How To Find Your Lost Or Stolen Airpod Case (The Easy Way)

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  • How do I locate my lost or stolen AirPods case?
  • Can I track down my AirPods case without my AirPods? 
  • How far can AirPod charging cases be tracked?

AirPod charging cases are used to charge and synchronize your AirPods with your iPhone or other devices. The AirPod charging case is one of the most critical assets to AirPod users, and losing this case can be a stressful situation to fall into.

Thankfully, Apple has designed a few methods to make it easier for their consumers to track down lost or stolen AirPods. We’ve compiled a brief guide to quickly locating your lost or stolen AirPods case.

How To Find Your Lost Or Stolen AirPod Case (The Easy Way)

AirPod charging cases are relatively small and easy to overlook. Losing them can be quite a common issue amongst AirPod users. Fortunately, AirPod users can use a few services to locate a lost or stolen AirPod charging case.

The most convenient way to find your AirPods is through Apple’s ‘’Find My’’ application. This application can be installed on your iPhone or accessed through Apple’s iCloud website. It is important to note that the Find My service is primarily designed to track AirPods. This factor means that Find My will only be able to completely locate your charging case if they have one or both AirPods stored inside them. 

Using ‘Find My’ to Locate Apple AirPods

The ‘Find My’ feature is the single most helpful method for tracking down and locating lost AirPods. Find My uses Bluetooth or GPS to keep track of your AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPod Max’s location, regardless of their battery life.

You can use the Find My service from your iPhone or PC and keep track of many devices simultaneously. Follow the steps below to learn how to activate and utilize the Find My function to locate your lost or stolen AirPods. 

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How to Use Find My on Your iPhone

Users must remember that the following methods will only work if one or both of your AirPods are in their charging case. The Find My service keeps track of most iOS devices, but sadly this does not include AirPod charging cases on their own.

You can use the steps below to activate and utilize Find My on your iPhone and locate your lost AirPod charging case:

  1. Head to the Settings menu on your iPhone home screen. Search for your AirPods under the list of Available Devices and tap on their label. 
  2. A drop-down menu should appear with a short list of options. Select ‘’Find My’’ to activate the service and link them to your AirPods. You will probably need to enter your Apple ID and password for this step. 
  3. The Find My function should now be active on your iPhone. Once this service is live you will have to enable the following settings on your AirPods:
    1. Enable Find My AirPods
    2. Enable offline finding
    3. Show the last location of my AirPods. 

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How to Use Find My On Your iPhone to Locate Lost AirPods Case

Again, these steps only work if one or both AirPods have been left inside their charging case and your AirPods have had the Find My service linked to them. 

  1. Head to the Settings on your iPhone and look for your Apple ID label at the top of this menu. Select the ‘’Find My’’ option to open up the service. 
  2. Tap the ‘’Find My iPhone’’ option in the Find My menu. This option will track all your connected Apple devices, including your AirPods
  3. A list of ‘’Devices’’ should appear once the search has begun. Tap on your AirPods label if it appears on this list. A map should appear with a dot signaling the last known location of your AirPods and their charging case. 

How to Use Find My on Your PC/Laptop

  1. If you don’t have immediate access to your iPhone, you can use the Find My service on Apple’s iCloud website at Open up this website from a reliable internet browser. 
  2. Look for the iCloud dropdown menu and select the Find My iPhone option. Apple will request your Apple ID and password for verification. 
  3. Once verified, the web browser should open up to a map showing a list of all your tracked Apple devices, including your AirPods. 
  4. Once your AirPods appear on the list of available devices, click on them to show their location. A gray dot will signal that the AirPods are offline and indicate the last location they were traced to. 

Using Lost Mode To Locate Your AirPod Charging Case

Lost mode is a handy additional service that is available to users of iOS 15 or higher. Lost mode is an extension of the Find My service and tracks through the entire network of all the linked iOS devices – instead of just yours.

If your AirPods appear in the search on Lost Mode, a notification will be sent directly to your iPhone or iOS device. This message will show you the last known location of your AirPods and your case – if they are together.

Lost Mode also allows users to leave a message with their contact details attached to their AirPods. If anyone links your AirPods to their iPhone, this message will appear, and (hopefully) they can contact you to return the lost goods. 

Unfortunately, Lost Mode also only works for AirPods and not with their charging case. The AirPod case will also need to be open for Lost Mode to track your device efficiently. 

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How Do Locate My Lost AirPods Case Without The AirPods?

This scenario is the most unfortunate one to fall into for AirPod users, but there is a chance you can recover your lost or stolen AirPod cases. Open up the Find My app on your iPhone, and look for your AirPods under the list of Available devices.

A map should appear on your screen indicating the location of your AirPods. If the indicator dot is green, the AirPods are within close range of their charging case, and you should be able to find them close by. 

How To Get A Replacement Airpod Charging Case

You must acquire a replacement case if your AirPod case goes completely missing and can’t be tracked using the Find My app.

Replacement charging cases for AirPods can be purchased through Apple Care+ or certified Apple parts dealers.

AirPod, AirPod Pro, and AirPod Mac charging cases are all designed to be interchangeable, which means you can easily connect your AirPods to a new case. Depending on the generation, make, and model AirPod charging cases cost between $29-$99 for a replacement. If you are an AppleCare+ member, the standard price for a replacement charging case is $29. 

Final Thoughts

Losing your AirPod charging can bring many annoying inconveniences and redundant expenses. However, it is possible to recover your lost or stolen AirPod charging case – within certain limitations.

The simplest way to locate a lost AirPod charging case is to use the Find My service provided with all Apple devices. Unfortunately, this feature will only work if one or both of your AirPods are stored inside their charging case, as Find My tracks the AirPods exclusively. 

If you cannot fully recover your lost or stolen AirPods, Apple and their certified dealers can provide you with a replacement charging case at fairly reasonable costs. However, by adopting some mindful habits and utilizing the Find My app, you will lower the chances of this happening. 

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How do I Find My AirPods case only?

Your AirPods charging case can be tracked via the Find My app on your iPhone or PC/Laptop. However, this feature will only work if your charging case has battery life and is within close range of your AirPods. 

Does Find My iPhone track the AirPod charging case?

Sadly no. The Find My service is currently designed to track and locate a wide span of Apple and iOS devices, but this does not include the AirPods, AirPod Pros, or AirPod Max.

How far can AirPods be away from their charging case?

To be efficiently located. AirPods charging cases need to be within 40 ft of AirPods. This is the maximum Bluetooth range that Find My can use to locate your AirPods close to your charging case.