6 Clever Studio Setup Tips From 6 Top Producers

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For most of us, our studio is our temple. It’s where “the magic happens”, and many of us have our own personal routines and even rituals about how our setup should be optimized.

With that in mind, here are 6 tips from top producers around the world on how to optimize your studio setup for productivity, creativity and more.

The following studio setup tips are from:

  1. Paula Jones (Elton John, Michael Hutchence)
  2. Leon Zervos (Pink, Rihanna, Willie Nelson)
  3. Brent March (Electric Lady & Platinum Sound Studios)
  4. Emika (Electronic Producer & Artist)
  5. Yann Tiersen (Composer)
  6. Charlie Kirby & Fred Bailing (Mount Street Studios)

6 Studio Setup Tips From 6 Industry Pros

Paula Jones
Make it exactly how you want to make it. Don’t just base it on all the pictures that you see of everybody else’s studios. If you want to put the monitors on the ceiling and lie down and mx, you should do that if that’s what makes you the most creative.
Leon Zervos
To make your studio great, you’ve got to know what you want to hear out of the room. You have to be very comfortable working with the speakers you choose and as far as the studio goes, you don’t have to spend a million dollars on it, as long as it gives you a true sound that relates to positive feedback from all your clients.
Brent March
Don't overlook the importance of good acoustic treatment. The best studio monitors don’t exist in theory - they’re speakers you know well, in a well-treated space. Reflections in all home studios can also cause all sorts of inherent problems.
Darrell Thorp
One of the biggest things I’ve learned to do is multi-band compress the high-to-mid frequencies. I’ll carve out the wispy frequencies in the tip end whilst keeping the vocal at the forefront of the mix. You really do have to tame down those louder 3kHz-plus frequencies so it sounds smooth and natural.
First, invest in a really solid laptop. The rest will constantly change so make the core part of it really good and make sure you know how to use this really well. It helps if you want to work professionally later on but at first but don’t sit there and wait for this.
Yann Tiersen
Having a beautiful live room makes me just want to spend time here. Every day I come to the studio, even if I don’t have work to do. We didn’t even do any acoustic treatment, after we finished building it we did some recordings and discovered a beautiful sounding room!
Charlie Kirby, Fred Bailing (Mount Street Studios)
Be involved every step of the way. I learnt so much in the building process and was able to put my stamp on the place. The most important thing I would say is making sure you use a top, top acoustician.
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