8 Stunning Residential Recording Studios With Accommodation

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8 Recording Studios With Accommodation

Whether you’re a multi-platinum selling artist or just a hobbyist musician you’re likely to at some point spend time in a recording studio.

Of course, it’s important to find the right engineer or a space with top of the line gear but today we’re talking about studios that offer a little more.

These studios all have their own unique accommodation which add to the to vibe and recording experience.

So if you’re looking for somewhere to stay AND record, here is our list of some of the most impressive residential studios, from countryside retreats through to Caribbean paradises.

Foel Studios  (Wales)

Situated in the picturesque Welsh hills, Foel Studios offers accommodation next to their impressive recording space in a stunning converted 17th-century cottage.

Perfect for chilling out after a long day tracking, the accommodation includes satellite TV, a pool table and hifi system. For those wanting to clear their heads or searching for inspiration, the beautiful Welsh countryside is literally on the doorstep.

The studio itself offers a birds-eye view of the live room utilizing a Trident Series 80B console and impressive equipment list.

This is a unique studio that is perfect for those wanting to get away from everyday life and focus on recording and writing. Foel’s client list is too long to include in full here but the studio has been the base for a host of big names such as Alan Parsons, Porcupine Tree, Napalm Death and…… Showaddywaddy.

Check out Foel Studios at https://www.foelstudio.co.uk or on Facebook @foelstudio

Chairworks Studio (Yorkshire, UK)

Yorkshire, UK is undoubtedly a tourist hotspot famous for its Roman and Viking heritage. So what better place to set up a recording studio than in a converted late nineteenth-century Victorian factory.

Recording at Chairworks gives you access to one of the largest collections of outboard gear in Europe while their huge array of guitars, amps, cabs, drum kits and more means you’ll either find the perfect tone straight away or you’ll spend hours tinkering on pieces of gear. Either way, lots of fun.

Aside from the impressive recording setup, Chairworks can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people. Included is a kitchen with washing machine, dishwasher, full size dining room and a 60’’ television connected to Netflix, basically a home away from home while you record.

For more information on Chairworks head to https://www.thechairworks.co.uk or on Instagram @thechairworks 

Geejam (Portland, Jamaica)

The self-professed leading residential recording studio in the Carribean, Geejam certainly looks an amazing place to chill out whilst recording your newest record.

Situated in Portland, Jamaica the stunning studio features a series of deluxe guest rooms, cabins and villas to relax in between takes.

Unusually the studio also features an on-site hotel making this more of a resort-with-recording-studio than simply a recording space with rooms attached.

If that isn’t enough, ‘Bentley’s Yaad’ (a private beach) is only a short walk away from the studio with waterfront stage which holds regular live music.

The studio is equipped with top end gear such as a Neve 5088 console and huge selection of preamps, outboard gear and microphones. Prices are available on request and sessions take place under strict confidentiality so it’s no wonder Geejam has seen the likes of Gorillaz, Alicia Keys, Drake and Snoop Dogg over the years.

For more on this jaw-dropping studio head to https://geejamstudios.com or @geejamstudios on Instagram.

Did you know – Iceland will now pay 25% of you expenses to record there!

Bear Creek Studios (Seattle, USA)

Located around half an hour North of Seattle, Bear Creek is a turn of the century barn located on a 10 acre farm.

Unsurprisingly the 90’s grunge movement had its impact on the studio as it expanded to include a second 1600 square foot live room and control room. The studio can accommodate up to 7 people.

Behind the studio is ‘The Treehouse’, the perfect mixing and editing suite which uniquely sits 18 feet above the ground. The homey feel of this studio, surrounded by natural woodlands would definitely provide a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of Seattle.

The combination of high-end gear and the fascinating history and development of Bear Creek make this one of the most interesting studios on this list. Their clients include Gossip, Fleet Foxes and even Foo Fighters.

Check out their website for more and for a full studio tour at http://bearcreekstudio.com or on Facebook @bearcreekstudio

Oxygen Recording Studios (Verzuolo, Italy)

Oxygen is a brand new recording facility in the North of Italy owned by producer/guitarist Paride Lanciani.

At the heart of the studio is a Ghutner Loof 2112 model console, a unique piece of gear (one of only a few made by Revox-Studer factories between 1975 and 1983).

The hilltop accommodation comprises an open plan style living area with a converted greenhouse in the garden, just a short walk from the studio and main accommodation itself.

Some amazing sightseeing locations are easily accessed from the studio such as the historic town of Saluzzo and the Barbaresco Hills. 

Oxygen prides itself on catering to any bands needs in a stress free and welcoming environment and we can see why from the pictures!

Head to http://www.oxygenrecordingstudio.com/ to book.

Sonic Ranch (Texas, USA)

This studio, located in Texas, is a quirky studio offering 4 accomodation options on site. All are in keeping with a texan theme, we think the cool looking rooms look like something out of a movie.

Available at Sonic Ranch are several recording and editing suites with their Neve suite housing the largest Neve console in the world with a staggering 80 channels of 31105 mic pre/eqs and Neve flying faders. The console itself is rich with history, the original West Coast Motown console was even owned by Madonna in her Brooklyn studio before finding its way to Sonic Ranch.

With stunning woodwork and various fabrics from all over the world adorning the walls, this is certainly an impressive studio that has had a lot of time and care put into making it what it is today.

Over the years the studio has been a temporary home for artists such as At The Drive In, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Bullet for my Valentine.

Check out the stunning decor and more at https://sonicranch.com or on Instagram @sonicranch

Chapel Studios (Lincolnshire Wolds, UK)

Having seen clients such as Arctic Monkeys, Slipknot and Wet Wet Wet Chapel Studios certainly has an interesting history of projects.

Located in the Lincolnshire Wolds (about 2 and a half hours from London) the studio provides a countryside retreat for those wanting to get away from city life but also stay within reach of the UK’s capital.

The control room houses a Amek M2500 console with Neve style preamps and offers a huge amount of equipment to satisfy any gear nerd and achieve almost any sound.

The on-site accommodation matches that of a traditional English countryside cottage, with a further option to upgrade to ‘The Curve’ – an 11 ensuite bedroom Eco new build offering 700 square metres of space.

For more information head to https://www.chapelstudios.com or follow them on Facebook @chapelrecordingstudios

Daft Recording Studios (Malmedy, Belgium)

Daft is a Belgian recording space, one of the biggest in Europe offering residential space.

The studios can accommodate any project from recording, mixing, mastering through to full tour pre-production sessions. 

The 8 person Artist Penthouse offers unbeatable views of the surrounding forest and catering is available if needed. Daft feel that artists should feel at home in their studio and it shows in the effort they have gone to to make the living space welcoming and comfortable. In fact if you need to unwind you’ll even find a swimming pool and sauna on site as well!

For more details check out Daft’s website at https://daftrecordingstudios.com or on Facebook @enterdaftness