Do Apple Headphones Work On PS4? (Yes, Here’s How)

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  • Wondering if your Apple headphones work on Playstation 4?
  • You’re in luck — THEY DO.
  • This guide lays out three easy steps to connect your Apple headphones to your Sony PS4.
  • FAQs included in case you need them!

If you’re an avid PS4 gamer, you’ll understand how much having a set of compatible headphones can enhance the immersive nature of your gaming experience.

Several PS4 users also happen to own a set of Apple headphones and have probably wondered if the two can connect and operate together.

Alternatively, you may have already tried and failed to sync your Apple headphones and PS4 and might be seeking some tips or pointers on how to do this properly.

In this article, we’ll run you through the fundamentals of linking your PS4 headphones to your PS4, so that you can enjoy the surround sound gaming experience as it was meant to be played. 

Do Apple Headphones Work On PS4?

Yes, Apple headphones can clearly and reliably receive and transmit audio from a PS4 to users via a direct cable connection.

The 3.5mm jack of the Apple headphones should fit the audio input receiver on your PS4 controller.

However, Apple headphones are designed with CTIA stereo jacks, whereas PS4 controllers are designed to use OMTP standard jacks. This minor design clash does not automatically allow the Apple headphones to work with their microphones. 

Apple Headphones Compatibility

Apple headphones can link up and operate with PS4 gaming devices with one minor error.

Due to the difference in audio jack and input receiver, Apple headphones can’t automatically use their microphones when connected with a PS4.

There are two basic solutions to this issue. The first solution is to half insert the jack into the audio receiver (this will reset the stereo rings in the receiver and essentially trick the PS4 into picking up the microphones on your headphones.

Alternatively, you can purchase a converter from a certified Playstation parts dealer. 

How To Sync Your Apple Headphones With a PS4

  1. Locate Your Apple Headphones. Connect them to your PS4 controller. Try to ensure that both headphones are functioning correctly and that the audio jack is fault free before connecting. 
  2. Link Up. Every PS4 controller should have an audio input port located on the bottom side of the controller. Simply insert your Apple headphones jack into this audio input port. Always ensure that the jack is inserted correctly and doesn’t bend at an awkward or stressful angle. 
  3. Connect in Settings. Your Apple headphones should automatically start providing you with playback. However, sometimes they need to be set up manually. You can do this by entering the settings menu on your PS4 and activating the headset under the Audio Devices section. 

Using AirPods with a PS4

The Ps4 does not traditionally sync with Apple AirPods, but they can link up with a few simple innovations.

You can purchase a relatively cheap Bluetooth adapter from most certified Playstation parts dealers. Once you have the adapter, fully charge it overnight before first use to optimize its battery life.

You can insert the Bluetooth adapter in the same way you connect traditional headphones on the back of the controller (make sure to buy an adapter with the appropriate connectors.

The Bluetooth device then simply needs to be paired with your AirPods, and you should be able to enjoy full use of them with your PS4. 

Quick Tips for Using Apple Headphones with a PS4

  • Take Care Of The Connection Chain – Even though Apple headphones provide a comfortable, reliable means of audio playback, they can break if neglected. Users should ensure to place as little strain on the connection cables, jack, and input port on the PS4 controller. 
  • Remote Play – If you have access to remote play over your mobile device, you can use this to connect your Apple headphones and have a working microphone simultaneously.  
  • User Proper Equipment– Try toaster clear of cheaper alternatives for headphones or converters when using your PS4. Cheaper products can sometimes cause unwanted damage to your gaming and playback devices. 
  • Seek Professional Aid – If you find yourself stuck with connection issues, but are sure that you have perfectly working components, you can contact a professional technician at either Sony or Apple to help you connect your Apple headphones properly. 

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Final Thoughts

The combination of Apple headphones and a PS4 can provide users with a highly engaging gaming experience without the cost of expensive headphones for audio playback.  

The connectivity issues with Apple headphones can be easily remedied with a few simple steps.

The immediate solution for most users would be to purchase a safe and reliable conversion device that allows them to use their Apple headphones with their microphones. 

Always make sure to properly care for and maintain both your PS4 controller and Apple headphones during use, to avoid unnecessary damage and unwanted repair costs.

Thanks for reading through our quick guide on setting up your Apple headphones with a PS4.

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Can you use Apple headphones on PS4 as a mic?

Apple headphones owners can use their headphones with a microphone, but only if they buy an audio input converter for their PS4 controller.

An alternative technique involves half inserting the jack into the connector, but this is a relatively volatile process and may cause future damage to the headphones or controller. 

Why won’t my Apple headphones work on PS4?

If you are experiencing difficulties connecting your Apple headphones to your PS4, first try connecting another audio device to the controller to verify the source of the issue.

You may have a connection issue with the headphone jack and input receiver. Alternatively, you may just need to activate your headphones under the Audi Device menu on your PS4 settings. 

Can AirPods pair to PS4?

AirPods can connect to PS4, but they are not traditionally designed for simple connection. You will need to purchase a reliable Bluetooth adapter to connect to insert into your PS4 controller, and you can then pair this adapter to your AirPods. 

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You sure can! It’s simple; check out our guide here.