How To Sync LED Lights To Music (3 Methods, Step-By-Step)

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Owning a reliable set of LED lights can add instant life and character to most indoor or outdoor environments. LED lights come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and lighting designs.

One of the most useful features of specific LED lights is their ability to sync with music from its immediate environment.

However, this feature is not always a seamless procedure and may require some simple DIY labor.

In this article, we’re going to show you how you can set up your LED lights to sync with music at home.

We’ll also provide some useful insights and tips on how to get the most out of your LED lighting displays.

How To Sync LED Lights To Music?

Most LED lights are not able to connect directly to a music source to sync them with the audio playback.

Certain advanced LED lights do have this feature, but they are much costlier and can come with compatibility issues.

The easiest way to sync your LED lights with music is to manually link your music source with your lights through a controller that has some form of audio trigger.

Your LED lights will have to include a music mode for them to have music syncing capabilities. 

A Guide To Connecting Your LED Lights To Music

You will need three primary components to connect your LED lights to music for syncing.

Firstly, you will need a reliable quality pair of LED strip lights. Ideally, these strip lights have a case that houses a controller (your second component) with an audio trigger or input.

If your LED lights do not have a controller, you will have to purchase an external one.

Finally, you will need a transformer for safe power conversion in case your music source is too strong for your LED lights.

The guide below will cover the manual process of connecting your LED strip light, transformer, and an external controller that syncs the LED lights to music. 

What Do You Need To Sync LED Lights To Music?

To start you will need the following tools:

  1. A pair of pliers or wire strippers
  2. Soldering iron and some solder

How To Sync LED Lights To Music (DIY Method)

Follow these steps to sync your LED lights to your music:

  1. Open up the power supply on your LED lights with a screwdriver, or simply unclip the seal on the power box. You should be able to see an open circuit with a wire leading to each LED light in the strip.
  2. Gently remove the seal or solder where the LED wires meet the circuit in the power supply. Be sure to remove any excess solder from around the circuit ports.
  3. Find the corresponding color wires from your controller box and link them with the wires on your LED strip. The easiest way to do this is to strip each wire down to the bare copper and wind them together with your fingers or a pair of pliers. 
  4. Seal or solder the newly connected wires back into their original ports. Don’t forget to seal up the power box on your LED light strip power unit safely.
  5. Link it to a powered audio source. Your controller will either house a small onboard microphone or audio insert that will allow it to link with a powered audio source. Once your controller is correctly linked with your audio playback source, make sure to activate music mode on your LED strip lights. Your lights should now play their lighting patterns in time with your audio.
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How To Sync LED Lights To Music (Simple Method)

Certain LED strip lights come with a controller that includes some form of audio trigger for music syncing. These audio circuits can sometimes be controlled by music if the lights and playback device share a power source

You can check to see if your LED lights have this function with very little risk of damage or breakage. You will need a multiplug adaptor to allow your LED lights and playback device to share power.

  1. Begin by plugging your LED into the multiplug adaptor to power it up.
  2. Turn the LED strip lights on for a few seconds and then off again.  
  3. Plug your mobile device, laptop, or other audio playback devices into the same multiplug that the LED uses and start playing a song.

When you turn on your LED strip light and activate the music mode, the LED controller should be able to pick up a signal from your playback device and sync the lighting performance accordingly.

How To Sync LED Lights To Music With A Music App

Several LED light strips come with a function that allows them to be controlled over a wireless network or Bluetooth. These LED light trips usually come with a remote control that adjusts the lighting level and playing modes.

  1. Begin by downloading and installing your desired mobile app for controlling LED lights. Certain light manufacturers offer mobile apps for their lights to avoid compatibility issues. There is also a massive list of standalone mobile apps that can link remotely to LED lights. 
  2. Once you have downloaded your preferred app to sync your LED strip light to music, search for and find the lights using the apps connection method (this connection will either be over WIFI or Bluetooth connection)
  3. Your mobile app should be able to indicate whether your LED lights have successfully connected. Once they are connected your LED lights should sync in time with the music playing from your mobile device.  

What Are The Benefits Of Syncing LED Lights To Music?

  • LED lights to add a considerable amount of aesthetic and atmosphere to otherwise dull and lifeless spaces. They are a low-risk, low-cost means of decorating rooms and outdoor areas.  
  • LED Lights can provide impact and dynamic to music performances. This benefit is enhanced if the LED strip lights can sync with the music that is playing in real-time. 
  • LED strip lights can improve the lighting conditions and provide some variety for photographers and videographers to use while shooting and creating visual content. 
  • Certain LED lighting modes have been shown to lower levels of stress and anxiety, and also promote creativity

Final Thoughts

There is a healthy list of productivity and personal reasons why many people sync their LED lights to music.

Aside from providing an enjoyable, alluring atmosphere to work or relax in, LED lights can add character and impact to the music it is synced with.

There are a handful of ways to sync your LED lights to music. Some of these methods are relatively simple, while others require some research, experimentation, and initiative.

Whichever way you sync your LED lights to music, they are sure to add some considerable color and delight to your living or working spaces. 


What should I look for in a good set of LED strip lights?

There are a few quality checks that consumers can perform when looking for a reliable set of LED strip lights. Always be sure to check the width and thickness of the strip itself.

Thinner strips will break much more easily than thicker variations. Also be sure to check the quality of the power unit, as well as the built-in controller if one is present.

Can I use a DMX controller to sync my LED lights to music?

Absolutely. There is a wide range of DMX controllers with various connection ports to accommodate different LED light strips to be connected and controlled.

DMX controllers may be a bit excessive for anyone that requires LED lights for simple and passive home use

To learn more about DMX control and how to integrate it into your setup, you can check out our article 3 Best DMX Controllers For DJs & Producers

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