How To Charge AirPods Without a Case (Read This FIRST!)

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  • Wondering how to charge your Airpods with a knockoff case?
  • Confused about how to charge your Airpods if you’ve lost its charging case? 
  • Unsure if you can charge your Airpods with a single-pin charger?
  • All your burning questions — answered.

Have you lost, damaged, or had your Airpods charging case stolen? Any of these misfortunes can bring about a reasonable inconvenience to most consumers, and you may be looking for a quick solution.

You might also be wondering if it is possible to charge your Airpods without an Airpods charging case via an alternative method.

This article explores some of the tried and tested solutions to charging your Airpods without a charging case. We’ll also dispel some unsafe myths surrounding alternative methods for charging your Airpods without a charging case. 

Can You Charge Airpods Without a Case?

The short and safe answer to this question is no. There are various suggested techniques for charging your Airpods without a charging case. Most of these suggestions can put your Airpods at serious risk of damaging their hardware or software.

Many users have suggested charging Airpods with a single-point charger (most commonly found with the Nokia 1110). While this form of charging may supply your Airpods with some battery life for use, it can also easily cause damage to either the charging point or inner mechanics of your Airpods.

The safest way to charge your Airpods is to find another Apple-appropriate charging case. 

How To Pair Airpods With A Different Case

The simplest method for charging your Airpods safely is to find or purchase another Apple Airpods charging case. Airpods are designed to be interchangeable with new cases and can be easily paired with just a few simple steps:

  1. Open up the Settings menu on your iPhone and head to the Bluetooth section. You must delete your previous connection with your Airpods under ‘’Available Devices’’
  2. You will need to ensure that your Airpods case has enough power to sufficiently pair and charge your Airpods. Check the status light on the charging case to see the power status of the charging case. A green light will indicate that the charging case has enough power and can pair with and charge your Airpods. 
  3. Open the charging case and place the Airpods inside their respective charging pockets on the correct sides. Airpods need to be placed appropriately for sufficient pairing or charging.
  4. With the Airpods placed inside the case and the lid closed, press and hold down the setup button on the side of the charging case for a few seconds. This button will start the pairing process between your Airpods and the charging case.  
  5. Wait for the status light to flash amber or red color. This light will indicate that the Airpods and charging case can pair with their phone. Open the charging case next to or near your iPhone. 
  6. You should see a set of pop-up instructions appear on your iPhone screen. Follow the on-screen commands and press ‘’Connect’’ to pair your Airpods completely.

Buying a Replacement Charging Case

The sad reality of losing your Airpod charging case is that there are no safe alternatives for charging your Airpods.

Unfortunately, you will have to buy a replacement charging case for your Airpods.

However, there are a couple of safe and recommended purchasing options for buying a replacement charging case for your Airpods. 

1. Buy an Original Apple Airpod Charging Case

You can easily find several resources to purchase an original Apple Airpods or Airpods Pro charging case. There are several online and brick-and-mortar suppliers of Airpods available to most major regions around the world. Always check that your supplier is a certified Apple parts distributor. 

Alternatively, you can contact Apple Support to request a replacement charging case. You will need to provide them with the specific model and generation of your Airpods, as well as the serial number of the charging case that needs replacing.  

Once Apple Support has approved your information, they will ship a replacement charging case to your door. The general cost for this service averages around $100 USD.

2. Buy an Alternative Brand’s Airpod Charging Case

This method is slightly more dangerous, as third-party charging cases are abundant in the current market. Some manufacturers may produce charging cases with cheaper parts and put your Airpods at risk of damage. However, certain high-end manufacturers make charging cases compatible with most Airpods and Airpod Pros. 

It’s important to remember that a third-party case will more often than not shorten the lifespan of your Airpods, especially through frequent use.

Apple Airpods are specifically designed to match their relative charging cases; this is the only way to ensure they maintain a maximum lifespan and optimal performance.

A healthy alternative to this option is to seek out second-hand options locally for Airpod charging cases. This method may save you some costs on purchasing a new replacement charging case and also helps to ensure their quality and durability. 

Common Myths For Charging Your Airpods Without A Case. 

We’ve made a brief list below to show you some of the suggestions many Airpod users have invented and suggested for charging Airpods without their case. While these methods may seem innovative, it can’t be stressed enough that these tips never be attempted by anyone.

Below are 3 common internet myths surrounding charging your Airpods without a case.

  1. “Using a single or mouth-pin charger to charge Airpods is safe and works.” This charger point is most commonly found for the Nokia 1110, but converters are also available to consumers. Users believe that placing the stem end of an angle Airpod to this charger will charge it safely and sufficiently. This method can damage the charging point or inner parts of your Airpod and should be heavily avoided. 
  2. “Third-Party Apps are safe.” While it may seem like a novel or exciting idea to charge your Airpods through a third-party app, Apple does recommend that you do not try this method to charge your Airpods without a case. Many apps trick users into believing they can use their phone as a power source to charge their AirPods. This belief is simply not true and puts users at risk of misusing their personal information. 
  3. “Charging Through Voltage Cables is safe.” Not only is this the most unsafe method on this list, but it also runs the highest risk of destroying your Airpods. Several users have attempted to charge their Airpods by cutting off the head of their charger cables and connecting each inner wire to the stem-end of their Airpod. Doing this puts users at high risk of electrocution and will most certainly damage your Airpods with every attempt.

Wrapping Up

There are abundant DIY solutions and suggestions for charging your Airpods without a charging case. However, most of these suggestions are either false, dangerous, or put your Airpods at risk of damage.

Never try any of the abovementioned myths in this article, or you may need to replace your AirPods alongside your charging case. 

The best way to handle losing your Airpod or Airpod Pros charging case is to purchase a replacement case from an Apple-approved dealer. This method will ensure that your Airpods stay in prime condition and see their full lifespan. 


What do I do if I lose my AirPod charging case?

The simplest method to handle a lost Airpod charging case is to purchase a replacement case. This purchase can be handled through Apple Support, an Apple Store, or an Apple-approved parts dealer. 

Can any charging case charge AirPods?

While some third-party brands manufacture charging cases for Apple Airpods, some of these may use substandard parts that put your Airpods at risk of damage.

Can you pair AirPods with a different case?

We have a full guide on this. Read our article on how to pair AirPods with a different case.