Music Studio Interior Design: 7 Setups To Inspire Your Workspace

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Music Studio Interior Design

If your music studio setup is lacking vibe, or something just doesn’t feel quite right — more often than not it comes down to the little things.

The addition of plants, artwork, statues and even furniture do wonders to transform a basic and boring home studio into a studio that inspires you.

In this post, we cover 7 studio setups that in our opinion, have completely nailed their interior design to create a space that is just begging to be worked in.

7 Home Studios With Killer Interior Design

1. Orgone Studios

This music studio decor strikes the perfect balance between rustic and modern. The grain, timber floors are gorgeous by themselves, but when combined with the elegant single-seater couch and the wooden desk+rack units, the entire setup just radiates.

Instagram: @orgone.studios

2. Kevin Lavitt

This studio is proof you don’t need a battalion of synthesizers and outboard racks to create a space that gets you in the creative zone. The desk is the centrepiece of this studio, and while not a traditional ‘studio desk’ by any means, its simplicity adds to the charm of this studio setup. And if this studio setup doesn’t inspire you to add a bit of flora to yours, I don’t know what will.

Instagram: @kevinlavitt

3. Mountclear Productions

Mountclear Productions’ setup on the surface looks busier than it actually is, and is largely due to how the angular ceiling panels and roof panel absorbers attract your attention. In actuality, this studio setup is rather minimal, and is one of the most perfectly set-up rooms we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Modern gear against the rustic wood tones of the vintage dresser, and a down-to-earth couch helps contrast the room perfectly.

Instagram: @mountclear_productions

4. Run Wild Music

Runwildmusic’s studio setup is focused and committed to pulling off the timber theme, and he executes it with perfection. From the walls to the desk, the studio setup oozes character. Even the custom (DIY?) rack units are made out of wood, and they look absolutely killer. Would love to know where we could pick up a pair to review! (P.S. check out some of our favourite 500-series racks by clicking here)

Instagram: @runwildmusic

5. Bagpipe Studios

It was a hard choice as to whether we should’ve kept this one for a “Most Luxurious Studios Ever” series, but we just had to throw it in here for the immaculate interior design housed within this picture-perfect studio.

The studio in question is Bagpipe Studios, and was previously the old Abbey Road / EMI Studios over in Stockholm (legendary spot famous for recording the likes of Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, ABBA, Wyclef Jean and much more).

It was originally built in 1939 as a 460-seat movie theatre known as ‘Kaza’, and has since been redeveloped into one of the most breathtaking recording studios we’ve ever seen.


6. Audio4n6

Audio4n6’s studio puts the ‘fun’ in functional, with a modest setup and a few cheeky trinkets that bring this studio setup to life. That Hulk hand deco light through the wall is hilarious, and injects a lot of personality to the studio setup of someone who is obviously a film/DVD buff! The framed producer logo is a really nice touch, too.

Twitter: @audio4n6

7. Illusia Productions

Proper vibes with this one.  IKEA Holmo ricepaper floor lamps are a popular choice among homemakers in general, but it’s rare to see someone pull their rather unconventional look off, without them looking obnoxiously out of place. The red and black panel absorbers + bass trap combo are killer, and their arrangement makes this studio setup pop.

Twitter: @illusiaproductions

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