugins.

Head Editor & Sound Design Specialist

MGF Audio is Martin Peploe, a synthesizer and computer music enthusiast from Sydney, Australia. He is a graduate of UTS (BA Music & Sound Design). As MGF Audio, Martin has recorded thousands of samples of vintage gear over the years. Martin also specializes in Cycling 74's Max visual programming language.

mitchell layton producer hive
Guitarist & Songwriter

Mitchell Layton is a guitarist and songwriter from southern New Jersey. He currently plays guitar in the Philly indie/punk band Church Girls. He’s a graduate of Musician’s Insitute in Los Angeles and has toured internationally. Mitchell has written for publications like HM Magazine, Glassworks Literary Magazine, Pif Magazine, and more.

Audio Engineer & Musician

Nate has done work for live shows, studio productions, theatre, and sound for film. He runs sound at The Southern Cafe and Music Hall and The Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, VA, and performs and releases music as Out on the Weekend. He holds an MA in Audio Technology from American University in Washington, DC.

Multi-instrumentalist, Composer & Teacher

Based in NYC, Noah has performed all over the city as a guitarist, violinist, violist, and vocalist, and collaborated with artists from across a broad spectrum of genres. When he isn’t teaching at a public school in the Bronx or composing for film projects, chances are he’s out running or rowing to bounce new ideas for tunes around in his head.

Songwriter & Guitarist

Rodrigo is an award-winning songwriter (Best Popular Song Of 2018 for Ibermúsicas), and has worked with the prestigious EMI Music Publishing Latin America. He has production credits on artists such as Descemer Bueno, and has also composed alongside Grammy and ASCAP award-winners such as Sebastián De Peyrecave and José Luis Morín.

Producer, Drummer & Mix Engineer

Seth Huff is a producer, drummer and mixing engineer based in Atlanta, GA. He is a recent graduate of the audio engineering program at Belmont University. Seth has worked in a variety of genres such as rock, pop, electronic and country music. His most recent success has come from working with electronic artist Glitch Gum, whose songs have reached over 100,000 streams on Spotify. Seth is very passionate about audio and enjoys teaching others about it!

Mix engineer, composer, & pianist

Shelby Lock is a mix engineer, composer, and pianist who has worked with acoustic and classical artists from all over America. The owner of the Charlottesville-area recording and mixing studio River Rock Records, Shelby enjoys combining her technical and musical expertise to bring her clients’ music to life. Shelby’s own music has been performed by the Nashville Philharmonic Orchestra and many other ensembles. She holds a B.S. in Audio Engineering Technology and a B.M. in Music Composition from Belmont University.

Licensed Audiologist, Adjunct Professor & Podcast Host

Steve is a licensed music audiologist, audio engineer, professor of sound, and entrepreneur. He has been recording and producing music for over ten years in the Chicagoland area. Further, he hosts and produces the Hearing Now Podcast. When he’s not in the clinic, studio, or classroom you can find him playing guitar and woodworking.

Sound Designer, Engineer & Modular Specialist

Troy Jansen is a sound designer and engineer specializing in modular synthesizers. He is currently finishing his BA in Theatre Design & Production at Arizona State University. When he’s not busy designing for theatre productions or buying too much gear, he produces music as the artist OmniOpera. Troy also runs Dark Label Instruments, a boutique company producing experimental noise hardware and Eurorack modules.

Bassist, Guitarist, Songwriter, Teetotaller

Vinny, a bass player from India, is equally adept at yoga, fingerstyle guitar, and sipping tea. He is a seasoned session player who has toured with bands across India using all available means of transportation. From Thundercat to Palladino to MonoNeon, he is always game for a stank-face and a tight pocket. He now works as a music journalist/writer, plays fingerstyle acoustic, and is working on his debut album as a singer-songwriter.