7 LED Music Studio Lighting Setups (+7 Cool LED Light Options)

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  • 7 home studios that use LED lights to their maximum potential.
  • Get ideas on how to use LED lighting for your music studio.
  • We include 6 LED light options you can use to elevate your music studio setup.

Music Studio LED Lights Are Here To Stay

Gamers and producers both revel in their adoration for LED lighting setups. In fact, these two markets alone probably account for the majority of their global sales year after year.

It’s little surprise, for LEDs add an unmistakably cool, hyper-modern vibe to any home studio, be it for music, gaming, or just general entertainment areas of the house.

The technology has also rapidly advanced, with

  • Brighter colors
  • Wider array of hues
  • Automation and dimming features
  • Voice/sound activation.

Home music studio owners have embraced the technology with open arms, and this post serves as an appreciation to LED light-centric music studios worldwide.

LED Lighting Setups For Music Studios

We countdown our top 7 favorite music studio setups with seriously epic LED lighting.

After that, we’ll show you 6 of our favorite LED lighting products that you could use today to inject serious vibe into your own music studio.

7. Its Capital P

best led lighting studios

Classic luminescent blue against pink provided by the floor globes helps transform this studio setup into a creative hub of inspiration. Loving the LED globe/orbs (check them out here) placed in the corners that give off a satisfying fluorescent glow.

Website: Unknown
Instagram: @itscapitalp

6. Servidsounds

home studio lighting led servidsounds

Like something out of Tron, this studio screams modern sophistication with the isolation pads, hanging roof panels and of course, the tasteful LED strips (check out our 7 favorite LED strips here) along the front of the console.

Website: Unknown
Instagram: @servidsounds

5. Bocky Balboa

bocky balboa 2 music studio led lighting

Bocky Balboa’s setup is one of the cleanest we’ve seen. The LED lights elevate this studio’s vibe, and when combined with the orange baffle absorbers and white sofa, the color scheme comes to life.

Website: Unknown

Instagram: @bocky_balboa2

4. Marvinobeats

Simple, minimal and elegant. Everything here fits like a glove, except maybe for the oddly positioned ugg boots on the window sill. The blue monitors really lift up the color scheme as well.

Website: Unknown

Instagram: @marvinobeats

3. Lenon Kiss

We love minimal setups, and this one is no exception. Lenon Kiss’ opted for the neon green against cobalt blue which gives this studio a very unique feel. Great job with the soundproofing as well.

Website: Unknown
Instagram: @lenonkiss

2. District Sound Lab

Classic 90’s studio vibes right here. Absolutely love how the green emanates the sweet spot of the listening position, while the purple LED hues glisten and warm up the front area of the studio setup.

Website: www.districtsoundlab.com/
Twitter: @districtsoundlab

1. Vinylz

Saving the absolute best for last, we have Vinylz’ out-of-this-world setup. This producer has gone to extreme lengths to create a battlestation that’d be a dream workspace. I’m not even a huge Star Wars fan but you have to respect the effort put in here. Bravo, Vinylz — you win this round.

Website: Unknown
Instagram: @Vinylz

6 Music Studio Mood Lighting Options For LED Lovers

Feeling inspired to take your studio lighting setup to the next level? We scoured the internet for the best LED lights for music studios we could find, and reckon any of these would do a superb job at injecting vibe into your studio.

1. Loftek LED Light Ball

The Loftek LED Light Ball is an 8″ RGB rechargeable light. It’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use, due to its waterproof and rechargeable features. This makes it the perfect accompaniment to parties and home studios.

Aside from the 16 beautiful RGB colors, the remote control allows you to switch between 4 lighting modes, each with its own unique personality and vibe. You can also control the brightness/dimming, and it features 4 awesome light transition effects.

As mentioned, it’s waterproof, so what’s really cool about this one is you could literally toss it into a pool and turn a Summer BBQ into an unforgettable sensory experience.

For this reason alone, there’s little surprise why it’s one of the most popular LED light globes on Amazon right now. Check it out here.

LOFTEK LED Ball Night Light

The LOFTEK light ball can be used as a night light, a toy, or a decorative light. Its excellent waterproof performance allows it to float, which makes it suitable as a pool decoration light or a bathtub light.

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04/21/2021 10:44 am GMT

2. Blisslight SKYlite: Laser Nebula Projector

The Skylite instantly changes the atmosphere of any room with your own personal galaxy. Check it out here.

For those of you writing techy, sci-fi influenced beats reminscent of Jeff Mills or Planetary Assault Systems, transporting your studio into space might be something you’re interested in.

The SKYlite does exactly that, instantly projecting a field of drifting stars against a meandering LED nebula cloud.

Via the control interface, you are able to cycle through various light effects, adjust its brightness, and stop/start the animations.

Check it out here.

BlissLights Sky Lite

Sky Lite incorporates a direct diode, precision glass optics and holographic technologies to create an otherworldly visual experience.

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3. Philips Hue Lightstrip

Aesthetic Battlestation Utilising The Philips Hue
This beautifully lit battle-station from TheZombiUnicorn utilizes the Philips Hue bulb and strips.

