How To Pair Beats Earbuds (For Windows, iOS, & Android)

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  • Wondering how to connect your Beats Earbuds up to your device?
  • Confused about Beats’ “pairing mode”?
  • We help you troubleshoot your connection issues
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Beats earbuds are a hugely popular option in the music market. While they often get a bad rep in the studio scene, they are a great option for enjoying music whether you’re on the move or listening to music at home.

Of course, if you want to enjoy music with a set of Bluetooth Beats, then you’ll need to know how to pair them to your device.

Luckily this is very straightforward and will usually only take a few seconds. Read on, and we’ll take you through how to pair your Beats earbuds to Windows, iOS & Android devices.

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How To Pair Beats Earbuds With Windows

Pairing up a set of earbuds, such as Beats Studio Buds, with a Windows device is extremely easy to do.

Make sure your earbuds have a decent amount of charge first, as not doing so could lead to problems.

To pair your Beats with a Windows device, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the settings section in Windows 10 or 11 by searching for ‘Settings’ in the start menu. You can also find this by hitting the Windows key + I.
  2. In the next window, select ‘Bluetooth and Devices’ and ensure you click on the Bluetooth toggle to turn it on. Ensure your Beats earbuds are in pairing mode (failing to do so will stop the buds from connecting to your device).
  3. Open the earbuds’ case, and, keeping the earbuds inside, press the pairing button until the case light flashes.
  4. Select the ‘Add Device’ option on the computer Bluetooth settings page, followed by ‘Bluetooth’.

After a few seconds, your PC or laptop will scan for a device that should show your Beats earbuds.

All you need to do then is select them from the list to connect!

This process should be straightforward regardless of your product whether it’s Beats Flex wireless earbuds or another product. 

How To Pair Beats Earbuds With Mac

Since Apple has owned Beats since 2014, you’ll find the customer support helpful if you’re an Apple iMac or Macbook user.

Thankfully pairing up your Beats Studio buds is easy, and it’s unlikely you’ll need customer service!

To pair your Beats with a Mac, follow these instructions:

  1. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on on your iMac or Macbook. You can check this by hitting the Apple logo in the top left, followed by System Preferences and then ‘Bluetooth’.
  2. Ensure your Beats Earbuds are near your device and the Beats pairing mode is switched on by pushing the system button on the charging case until the LED flashes.
  3. In the Bluetooth menu, you should now see a list of compatible devices, one of them being your Beats. Once you’ve found them, click on them and they should pair with your iMac or Macbook.

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How To Pair Beats Earbuds With iOS

If you’re wondering how to pair Beats earbuds to iPhone or iPad, the process is very simple and easy. To do so just follow these steps:

  1. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your device. This can be checked by swiping down from the top right-hand corner and selecting the Bluetooth button. Alternatively, you can go via the settings option and select ‘Bluetooth’ end ensure the function is turned on.
  2. Ensure your Beats Flex Wireless earbuds (or the like) are held near to your iPhone or iPad, ensuring the device is unlocked.
  3. Next, follow the onscreen instructions, and the buds should connect.

Alternatively, ensure the Beats Earbuds pairing mode is activated by holding down the system button until the LED flashes. Then enter the Bluetooth menu on your iPhone or iPad, and select the relevant pair of Earbuds to connect.

How To Pair Beats Earbuds With Android

Wondering how to pair Beats Earbuds to Android devices? Simple! Just follow these instructions:

  1. Ensure your phone uses Android 6.0 or higher, as other versions won’t be compatible.
  2. Make sure your phone has Bluetooth and Location turned on. This can be done by swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping on the Bluetooth and Location logos.
  3. Ensure the buds are located near the phone with the case lid open
  4. A notification will flash up saying ‘Tap To Pair’, hit this and you should see a notification shortly after stating the connection is complete.

If you’re wondering how to pair Beats wireless Earbuds, it’s this easy!

You can also use the Beats app for Android to connect Beats Earbuds. First, download the app, and make sure Beats Earbuds pairing mode is enabled.

Hold the Earbuds near your device, and you should see the pairing card flash up, allowing you to connect. If this doesn’t work, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Settings followed by Security & location and Location.
  2. Make sure Use location is enabled
  3. Open the Beats app.
  4. Tap the menu in the top left-hand corner of the app followed by App Settings.
  5. Select Android Settings followed by Permissions, and ensure Location is turned on.

Beats Earbuds Won’t Connect To My Device – Quick Fixes

If you’re having issues connecting, a few of these quick fixes may work.

1. Check The Distance From Your Device

This is an easy one, but make sure your Earbuds are within pairing distance from your PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device. Simply moving within range can trigger them to connect.

2. Reset Your Earbuds

Sometimes all it takes is a quick reset to get things working! To do this, hold down the power button and the volume down button for 10 seconds. When the LED flashes, let go, and the earbuds will force a reset.

Try reconnecting from here; the Earbuds should easily pair up with your device.

3. Check Your Earbuds Aren’t Connected To Another Device

If your Earbuds are already connected to a device, they won’t be able to connect to anything else.

Ensure you remove them from the device they are already connected to and try again, they should then be able to pair with your preferred device.

‘Forget’ Your Earbuds

Forcing your device to ‘forget’ your Earbuds means you can attempt to reconnect from scratch, which will often rectify the issue and allow pairing to happen. To forget your earbuds follow these instructions:


  1. Open ‘Settings’ and select the Bluetooth menu
  2. Locate your Earbuds, and select ‘Forget This Device’


  1. Hit the Apple logo in the top left of the screen
  2. Select System Preferences and then ‘Bluetooth’
  3. Select your Beats, click the X followed by ‘Forget This Device’


  1. Search for settings and select Bluetooth & Devices.
  2. Find your Earbuds and right-click or select the three dots next to the buds and hit ‘Remove Device’.


  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and select the Settings icon
  2. From there hit ‘Connected Devices’ and then ‘Connection Preferences’ and ‘Bluetooth’
  3. Find the device name and select ‘Forget’ or ‘Unpair’