4 Easy Ways To Pair Anker Soundcore Speakers

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  • Learn to pair Anker Soundcore with another device
  • Find out how to connect two Anker Soundcore speakers
  • Learn to turn on Bluetooth on an Anker Soundcore speaker
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Anker is well known for manufacturing sleek, reliable electronic products like headphones, earbuds, power banks, and even torches.

One of their more popular sellers is the Soundcore portable speaker. The Soundcore allows users to connect to their playback devices for loud, clear audio listening without power or connection cables. 

We’ve compiled this brief guide on how to pair your Anker Soundcore with these devices.

We’ll also provide a handful of troubleshooting tips for any issues you might encounter during playback or connecting. 

How To Pair…

Your Anker Soundcore Speaker

The Anker Soundcore uses Bluetooth connectivity to link up with other devices. Before playback can be enabled, most devices will first have to pair with the device using Bluetooth.

Pairing and connection is a relatively simple process and can be broken down into a few basic steps: 

  1. Ensure your playback device and Anker Soundcore are on and sufficiently charged. 
  2. Turn Bluetooth modes on for both devices. Make sure there are no other active connections between your playback device and the Anker Soundcore speaker. 
  3. Your playback device should provide a list of devices that can connect. Select Soundcore Anker as the option.
  4. The Soundcore Anker will emit a stable blue light once connected to your device correctly. 

Your Anker Soundcore With An Android Device

  1. Ensure your Android device and Anker Soundcore speaker are on and sufficiently charged. 
  2. Turn on Bluetooth mode on your Anker speaker by holding the Bluetooth button until your speaker emits a flashing blue light
  3. Open up the Bluetooth menu under Settings on your Android device. Turn on the Bluetooth search for all available Bluetooth-pairing devices.
  4. The Soundcore Anker should appear under the list of available pairing devices. Select this option to pair with your speaker. 
  5. The Soundcore Anker will indicate that it has connected by emitting a stable blue LED light.
  6. Specific devices may require a 4-digit password to allow for safe pairing. The password for Anker Soundcore is usually 0000 or 1234

Your Anker Soundcore With An Apple Device

  1. Ensure your Apple device and Anker Soundcore speaker are on and sufficiently charged/powered. 
  2. Turn on Bluetooth mode on your Anker speaker by holding the Bluetooth button until the speaker emits a flashing blue light. 
  3. Open the Settings on your Apple device and enter the Bluetooth menu. Turn Bluetooth on to begin searching for a list of available pairing devices. 
  4. Your Anker Soundcore should appear as one of the available pairing options. Select this option to begin pairing. 
  5. Your Anker Soundcore should now be linked to your Apple device. Check that your speaker emits a stable blue light to show that it has paired correctly. 

Two Anker Soundcore Speakers With Each Other

Many users might be surprised (and delighted) to learn that you can pair Anker Soundcore speakers with each other for added volume.

Below is a step-by-step guide to pairing Soundcore speakers with each other:

  1. Start by turning on both Anker Soundcore speakers. Make sure that each speaker is sufficiently charged and close to each other for a strong connection. 
  2. Turn on True Wireless Stereo mode on both speakers. Activate the Bluetooth modes on either speaker by holding the Bluetooth button until their lights emit a flashing blue color
  3. A green light will indicate that the two devices have begun pairing. Once they have successfully paired, both speakers will emit a light tone
  4. One speaker can be used for all the controls from this point on. This speaker will emit a stable light, while the other will have a flashing light. You may now use the primary speaker to connect to another playback device. 

Anker Soundcore Pairing Issues (And Solutions)

Some users may experience playback or connection issues while using their Sundcore speakers.

Thankfully some of these issues can be solved from home and require no outside assistance.

Check below for a list of possible solutions for pairing issues for your Anker Soundcore speaker:

  • Ensure that your device is within proximity of your Anker speaker for a stable connection. 
  • Try to keep other BlueTooth devices away from your playback device and Anker speaker to ensure a strong connection. 
  • If you’re still unable to pair your speaker and device, try restarting your speaker by turning it off and on again. Alternatively, restart your playback device and reset the Bluetooth connection. 
  • Certain pairing problems can be traced to a low power issue. Ensure that your Anker Soundcore speaker and playback device are sufficiently charged. 

Final Thoughts

Pairing and connecting your Anker Soundcore speaker should be a simple and basic process, and you can use the above-listed steps to link your Soundcore speaker to several devices. 

If you run into any further playback or connection issues, try contacting a local technician or Anker’s Smart Help Center for some assistance. 


How Do I Reset My Anker Wireless Soundcore?

Anker Soundcore can be reset by simply turning them on and off again.

Simply hold the power button on the speaker until it turns off, wait a few moments, and then turn the speaker back on again using the same button

Is My Anker Soundcore Compatible With A Smart TV?

Yes. Anker Soundcore should be able to connect with most iPhone models via Bluetooth connectivity.

Speakers should be able to pair with most modern playback devices that come with stable Bluetooth compatibility. 

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