10 Music Studio Decor Ideas To Transform Your Workspace

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  • Are your walls lacking a bit of character? Is your studio in need of some identity?
  • Home studio wall decor and music studio decorating ideas to inject vibe into your space
  • 10 items to give your home or recording studio that aesthetic boost it needs.

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Looking For Music Studio Decor Ideas?

Fortunately, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite music studio decor and artwork ideas that we’ve found over the span of a few months. They’ve all been chosen with the home and recording studio owner in mind, and would be perfect for electronic music heads, guitar-gods, and well –producers in general.

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‘Program Your 808’ Poster – Cybotron ‘Clear’

Roland Jupiter 8 – Throw Pillow

10 Decor Ideas To Pimp Out Your Music Studio

Few synthesizers can compete with the iconic Jupiter-8 from Roland. Featuring 16 rich analog oscillators at 2 per voice, and eight-voice polyphony, this beast is able to generate some pretty thick and weighty analog sounds.

Used by Orbital, Future Sound of London, and Jean Michel Jarre (to name a very select few), the Jupiter-8 is definitely a synth worth owning… Only one issue – at the time of writing they are roughly $15,000 USD second- hand.

If your budget is slightly lower (understandably) and you’re looking for something to accompany your studio sofa then this Jupiter-8 throw pillow from Sons Of Wolves is a stylish addition to any producers room. 100% polyester, individually cut and sewn in LA, and machine washable, this pillow makes the perfect surface to cry into whilst you dream of what could have been had you been born a few decades earlier…

The 3 Horsemen Of The Technocalypse

Few eras of music are as iconic as the futuristic sounds that emanated from Detroit in the mid to late eighties. Hang up a piece of music history in your studio.

Artists such as Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson; later known as the Belville Three, through to the second wave, like Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, and Underground Resistance envisioned and created their own sonic interpretations of their landscape.

Used by the aforementioned musicians, these instruments were key in creating a sound that birthed a generation of forward-thinking artists, cultures, and movements, and aided with innovation and experimentation in electronic music.

These synthesizer art prints are a homage to some of the most widely used hardware in the early days of Detroit Techno.

Printed on 175gsm fine art paper with a matte finish.

Check ’em out here.

‘Way Out West’ – Blotter Art Print

music studio decorating ideas

A personal favorite. This blotter art print (If you don’t know what blotter paper is I suggest you watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) from Killer Acid features superb illustrations that are signed and numbered by the artist themselves. I plan to buy the whole series and devote a wall in my studio to these – simply glorious designs.

If you’re after some inspiration check out their store, they sell a range of products, not just prints.

GIK Acoustics – ‘Impression Series’ Acoustic Wall Panels

10 Decor Ideas To Pimp Out Your Music Studio

GIK Acoustics is changing the face of acoustic panels and bass traps by beautifully combining absorption with diffusion. With the Impression Series, customers can enhance any room both aesthetically and acoustically with superior quality, high-performing, stylish acoustic panels and bass traps. 

Many acoustic treatment options seem to work relatively well, but a lot of them don’t look fantastic in my opinion. The GIK Acoustics team have really outdone themselves with these.

The ‘Impression Series‘ is a suave addition to any home music studio or professional recording studio. They come in a range of designs and packages, starting at $55.00.

You can view their entire range here.

Mathmos (UK) – Astro Lava Lamp

10 Decor Ideas To Pimp Out Your Music Studio

Lava lamps, the go-to studio decor option for all occassions. Simply adding one of these to your home music studio yields positive results instantly. The mesmerizing globs of searing hot wax have sat atop the mixing console of some of the most famous studios in history and have been present in the recording sessions of some of the most influential musicians of our generation.

Mathmos are the first and original lava lamp designed by Edward Craven Walker –  the founder of Mathmos and inventor of lava lamps. The Mathmos Astro is a Pop Design classic and has been in continuous British production since 1963.

This range of ‘Astro’ lava lamps are hand polished and feature a unique lava lamp formula that has brighter, clearer liquids that last longer than other lava lamps. The wax itself is beautiful and performs for years, while most of the cheaper copycats deteriorate after little time. Can’t beat the OG, right?

Pair the lamp with some ‘Smart’ LED strips that synchronize with your music to create an unreal atmosphere for creating beats, DJ’ing with friends or even watching movies.

P.S. We recently reviewed 5 bestselling lava lamps, have a read here.

Marshall – ‘Jack Rack’ Key Holder

10 Decor Ideas To Pimp Out Your Music Studio

Hang your keys like a rock star with this replica Marshall Amplification Jack Rack. It is a wall-mounted amp head replica with four ¼” inputs where your included guitar jack keychains can hang. Easy to install. The Jack Rack is made from 1/8″ thick injection molded plastic and decorated with a custom amp style decal.

Guitar enthusiasts now have a stylish way to hang their keys and receive a constant reminder to pick up the guitar and keep practicing – double whammy (apologies, awful pun wasn’t intended).

Hang this in your studio for functionality, with the added bonus of musician clout. Not a Marshall die-hard? You can check out some other amp replicas here.

Retro Fairlight Print

10 Decor Ideas To Pimp Out Your Music Studio

More wall art! The Fairlight CMI is a keyboard that most of us have probably never even seen, yet it set the benchmark for the concept of a ‘workstation’ and laid the foundations for the way ‘ordinary’ synths would later develop. Sampling, graphic sequencers, multitimbrality, software‑based synthesis can all be traced back to this instrument. “It became the ’80s digital equivalent of the large analog modulars that were produced 10‑15 years earlier.”

Part of the Sons of Wolves ‘Analog’ Collection, this gallery quality Giclée print comes in a large selection of sizes and is printed on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin-free archival paper using Epson K3 archival inks. The frame is not included but framing is available upon request.

This print would definitely make a fine pairing with the Roland Jupiter-8 cushion if you ask me. Minimalist designs unite!

GlassTek – LED Infinity Mirror

10 Decor Ideas To Pimp Out Your Music Studio

Not quite “wall art”, but they may as well be. Infinity mirrors provide a modern sophistication to bedroom and living room studios, even when spending endless hours staring longingly into the dark abyss… ok, moving on.

The GlassTek Infinity Mirror has LED lights which provide an enhanced illumination and elegant glowing undertone to any room or studio.

Mirrors also do wonders to affect the perception of a room’s size, making a small studio space feel larger than it is.

These mirrors can all be customized by adding options including a built-in touch sensor switch, infrared motion detection switch, blue LED digital clock, Bluetooth receiver with sound system, integrated TV, and anti-fogging features to name a few.

Heck, this thing will pretty much cook you breakfast if you command it to…

Cubic Aquarium Systems – ‘Pulse 80’

10 Decor Ideas To Pimp Out Your Music Studio

If you’re really looking to check-out from your schedule for a bit and get some much-needed downtime then some airy, floating jellyfish may be your answer. The people over at Cubic Aquarium Systems have built a range of LED tanks that look simply mesmerizing and will add instant vibe to your music studio.

The 80-liter tank was designed from the ground up, specifically for jellyfish. Built from high quality, scratch-resistant materials and featuring an impressive color-changing LED system, the Pulse 80 lets you choose from 20 automatic changing modes & 640,000 colors from up to 35 meters away with a touch-sensitive remote control.

Easy to maintain, the aquarium incorporates an inbuilt filter system which consists of a two-stage particle filter and a wet/dry trickle filter. The low maintenance filter keeps water at optimum levels for the jellyfish and ensures they are well looked after.

If you want to be master of all jellyfish but after something a little cheaper you can check out these options here.