Beats Headphones Not Charging? (12 Ways To Fix Them)

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  • Find Out What’s Stopping Your Beats From Charging
  • Read About Solutions To Charging Issues
  • Troubleshoot With A Few Easy Steps

Beats headphones are one of the most popular and successful headphone brands on the market. In fact, walk down any high street and you’ll more than likely see someone rocking a pair.

Chances are you know the name, and you probably know a bit about their history, including the fact that Dr. Dre is one of the most successful hip-hop artists and businessmen of all time.

The first incarnation of Beats headphones surfaced on the market in 2008 and the company has grown and grown since.

But, whilst they have reached legendary status in the world of audio, there are still going to be occasions where there are issues. This is the same with any item of technology!

One such issue could be that your Beats headphones won’t charge. This could be down to a number of issues whether it’s the charging pins, the charging case, the power source or even just the charging lights being confusing.

If you’re finding your Beats headphones won’t charge then try our troubleshooting guide to find a fix.

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What Do I Do It My Beats Headphones won’t Charge?

1. Restart Your Beats

This is quite a simple one, but sometimes your charging issues can simply be down to a case of ‘turning it off and on again‘.

To switch off your Beats, simply hold down the power button until the headphones power down. Wait for a few seconds and turn them back on.

Doing this could be all it takes to reset your Beats Studio or the like, and solve your charging issue.

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2. Full Force Restart Your Beats

If your Beats headphones won’t charge (and in fact, this can work for many Bluetooth headphones) then sometimes just switching them on and off won’t resolve the issue, in which case you can go a step further and do a full-force restart.

To do so, connect your Beats to a power source and then hold down the Volume Down and Power button until the lights begin to flash.

Check to see if the headphones are now charging. It’s worth noting the full force restart process may vary from unit to unit, so it’s worth checking the manual first before doing so.

3. Check Your Power Source

You’ll be charging your Beats wireless headphones with the included charging case and charging cable, but it could be the power source you are using that is causing issues with charging correctly.

For example, a charger with lower output than the headphones require will cause slow or little charging.

One simple way you’ll know is if you swap out your power supply, and they instantly begin to charge, then you know the old supply was not correct (either now powerful enough or faulty).

4. Update Your Firmware

If you’ve completed a full wireless headphones reset and still having charging problems, then updating the firmware may be the issue.

Start by downloading the Beats updater (available for Mac and Windows) and launch it. Connect your wireless headphones to your PC or Mac.

Locate your headphones (for example if you have Beats Studio, you’ll need to locate these and click on them).

This will take you to the Beats Updater website, and hit ‘update’ to install the latest firmware. Once you’ve done this check to see if the charging issues are resolved.

5. Check The Charging Cable

An obvious one, but nonetheless often a cause of charging problems. The charging cable could well be the source of the issue.

Particularly if you’re on the move a lot, you might be throwing the cable into a rucksack or coiling it up, which if not done carefully could cause damage.

So if your Beats headphones won’t charge, it could be a case of picking up a new cable.

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We’d recommend getting an official Beats cable but it is easy enough to find an alternative that may be cheaper. This could be an option if you’re looking to check if it is the cable or not.

Unfortunately, there is no function for wireless charging just yet, which would potentially solve this issue. Hopefully, we will see wireless charging in the near future, however!

6. Clean The Charging Case

Unfortunately, you’re going to get dirt and grime building up on your headphones, whether you’re using Beats Studio, buds, or any Bluetooth headphones for that matter!

Check the case to see if there is any build-up of gunk around the case and charging pins in particular. If there is, it could be this that is the root of your problem as the dirt could be causing a faulty connection.

Using a Q Tip and rubbing alcohol you should be able to remove some if not all of the dirt around the case and charging pins. Once you’ve done so, check to see if charging commences again.

We’d recommend being as cautious as possible when cleaning your headphones, particularly the more fragile areas such as the case, cable, and pins.

If you take your time and are careful, however, you should be able to give them a thorough clean without any damage happening.

7. Check The Temperature Of The Room

This might sound a little crazy, but some Beats wireless headphones have an in-built security system to stop charging if the room is above 40 degrees celsius (around 104 Fahrenheit) or below 5 degrees celsius (about 41 Fahrenheit).

The likelihood that this is the cause of your Beats headphones not charging is slim, but it’s worth checking. Similarly, if you’ve left them in hot sunlight, this might trigger the security protocol.

Remove them from the sun and let them cool down in this case, then try charging again.

8. Check The Charging Lights

The charging lights on your Beats can be a simple indicator as to what you need to do.

A solid red light indicates a low charge, but a flashing red light indicates that the headphones are nearly empty of battery.

The flashing light may also indicate a reset is needed, so if you know you’re battery level is low with a flashing light, try doing this.

Similarly, if the lights are all off, this usually represents that the headphones are off completely but it also means the battery isn’t charging.

9. Charge For At Least An Hour

If your Beats headphones won’t charge, it might just be that you haven’t charged them for long enough.

So if you normally put them down to charge for short periods, instead try leaving them for at least an hour. Try switching them on after this and see if they work.

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10. Switch From USB To A Power Outlet

You might find your Beats headphones won’t charge directly from a USB source, whether that be that the USB cable is faulty or that the USB source isn’t powerful enough to actually charge your headphones.

If you’ve changed the source recently and found that charging issues have arisen at the same time, it may well be the USB source.

Try swapping out to a power outlet and see if this makes a difference, if so then it is likely the USB hub you have been using.

If possible, compare this to a source your know is reliable, if this works then you know where the issues lie.

11. Replace The Battery

Finally, you may just have a faulty battery!

Beats Studio and in fact the entire Beats range use Lithium-ion batteries. The benefit of this is that, although small, they can hold a large amount of charge.

The downside however is that they can only be charged for a limited amount of time. Each time you recharge them will slightly decrease the amount of charge they can hold.

Of course, it will take a while before you reach the point where the battery is no longer useful, but if you’re finding your Beats headphones won’t charge and you’ve had them a while, it could be time to replace the battery.

There are some pretty handy YouTube tutorials on how to do this, although we’d suggest checking the one you are watching is relevant to the model you have, and it’s pretty easy to do.

12. Service Your Beats At An Apple Store

You might not immediately think to do this, but you can actually book an appointment to have your Beats serviced at an Apple store.

Apple acquired Beats back in 2014 and so is able to help with technical assistance. If you’re finding you can’t resolve your charging issues (or any other problem with your Beats) then you can book in with a technician via the Apple website.

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