The Philips Hue is in a league of its own in terms of smart lighting features, quality and customer service. Here’s why:

  • You can snip the lights to any length (impossible with many other brands without breaking them)
  • You can link up to 8 x 1m extensions together
  • Over 16,000,000 colors (the best the industry has to offer)
  • Able to produce true white light (many other brands often still have a tint of color to their ‘white’)
  • It’s powerfully bright, with up to 1600 lumens which is about average for most regular lightbulbs
  • Compatible with everything: Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Echo — all of it!
  • Timer features and full remote control via the app

*Click here to view more details about the Philips Hue Lightstrip*

You can get super creative with these. One feature is that you can sync it up to video games, movies and music to create a dynamic display/light show around you.

For example,  you could program the lights to intelligently dim/brighten as the scenes of a movie changes.

Do bear in mind that to get the most out of the Philips Hue, you’ll need to purchase a Philips Hue Bridge (which comes in the Hue Starter Kit). They’re also sold separately, too.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LightStrip Plus

Transform your living room, bedroom, kitchen and other rooms with millions of colours and 50,000 shades of white light; sync to games, music and movies for enhanced experiences.

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04/21/2021 01:43 am GMT

If you’re looking for some cheaper alternatives, check out our shootout of the best LED light strips for music studios.

4. Lava® ‘The Original’ Lava Lamp

Lava lamps, the go-to “studio-pimper” for any and every music studio. While not neccessarily, “LED” per-se, simply adding one of these to your room adds a bundle of vibe.

The mesmerizing globs of searing hot wax have sat atop the mixing console of some of the most famous studios in history and have been present in the recording sessions of some of the most influential musicians of our generation.

After returning over 6 lava lamps that had all sorts of issues from leaking and overheating problems, we found that the ‘Lava The Original‘ overshadowed the competition.

It works great out of the box with minimal fuss and zero issues. Modeled after the classic, it houses its beautiful, elegant flowing wax in the iconic design we all know and love. No fancy tricks, just classic, nostalgic vibes. Check it out on Amazon.

LAVA 'The Original Lava Lamp’

The hot volcano graphics on the base and cap match perfectly with the hot lava inside the lamp. It’s like having a mini volcano in your room (without the dangers of molten lava). 2 colors available!

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04/21/2021 10:42 am GMT

P.S. We recently did a shootout of 5 of the best-selling lava lamps on the market.

5. Nanoleaf Aurora – Interactive Smart Lighting


The Nanoleaf Auroras are an ingenious bit of smart LED lighting studio kit. There’s really nothing quite like it that I’ve come across. The arrangement possibilities are endless, allowing you to transform any studio into a full-blown spaceship disco. Even if you’re after just a minimal amount of ambiance to shake up your creative juices, it can do that too.

They’re super easy and fun to set up. The Nanoleaf Aurora starter kit (aka the Smarter Kit) includes 9 triangular panels, a controller, and 9 connectors for you to effortlessly link the panels to one another. Each side houses a connector slot, so there is nothing stopping you from arranging them however you wish. Let your creativity run wild piecing up your own unique patterns (each controller supports up to 30 panels).

Don’t worry about buying tape or anything, it’s all included in the box.

A lot of happy customers have recommended purchasing the add-on ‘Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm Sound’, which plug right into the panels and allow for the LED colors to sync to your music.

The app is super intuitive, and testament to how far smart lighting technology has come in 2019. Select from various color schemes including Burst, Forest & Romantic — each as impressive as the next.

The Rhythm module (check it out here) is where it gets really, really interesting. It intelligently reacts to the sounds in your room — a snare drum would create a brief explosion of red luminiscent light, while a kick drum sprayed cool, blue hues across the room. This is really next generation stuff.

It’s quite modular too, in that you can create your own lighting scenes, giving you access to the order of colors, the speed/reaction time, and brightness. Additionally, you can create your very own custom scenes to operate in the Rhythm module.


Create beautiful symmetry in any room, or get completely abstract - the choice is yours. With Connect+ technology in all Nanoleaf Shapes products, you can combine different shapes into a stunning light mosaic.

Buy From Nanoleaf Check Price On Amazon

If the Nanoleaf’s a bit too much, and you just want to opt for the tried-and-tested LED strips, check out our review of the best Smart LED Strips available on the market this year.

6. SmartCloud – Interactive Lamp & Bluetooth Speaker System

10 Decor Ideas To Pimp Out Your Music Studio

You’ll need your budget hands for this one. It’s not cheap, but it is absolutely impressive. The Smart Cloud is an interactive and hyper-realistic looking cloud-inspired lamp and Bluetooth speaker combo.

The creator’s vision was to be able to replicate the vibe and ambiance of a thunderstorm, right inside your living quarters. It’s safe to say they achieved just that.

The cloud detects human presence in the room using built-in motion sensors, and creates a unique lightning and thunder show that is dictated by their movements. It’s a one-of-a-kind smart lighting solution, and one of those sorta things you just have to experience in person to really understand how incredible it really is.

As not everyone has a spare $3,000+USD to throw around on studio lighting (I certainly don’t), there are some cool options that do a similar job on Amazon.

Still fancy drooling over more luscious LED music studio setups? Check out our handy LED Light Strip Buyer’s Guide For Music Studios.

Looking for more studio setup ideas to help you build and customize the home studio of your dreams? Head to our Studio Setup Ideas category for more glorious studio porn to deck out your music studio with. Also, check out our favorite music studio decor ideas here for even more studio goodies.


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