How To Charge Your JLAB Earbuds (+Common Issues & Fixes)

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  • Can’t figure out how to charge your JLab earbuds?
  • Wondering if you can charge your JLab earbuds using the charging case?
  • Plus some extra tips and advice on common charging issues.

If you’re either a new or long-time owner of a pair of JLab Earbuds, you’ve probably considered if you’ve been charging your earbuds correctly.

JLab earbuds need to be charged properly to optimize their performance and life span.

Thankfully the charging processes are relatively simple and should be easy to comprehend for most users.

In this article, we’ll run you through a basic step by step guide to charging your JLab earbuds correctly so 

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How To Charge JLAB Earbuds

There are two ways to charge your Jlab earbuds efficiently and correctly. Users can either:

  1. Charge tier earbuds directly or make use of the JLab’s charging case.
  2. Alternatively, users can charge their Jlab earbuds directly by connecting their earbuds to a power source via a USB connection.

Users should make sure that their respective power source has enough power to charge their earbuds efficiently. 

The JLAB Charging Case

The Jlab earbuds come with a compact and durable carry case for safe storage. These carry cases can also act as a charging source for when users are off the grid.

Jlab charging cases can be charged separately from earbuds by plugging them into a power source via a USB connection.

Once the case is fully charged, users can place their earbuds into the charging case for simple charging on the go.

The Jlab carry case also comes with a light indicator to show users how much battery life is left on the case itself. 

How to Charge Your JLab Charging Case

  • Cables and Connectivity – Before initiating any form of charge, make sure that you are using the recommended USB charging cables for your Jlab charging case. Cheaper cables will properly work but may land up causing your device in the long run
  • Power is Key – Locate a reliable power charging source within your home or nearby area. The most reliable charging point will always be a wall socket on a stable power grid. If this is not an option, you can make use of PCs laptops, tablets, and other large media playback devices to charge your JLab charging case.
  • Link and Connect – Your Jlab charging case should have a connection port for your USB cable. Simply plug your USB charging cable into this port, and connect the other end to your preferred power source for charging. 
  • Check for progress – The Jlab charging case comes with a LED indicator to let users know how much of the battery has been filled during charging. Users can leave their JLab charging case to charge unmonitored as it will automatically stop charging once the battery reaches full capacity. 

How to Charge Your JLab Headphones

  1. Once your JLab case has been charged, you can use it to safely store and charge your JLab earbuds simultaneously.
  2. Locate your Jlab headphones and place each one in their respective charging port within the Jlab charging case.
  3. Users should be sure to set each earbud in their correct position ie: right on the right side, and left on the left side. There are letters on the side of the JLab earbuds to indicate their correct side.
  4. JLab earbuds can be left to charge in their charging case unmonitored. The earbuds will automatically stop charging once their battery life has reached maximum capacity.

Common JLab Charging Issues (and solutions) 

  • Check The Charging Connection – One of the most common problems that users encounter with charging devices is the charging ports. Small objects and even dust can sometimes obstruct the USB charging ports, and these can be checked and cleaned with a torch and thin needle. 
  • Change The Battery – Most electronic devices come with a battery life that has a specific amount of usable hours. Users should be sure to replace the batteries on their JLab earbuds if the battery is charging or loses power prematurely after charging. 
  • Check the charging source– there are certain instances where the power source used to charge JLab earbuds may either be too weak or incompatible for charging. Users can test this issue by checking to see if their JLab charging case charges on alternative sources.  
  • Contact a professional – If you experience frequent issues after following the above-listed troubleshooting steps, you can still contact a technician or professional for additional service and repair advice and insights for charging your JLab earbuds

Final Thoughts

JLab earbuds are designed for simplicity, easy access, and for users that need to use earbud headphones for a fast-paced lifestyle.

One of the primary benefits that users can enjoy from JLab earbuds is their compact, ergonomic charging system. 

The Jlab charging system allows users to ensure that they have consistent reliable battery life from their JLab earbuds with minimal effort.

Users should have little trouble maintaining their JLab earbuds via the Jlab charging systems.

By following the steps listed in the guide above, users can experience the full durability and sound quality that JLab earbuds provide. 


How do I know if my JLAB earbuds are charging?

JLab earbuds are usually charged within their JLab charging case. The charging case carries an LED indicator to show users how much battery life has been stored on their device. 

How long does it take JLab earbuds to charge?

Manufacturers recommend charging brand new JLab headphones overnight before using them for the first time. Thereafter, most earbuds should take anywhere between 2.5- 3 hours to fully charge regularly. 

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