Airpods Through The Wash? (3 Things To Do & NOT To Do)

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  • Have your beloved Airpods accidentally gone for a trip through the washing machine?
  • Wondering what are the best remedies for fixing water-damaged AirPods? 
  • Here’s how you can help prevent AirPod water damage.

Airpods provide listeners with an immersive audio experience with the added benefit of comfort and mobility thanks to their wireless designs.

However, AirPods don’t come without minor setbacks, and the error is mostly on the user end. Many AirPod users accidentally leave their AirPods in the pockets of their clothing before putting them in the laundry.

But can AirPods survive a trip through the washing machine? The answer is not a definitive one, and in this article, we’ll discuss why.

We’ll also investigate any possible quick solutions to fixing your AirPods after they’ve been through the wash. 

What To Do When Your Airpods Go Through The Wash?

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If you’ve accidentally put your AirPods through the washing machine, there is a good chance you’ll be able to salvage them.

Airpods are designed to be relatively waterproof and splashproof and can survive a trip through the wash if they don’t stay wet for too long. 

The two safest solutions to fixing your AirPods are to shake them loose of any excess water, dry them with a microfiber cloth, and leave them in a simple drying solution.

Apple AirPods can also be registered to Apple Care for cost-effective repair solutions

Drying Solutions

The most important step to fixing your AirPods after they’ve gone through the laundry is to get them dry quickly, but naturally.

The very first step one can take when finding wet AirPods is to shake them around so that any excess water droplets immediately fall off. Once they’ve been shaken, users can dry all reachable sections of their AirPods with a soft towel or microfiber cloth.

After the excess water is removed, AirPods can be placed in a few environments or solutions that will help them dry quicker without damaging the electronics

Below is a shortlist of the simplest, safest drying methods you can use to repair your AirPods:

  • Air Dry – Leaving your AirPods in dry, moisture-free areas is the first step to speeding up their repair process. Wet AirPods will dry quicker in areas where there is a natural draft, like a window sill. Airpods can be left in the sun to help speed up the drying process, but this is not recommended for long periods and neither in hot climates. 
  • Silica Gel – Many users should be familiar with silica gel if they’ve ever unpackaged electronics before. Silica Gel is used to collect excess moisture during shipping and is usually housed in a small paper parcel within an item’s packaging. Users can place their AirPods in a small container along with unpackaged silica gel buds to help draw moisture naturally. 
  • Rice – It turns out that there is a reasonable amount of plausibility behind this long-debated solution. Several AirPod users have reported that their wet AirPods managed to function properly after being left in a bowl of dry rice overnight. It is still recommended to try the aforementioned solutions before attempting to use rice. 

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Serial Number 

A healthy precaution to take when discovering AirPods that have been through the washing is to write down their serial number somewhere safe for later use.

The serial number is a crucial piece of information that Apple needs to verify your product for authenticity it needs to qualify for their service or repair policies.

The serial number for your AirPods can be found on the side of their respective charging case. If the case has been washed, the serial number may become illegible.

In this case, you can check your phone’s synced devices to pull up your AirPods information – which should contain their serial number. 

Airpod Cases

Airpod cases can often be the literal lifesaver of AirPods that go through the washing machine. Airpod cases are designed to house AirPods in an airtight, waterproof casing that withstands a reasonable amount of water exposure.

These cases come with an optional clip that users can attach to their clothing, or onto safe personal storage spaces like a bedside lamp. Airpod cases are relatively affordable and can be bought as an additional add-on when purchasing AirPods.

It’s important to treat AirPod cases with the same amount of care as AirPods if they have gone through the laundry. These precautions will ensure the safety of the case’s charging components. 

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Airpod Pro

Airpod Pros carry the same playback and mobility quality as traditional AirPods, but with some added benefits.

Airpod pros can withstand a surprising amount of time underwater, and in harsher climate conditions. This extra durability allows for AirPod pros to be able to survive a few trips through the washing machine before any serious damage occurs.

It should be noted that with time and frequent use, Airpod Pros can also lose their extra protective qualities and might eventually experience water wear. 


Airpod Pro buyers can enjoy the additional benefits of the Apple Care policy, which comes as an optional add-on to their purchase.

Apple Care is a repair and replacement service that is exclusive to Apple consumers and can save them a reasonable amount of redundant fixing costs. 

Through the AppleCare protection policy consumers are provided with reliable and easy access means of maintaining, repairing, or replacing their AirPods in case of any breakage or malfunction.

Under AppleCare, Airpods can be replaced for around $29, whereas without the policy, a replacement will cost around $89. This markup should give most users an idea of the benefits of an AppleCare policy. 

What Not To Do If Your Airpods Get Wet

  • Test Airpods Immediately – This mistake is an understandable one, but it could make or break the repair process of your AirPods. Wet AirPods should not be turned on immediately as this can further damage their components. Make sure to leave your AirPods in a drying solution for at least 12 hours.  
  • Use electric heaters to dry Airpods – Airpods are not designed to withstand extreme temperatures, especially after they’ve been exposed to excess water. Using electric heating such as blow dryers or an oven will do more harm than good when repairing AirPods. 
  • Excessive blowing to speed up drying- Blowing into your AirPods might seem like a smart intuitive step to speeding up the drying process. However we also produce moisture in our breath, so any excessive blowing could cause more moisture to collect within AirPod components.  

Final Thoughts

Finding your AirPods in the wash can be a rather distressing situation, but it’s healthy to know that they do stand a chance of being saved with a few simple steps.

Firstly, prevention is better than cure. Try to make a habit of always checking your pockets for any leftover goods before doing your laundry.

Also, try to save our AirPods’ serial number in a safe space just in case they need repair. 

AirPods can sometimes be salvaged using several safe and simple home remedies. It’s recommended to first try and remove the AirPods from any excess moisture before leaving them in a drying solution to dry naturally. 

Apple has also provided a few services and policies that consumers can take advantage of to ensure the protection and longevity of their AirPods.

The AppleCare protection plan is a wonderful example of these types of services. 

No electronic device will ever be completely immune to water damage, but through the above-listed steps, there is a small but certain window of hope for freshly washed AirPods to function properly again. 


How do you dry out AirPods?

Wet AirPods can be dried using a variety of simple techniques. Users can shake any excess water off their AirPods, and dry them immediately with a towel.

Airpods can be left for 12 hours in a simple drying solution such as silica gel or rice. Airpods can also be left in moderate sunlight or soft wind for faster drying times. 

Can AirPods be fixed from water damage?

AirPods can be fixed from water damage, depending on the severity of the damage itself. While AirPods are designed to withstand some water damage, this does come with limitations and AirPods will break if left wet for too long. 

Does Rice work for wet AirPods?

Rice is a surprisingly viable solution for drying out AirPods. However, the rice should not be first on the list of repair solutions for wet AirPods.

Instead, it’s recommended to use silica gel, or to seek a professional repair service if possible. 

Can AirPods survive the washing machine?

AirPods can survive a run through the washing machine, although the chances of survival are hard to accurately estimate due to the number of variables.

There are proven solutions available to salvage and repair AirPods that have gone through the washing machine. 

If you have damaged one AirPod beyond repair, don’t worry as you can still purchase one AirPod on its own!

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