How To Connect Multiple JBL Speakers Together (Step-By-Step)

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  • Wondering how to connect two JBL speakers together?
  • Follow our step-by-step guide to get them paired with ease
  • Commonly asked questions answered down at the bottom
  • Also, check out our separate guide on how to pair JBL speakers to Windows/iOS/Android

JBL speakers are great. They sound good, come in various forms and prices, and are pretty darn easy to use.

You might connect JBL speakers to your smartphone or laptop, but did you know you can hook multiple JBL speakers together? Well, you do now!

If you’re wondering how to do this, or maybe you’re struggling to do this, then do not fear! We’ll talk you through exactly what you need to do.

Here’s how to pair JBL speakers together.

How To Enable Pairing Mode To Connect JBL Speakers

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To connect JBL speakers via Bluetooth, pairing mode must be enabled. This means that your JBL speakers can complete a connection with, and be detected by, your music device.

Luckily this is super easy to do. All you need to do is follow these two steps:

  1. Turn on your JBL speaker 
  2. Hold down the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds or more

If you’re wondering how to connect JBL speakers together, this is the first and very vital thing to do!

How To Connect JBL Speakers To A Music Device

You now need to make your JBL speakers connect to your phone, laptop, tablet, or PC.

This is quickly and easily done by accessing the device’s Bluetooth settings and locating your speakers the selecting them. Try playing a song once this is done to test the connection.

How To Pair JBL Speakers Together

The JBL connect function is extremely easy, and there are several reasons why you might want to set them up this way.

For example, you might want to place your speakers in different rooms but be able to listen to the same track seamlessly on each. You might be on a camping trip with friends or just want your music to be louder!

Whatever the reason, if you’re wondering how to connect two JBL speakers together (or more), it’s a straightforward process. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure one of the speakers is in pairing mode
  2. Connect the speaker to your device
  3. Tap the JBL Connect button on the speaker to allow it to connect with the other JBL speakers in the chain. The connect button will display this symbol – ∞
  4. Press the ‘Connect’ button on the second speaker to complete the connection

As you can see, knowing how to connect two JBL speakers doesn’t require much. To connect further speakers, simply repeat the process.

How Many JBL Speakers Can I Connect?

This depends on the model as two connection functions are available: JBL Connect and JBL Connect+.

‘Connect’ can be thought of as the most basic, which allows you to connect two JBL speakers at once, whereas the ‘Connec+’ will enable you to do this with up to a hundred speakers.

Can I Connect Any JBL Speaker To Another?

Not all JBL speakers can pair through the JBL connect function. The easiest way to tell is to see if there is a connect button on the speaker. However, here is a list of compatible JBL Models:

JBL Connect+

JBL Partyboost

If unsure, refer to the JBL website and locate your model to check the specs. 

Speakers without the function tend to be older models, so if you’re currently in the market for a JBL speaker, you’ll have the connect function.

What is JBL Party Boost?

JBL Party Boost is essentially an upgraded version of Connect+ and is available on newer models.

If you plan to place the speakers in multiple locations, you need to consider how far they will be from your music device. Another consideration is if you’ll be moving around with your device, such as a mobile phone which may be sat in your pocket.

Party boost offers a much bigger range than its Connect counterparts which is ideal if your speakers aren’t going to be nearby.

What Is The JBL Portable App?

The JBL Portable App (formerly known as the JBL Connect App) adds an extra level of customization that is handy when pairing multiple speakers together.

Integrated into the app are options to manage your speakers, adjust EQ settings and even control a light show on Pulse models.

The other neat function of the JBL app is the ability to put speakers into either Party or Stereo mode.

Party mode means all speakers will play the same thing, whereas Stereo mode enables two speakers to play back in stereo (or left and right), which can be useful when placed in different areas of your room.

Why Won’t My JBL Speakers Connect To Each Other?

There could be a few common reasons why you’re having issues with your speakers:

1. Speakers Aren’t In Range

If your speaker isn’t in the right proximity to your device, then it won’t be able to connect. This goes for both the music device and compatible speakers.

If your speakers don’t connect, try bringing them closer together.

2. Speakers Aren’t Charged Properly

If you’re trying to connect your speakers but struggling, it could be down to a charging issue.

Make sure both speakers are charged up and try again.

3. Check Your Bluetooth Device

Check your music device if you aren’t getting any sound from your JBL speakers despite a successful pairing.

First of all, is the Bluetooth connection successful? If the phone or laptop isn’t connected to a speaker, this will affect the other speakers it is paired with.

Similarly, ensure the volume is fully up, and the device is charged. 

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