Static Noise In Wireless Headphones? (8 Easy Fixes)

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Fortunately, the problem can be easily diagnosed. Try any (or a combination) of these 8 fixes and hopefully you’ll get rid of that static for good.

  1. Check The Proximity To Wireless Devices
  2. Check For Bluetooth Interference
  3. Check The App You Are Using
  4. Check Your Adapter
  5. Check For Physical Objects Blocking The Signal
  6. (For PC Users) Check Corrupt Drivers
  7. Identify Any Potential Hardware Issues
  8. Check For Speaker Damage

Check The Proximity To Your Wireless Devices

We’re going to start with a very obvious one. How far away are you from your wireless device?

Of course, most people will be using their wireless headset close enough to their phone or music player to not cause any problems at all.

But, if you’re using them at home or anywhere where you could be some distance from your device then this may be the root of the issue.

Try moving closer to your device to remove static noise, if you find this clears it up then you’ve found your problem!

All Bluetooth or wireless devices will have a certain range, and this can be affected particularly if you’re indoors or trying to use them in a different room. It may be you’re simply out of range!

Check For Bluetooth Interference

A common issue with Bluetooth stems from being in a built-up area where many other people are also using Bluetooth devices. This can actually cause static on headphones.

So before you take your headphones back to the store and demand a refund, give it a little time if you’re in a crowded area and see if the audio static disappears once you’re away from so many people.

Too many Bluetooth signals can cause what is known as ‘Bluetooth noise’ that may be the cause of the problem.

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Check The App You Are Using

Headphones making static noise could just be down to the app you are using, particularly if you are using a music or media player that has recently been updated.

Another symptom of this is hearing a strange ‘robotic’ noise that really is unpleasant to listen to.

Simply restart the app fully (not just minimize it) and this should rectify this problem.

Check Your Adapter

If the headphones you are using need a jack or adapter to work, this could be the cause of the fault.

There are a few things to try that might rectify static on headphones. First of all make sure if you are using a jack port, that it is cleaned from time to time.

Unfortunately, dirt and grime build-up is an unpleasant thing to deal with, but this could be the culprit of your headphones making static noise.

Similarly, check the jack itself, if there is any build-up of dirt, try cleaning this off first as it could be causing a faulty connection which will result in some nasty static sounds every time you put your headphones on.

Isopropyl is recommended for this or a can of compressed air can be great for getting unwanted dust or dirt out from a socket.

The other option is simply to try a different socket if you have one (if you’re using a PC for example).

This won’t necessarily solve the issue if the static is being caused by a dodgy socket, but short term it should help you relieve the dreaded white noise.

Check For Physical Objects Blocking The Signal

It might be that you’re in range of the headphones, but a physical object may be blocking the signal.

Metal is the worst material for this, so consider your surroundings. If there is a metal door or anything similar, this might be why you’re hearing static, or the signal may drop completely.

Check For Corrupt Drivers On Your PC

If you’re on PC, have you only been able to hear static since the latest update? It may well be a problem with the audio drivers. Luckily this is a pretty easy fix.

  • Click on the volume mixer on your PC and select the speaker icon.
  • Hit ‘properties’ under controller information.
  • Select ‘Change Settings’ 
  • Click ‘Roll Back Driver’ in the Driver tab.

Once you’ve done this, check to see if the problem still persists.

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Identify Any Potential Hardware Issues

How old are your headphones? Unfortunately as is the way with technology, not everything will last forever!

As robust as your headphones may be, it could be down to a hardware issue that stems from the headphones just being old.

You’ve probably heard about bands touring with vintage gear, or working in a studio with an old-school analog mixer that costs more than the average house.

The truth is these items are going to be kept pristine and only transported in the right case and taking the correct safety precautions. They are also likely serviced regularly by experts in their field.

A set of wireless or Bluetooth headphones is very different!

For one, they won’t cost nearly as much as the items above and you’re also getting a lot of rough use day in and day out with them whether that’s throwing them into a bag, or knocking or dropping them.

Unfortunately, the components in these headphones won’t last forever and it may get to the stage where simply purchasing a new pair is the easiest solution.

So think about when you bought your headphones. If you want to remove static noise, it might mean forking out for a whole new pair! 

Check For Speaker Damage

Static on headphones could be the result of a damaged speaker, which is a frustrating issue but it doesn’t mean all is lost.

In fact, speakers can be quite easily replaced, although the act of doing so can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Speakers can become damaged with excessive volume (yes, even if your headphones can go that loud it doesn’t mean they should).

Another cause can be sudden spikes in volume, the kind you hear when making a connection to a device with the volume right up.

It could just be physical damage. Most speakers will have some sort of grill to stop this from happening, but ultimately it can happen and this may result in static on headphones.

You will likely find numerous guides online as to how you replace your speakers, but if you really do feel underconfident in doing so we’d recommend taking your headphones to an expert to get the speakers replaced.

It is worth considering whether the headphone speakers are worth the cost. Also, if it’s a cheap pair you bought, it could be easier and cheaper just to replace the entire set!


What Is Static?

Static can actually refer to a number of things, in this article we have been referring to static as a noise issue.

Although you’ve probably seen the old trick of using static electricity to spike your hair up or make a balloon stick to a wall!

Anyway, we digress.

The kind of static we’re talking about is that annoying noise that you might have heard referred to as ‘white noise’.

The static sound itself is a combination of a large number of frequencies combined together.

If you’ve ever owned an old TV set and switched it to a channel that isn’t receiving a signal and displays the black and white ‘snow’ screen, you’ll know the kind of noise we mean.

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