AirPods Keep Falling Out? (Try These 5 Easy Fixes)

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  • Wondering how to stop your AirPods from falling out? 
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AirPods feature a universal design that suits a wide range of users of all shapes and sizes.

Even so, there are still certain users that sometimes struggle with the in-ear fit of AirPods. Some users may even experience their AirPods falling out of their ears during use.

You might be one of these users and wonder why your AirPods are falling out of your ears.

In this article, we attempt to outline and understand this issue.

We’ve also put together a shortlist of 5 tips you can try to stop your AirPods from falling out during usage.

Why Do My AirPods Keep Falling Out My Ears?

A small variety of factors or circumstances can cause AirPods to fall out of your ears while you’re using them.

These factors can be traced back to the actual AirPod design and the relation to its fit inside the ear hole.

Other factors might include environmental conditions such as excessive wind or moisture that causes an unstable fit.

Fortunately, there are a handful of solutions you can try to either fix or enhance the fit of your AirPods.

These solutions can all be attempted from home or some other comfortable workspace. 

1. Ensure The Fit on Your AirPods

There are a few minor manual adjustments that can be done by hand to try and ensure the fit of your AirPods.

While AirPods do include a relatively universal design, it’s practically impossible to make an earbud that will fit every ear type perfectly.

However, with a bit of wiggling and rotation, you can make sure that the earbud of your AirPod sits at the optimum angle to fit your earhole comfortably.

Everyone will have a slightly different calibration for their AirPod concerning their ear, so try and gently rotate your AirPod back and forth until you find the best fit for your ear.

Ideally, you should be able to tilt your head to one side, walk and jump around without any major shifts in fit. 

2. Change The AirPod Earbud Size

Several consumers aren’t aware of the fact that AirPods come with various earbud sizes to suit different ear holes.

To check the size of your AirPod earbud, simply flip the silicone cove on the earbud upward. You should see a small letter marking the relative size on the AirPod.

AirPod Pros usually come with a medium size earbud and include a smaller set in case your AirPods fall out of your ears.

To replace the earbud with a smaller size, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Remove the first earbuds from your AirPods with a simple, gentle rotation counter-clockwise. You should hear a small click to indicate that they have become unclipped.
  2. Pick up your second set of AirPods and align the size letter with the black vent on the earbud. They should click into place with a tiny clockwise rotation. 
  3. If you are unsure of the appropriate earbud size, you can refer to Apple’s size guide for more insights. 
  4. Open the Settings menu on your iPhone and then the Bluetooth menu. Click the information logo next to your AirPods and then click on ‘’Ear Tip Fit Test’’. This test will ensure that your new size earbuds have been fitted correctly.

3. Wear Your AirPods Upside Down

AirPods have been known to fit certain ear types when placed in the ear in an upside-down fashion. This step is uncommon but has been known to work for a select set of users.

This calibration shouldn’t affect the sound quality or performance of your AirPods and may even improve the listening experience for certain listeners.

You may receive some strange comments from your surrounding environment, but AirPods come with a handy noise-cancellation function to help remedy this issue quite easily.

4. DIY Tape Your AirPods

Fans of simple DIY home projects may quickly jump at this next tip, as it is quite simple and relatively low risk.

You can apply medium-grade grip tape to select outer areas of earbuds to improve their fitness.

This solution is ideal if your AirPods falling out is due to a lack of in-ear traction instead of an inadequate size issue.

Cut up your grip and tap into tiny, small, small-sized squares to fit over your earbud. Try to stick tape to the parts of their earbud that make contact with your ear exclusively.

Try to avoid getting tape over or near the AirPod speaker grille. Good quality grip tape should be able to keep your AirPods inside your ear even through excessive sweat, windy conditions, or vigorous movement. 

5. AirPod Covers

AirPods can have a few design modifications to allow for a better fit for users.

One of the simplest ways to enhance the fit of AirPods is to replace or cover their silicone tips with something that slightly increases their size for larger earholes.

Below is a short list of AirPod cover variations that users can investigate to improve their overall fit:

  1. In-ear AirPod tip covers –  These covers replace the standard earbud piece on your AirPods with the traditional rounded silicone design. Certain users prefer this fit as they have become accustomed to it from previous years of use. 
  2. Silicone AirPod Skins – Some manufacturers have created slip-on skins that slightly increase the earbuds’ overall size on your AirPods without deterring their performance or quality. This solution can be a straightforward and helpful fix as they also add an extra layer of protection to your AirPods.
  3. AirPod Hooks/Grips – Several manufacturers produce clip-on grips or hooks designed explicitly for AirPods. The grips are relatively affordable and can be easily attached to allow the AirPods to hang on top and behind the ear for a closer, tighter fit. 
  4. AirPod Neckbands – Airpod neckbands create a simple chain, tying one AirPod to the other. While this specific accessory is primarily to help avoid losing your AirPods, they have been known to improve the fit for some users, particularly during more active movements like running or dancing. 

Wrapping Up

AirPods deliver an immersive listening experience to most users, thanks mostly to their universal design and active noise cancellation properties.

Even with their admirable specs and performance, AirPods have been known to lack a proper fit for certain users. 

Thankfully, there are a handful of relatively simple processes that you can try at home to enhance the fit and feel of your AirPods.

There are also a handful of user accessories that many consumers can investigate to try to improve the overall fit of the earbud of their AirPod.

If you still need some assistance with fitting your AirPods after trying these tips, try contacting the Apple support center or seek the advice of an Apple-certified professional. 


Do AirPods fit small ears?

Apple AirPods generally fit most ear types and sizes, and the AirPod Pros come with two size options for the earbuds. AirPods probably won’t fit the ear sizes of children five or younger. 

Do AirPods 3rd Generation fall out easily?

3rd Generation AirPods have been known to have an improved fit and feel compared to older models. However, this might not apply to every ear type exclusively.