Hanging Guitars On Your Wall (6 Studio Setup Ideas)

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If you’re a guitarist, then I’m sorry to say you probably suffer from G.A.S.

Now there is nothing wrong with that at all. If you’ve saved up for months and just bought that Tele you’ve had your eye on for over a year, you might now find your eye drifting towards that Les Paul that would really look great in your studio.

If you’re amassing a nice collection of guitars, then you’ll probably want to consider hanging them on the wall in your studio.

Not only does it look good, but having your guitars easily accessible when recording can be really helpful.

Having them hung up means you can grab and go without having to take the guitar out of its hard case and switch it back if it isn’t sounding quite right. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration for hanging your guitars on your studio walls, then check out our list below!

Guitar Hangers

When mounting your guitar on the wall, guitar hangers are probably the most popular choice.

They are cheap, quick, and easy to install and usually only require a couple of screws for installation.

If you’re concerned about doing the job well (for example, if you aren’t a keen DIY-er!), then they are pretty foolproof to put up.

The great thing about wall hangers is the flexibility they give you when it comes to positioning your guitars.

Take this example below, which makes great use of space with an alternating high/low positioning on the wall.

Credit: Pirate Toronto

You’ll usually find a couple of variations when it comes to traditional guitar hangers.

Some will simply hold the guitar via the headstock for you to pick up and put back as you please, whereas some will lock the guitar in place when pressure is put onto the grip with two rotating arms that position themselves in front of the neck.

Of course, others get a little bit more leftfield, like these hand grips available from Guitar Grip.

It’s not just about the hanger, either. If you’re looking to set a mood in your studio, then adding some simple lighting can make a massive difference.

We can only imagine the creativity flowing with this guitar-hanging mood lighting.

Credit: Monica Robinson

If you’re a keen DIY-er, then adding some wood paneling is also a neat way of customizing your wall hanging setup and making it stand out.

Take this example, simply adding a few wooden boards in slightly different shades make all the difference!


If you are looking for a cheap and reliable way to wall mount your guitar, we’d recommend checking out the Gator Frameworks guitar hanger if you’re looking for a cheap and reliable option.

Also, check out our full guide to guitar wall hangers here.

Guitar Display Frames

If you’re looking to push the boat out when it comes to displaying your guitar, then investing in a display frame is a great option.

The bonus of doing this? You can find an aesthetically pleasing way of blending your guitar with your home decor.

The great thing with display frames is that you have several options. Take this example, the guitars aren’t technically in a frame, but simply adding a frame mounted to the wall looks slick and likely didn’t cost a fortune!

Credit: Mark Something Or Other

Another option is to get creative with the background of the frame. What could be more appropriate than sheet music?

Here we have multiple instruments sitting perfectly in the practice room (and perfectly themed!).

Credit: Sartorius

You could go even further and mount your guitar on your favorite musical inspiration. Take this piece from Wooden Heart as an example.

Of course, a display frame will cost you more than a traditional guitar wall hanger, but you are paying for the look here rather than just functionality. 

There are some great options out there if you’re looking to mount your guitar in a display frame, and companies like G Frames are in the business of hand-building cases in pretty much any style you like.

From aged wood to coffin shapes, there’s likely something in their catalog that will suit your studio look.

Check out G Frames here.

Glass Guitar Wall Case 

If you’re really wanting to make a statement in your studio, then a glass case is the way to go!

Well, actually, in this day and age, you’re more likely to find an acrylic or plastic case, but nonetheless, a clear, wall-mounted guitar case is one for those who really want a premium option when it comes to displaying a guitar in their home studio.

These will take a little bit more prep and skill to correctly mount than that of a traditional hanger, but if you’re willing to part with the cash and spend some time getting it just right, then a clear wall case is a unique and impactful way of hanging your guitar.

That said, there’s no reason why the frame has to be mounted at all. Take this signed SG-style guitar that sits right at home on the floor.

Credit: Bluegrass Frames

Companies like Luminati offer a great range of glass frames and also offer custom sizes and finishes.

Horizontal Hanger

Hanging your guitar horizontally (or, near horizontally!) can add a nice aesthetic to your studio that moves away from the typical vertical hangers you’d normally see.

This option will take up more room on your wall than if you were to just hang the guitar up by the neck, but if you’re not looking to hang up several guitars in one area, it’s a great option.

As always, there’s plenty of opportunity to get creative, and as we can see here, using a pair of hands gives a pretty unique look to the wall hanging.

Credit: Christopher Sawyers

There are a lot of horizontal options on the market that will do a great job, but we’d recommend checking out the String Swing hanger as it’s s all-in-one (whereas other horizontal guitar hangers can come in two pieces that require your to carefully measure up their distances).

The String Swing is easy to mount and looks great too!

Multi-Purpose Hangers

If you’re like me, you live with an invisible gremlin that apparently devours guitar picks the moment they have been put down anywhere in the house.

There’s nothing more frustrating than going to grab your guitar for a quick jam, and there are no picks to be found!

Using a multi-purpose hanger will allow you to not only wall mount your guitar but also find a home for your picks, capos, and leads. Choosing one of these can not only look good but keep your gear organized.

The Keebofly Guitar wall mount is a relatively cheap option that also allows a bit of storage for plectrums, leads, or headphones, and what’s more, it looks great!

Luckily they don’t cost the earth and are usually easy to attach to the wall.

We’d recommend the Akitry two-pack, which will set you back around $25 and includes two adjustable guitar holders, pick slots, and accessory hooks. 


If you’re feeling confident, then DIY could be the option for a one-of-a-kind wall mount for your guitar.

Granted, you’ll probably need to invest in a wall hanger of some sort, but getting hold of some aged wood or other materials that complement the look of your studio can allow you to be creative and build something that you aren’t going to find anywhere else.

I love how this particular design turned out. Posted by Robin Mooney photography, there is quite literally a tree branch being used to hang the guitars. Talk about getting back to nature!

Another similar design by Nest Vintage Modern utilizes a similar idea but by actually hanging the guitars from strings.

Naturally, this might not be for everyone, but it certainly has a unique look about it.

You might be wondering where to start, but browsing sites like Pinterest are a great way of getting started with some inspiration.

Combine this with some YouTube tutorials (let’s face it, you can find guides to pretty much anything on there!), and you might find that your one-of-a-kind wall display not only looks great but is extremely fun to build!

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