TOZO T6 vs T10 vs T12 (Differences & Which Is Best)

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  • Are TOZO T6, T10, or T12 earphones good value for money?
  • Find out which version of TOZO earphones is best for calls and music
  • Discover what each of the three versions of TOZO earphones are best for
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TOZO is a relatively new competitor in the audio device industry, but they haven’t fallen short in creating a solid reputation for themselves.

Founded in Seattle (Washington, USA) in 2016, TOZO has spent the last 6-7 years putting out all sorts of technology, including wireless Bluetooth earphones, portable charging banks, smart watches, and phone cases.

The giants of global e-commerce like Amazon and eBay are beginning to mass-stock TOZO products, which gives us a reassuring sign that the products are at least substantial. But just HOW good are they?

This article will focus on three of TOZO’s range of ‘true wireless’ Bluetooth earbud series – specifically, the T6, T10, and T12 models.

We’ll compare the differences, weigh the merits of each model, and take a close look at whether the specs make any of these products good value for money.

Let’s do this!

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TOZO T6, T10 and T12: Differences

In short, the key differences between the three TOZO Bluetooth earbud products are found in how accessible and easy to use they are. In terms of overall experience and value for money, we think the T12s are the TOZO earphones to go for. 

The TOZO T6 model is affordable, compact, and incredibly water-resistant, with good battery life and a range of earbud tip sizes available. However, the microphone quality isn’t fantastic – particularly in windy or rainy weather. 

The TOZO T10 model is a little more pricey but affordable, with an equally diverse range of earbud tip sizes as the T6s – but a slightly shorter battery life. The preconfigured audio EQ (equalization) style is very bass-heavy, which is especially overbearing when listening to naturally bassy music or sound effects. 

The TOZO T12 model sits between the T6 and T10 models regarding affordability. The T12s respond to the EQ issues of the T10s and flaunt a bass-heavy but not at all overbearing sonic profile.

However, the battery life is short-lived, and the device can only be paired to one device at a time – whilst the T6 and T10 models sport multi-device pairing).

Let’s dive a little deeper and take a closer look at the merits and flaws of the three TOZO models.

We’ve presented this section under three main headings of product quality: User Experience, Audio Experience, and Value for Money. 

Factor 1: User Experience

All three TOZO models have compact and durable designs for both the case and the earphones themselves. They fit into any standard clothing pocket with room to spare, the lid casing is secure, and the earphones themselves stay firmly snug inside the case thanks to their magnetic attachability. 

All three models also have plastic flaps covering their charging ports, which serves the resistance to underwater damage sported by both the case and the earphones themselves (IPX8 water-resistant rating).

However, this flap can be a tricky doohickey to open and close without concentrating intensely or breaking it off altogether.


The TOZO T6 model is robust, sturdy, and straight-up, easy to use. The design is strong, and you’ll get a good battery life per charge (around 8 hours).

Maybe the worst thing about the T6s, however, is that their playback volume defaults to the maximum setting each time they connect to a device, which could easily shock or potentially damage a user’s hearing if they’re not prepared and don’t adjust the volume back down each time. 

We think this is a real design flaw of the T6 and calls for user expectations to stay moderate when using them. It’s a real shame the T6s carry this design flaw because all the other aspects of the T6s are well worth their price, and the overall user experience offered is fantastic.


The TOZO T10 earphones can keep coming loose and start to fall out of your ear during a workout, run, or any activity involving significant head movement.

Although this is an annoying physical feature, you might find it even more annoying to put the earphones back in your ear without triggering the touch-sensitive on-ear controls! 

The battery has been tested to last around 6 hours and 30 minutes on a full charge, which isn’t fantastic, but the case itself can double up as a charge storage device and hold up to 35 additional hours of battery charging.

All in all, the T10s don’t offer a bad user experience.


The TOZO T12 model responds to the looseness of the T10s with a deep, secure in-ear fit, although maybe a little too deep for long-term listening. You might find your ears becoming fatigued after a listening session of more than 45 minutes.

Unfortunately, the T12s can’t pair to more than one device at a time – even if one of the devices is switched off – so they must be fully re-configured and paired each time you change the source device.

The battery lasts about 4 hours 30 per full charge, which we think is less than ideal, and certainly won’t carry you very far through the day without you having to stop listening and recharge the earphones. 

All in all, the T12s may provide a slightly frustrating user experience.

Factor 2: Audio Experience


The TOZO T6 model shows off impressive playback sound quality. However, the microphone quality becomes compromised in harsh weather (or even a slight breeze) – so we think these are just earphones to listen to music on. 

Unfortunately, there are no adjustable EQ settings or customizable options when listening to music. Overall, the sound is clear and represents whatever you’re playing back on your audio source with general success.

The T6s flaunt the strongest audio experience potential out of all three products.


The TOZO T10s, unfortunately, fall a little short in the sound quality department. The overall sonic profile carried is great, but the preconfigured EQ is cursed with overbearing bass intensity.

You might find yourself getting a headache or generally not recognizing what you’re listening to – especially with naturally bass-heavy music. 

Based on this, we reckon the T10s are best for audio calls and business communications rather than listening to music. Expect a very intense audio experience that may become overwhelming at times. 


The TOZO T12s excel in the sound quality department. Their frequency response and audio clarity are both fantastic, and you’ll also be able to enjoy incredible noise-canceling capabilities – both for you and the people around you. 

Based on these specs, we consider the T12s best for listening to non-bassy music or watching YouTube videos in the comfort that you aren’t disturbing anybody.

Unfortunately, when it comes to music listening, there are no adjustable EQ settings or customizable options on the T12s. Overall, the sound is full, crisp, and rich, with some added bass for a somewhat vigorous audio experience. 

Factor 3: Value for Money

Wireless Bluetooth earphones can be ridiculously pricey on the general market – mainly because most of the competition is owned by major audio-tech giants like Bose, Sennheiser, and Apple (AirPods, anyone?).

With this said, TOZO rises above the competition in affordability and certainly won’t break the bank.


$29.99 USD

This isn’t a bad asking price, considering these earphones are truly wireless (although they have to be charged in the case via USB). The T6s are incredibly water-resistant and sport solid sound quality.


$49.99 USD

This might be on the side of expensive for a pair of T10s, considering the overall listening quality is compromised by overbearing bass frequencies. $50 USD might suggest that the battery life held by this product is at least somewhat extensive, perhaps around the 9-hour mark.

Unfortunately, the T10s and their 6-hour 30-minute battery life don’t live up to their market price, in our opinion. 


$36.99 USD

This sort of price is very realistic for a pair of T12s. Ultimately, the T12s neatly combines the audio quality and rugged, compact design of the T6s with the sophistication of audio controls and the need for bass frequencies that the T10s attempted.

As such, their market price is somewhere between the two, which kind of makes sense. 

Wrapping Up

After taking a closer look at the specs, merits, and flaws of each TOZO earphone model, it’s safe to say that the TOZO T12s strike a good balance between the two other models and their respective upsides.

Thankfully, the downsides of the T6s and T10s aren’t to be found glaring at you when using the T12s. With all things considered, we reckon the humble TOZO T12 earphones come out on top against their same-brand competition.

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