RODE NTH-100 Review (4 Features Rated & Ranked)

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RODE NTH-100 Review (4 Features Rated & Ranked)
RØDE's first headphones offer you quality, reliability, and comfort at an affordable price. The NTH-100 headphones are a seriously impressive debut from RØDE and are undoubtedly worth every penny.
Build Quality & Design
Fantastic construction
Memory foam and CoolTech™ gel makes them extremely comfortable
Clear and flat frequency response
Loaded with useful features
These headphones do not fold up, which may be an issue for some folks.
Not as cool looking as Audio Technica's M50x headphones

Truth be told, in today’s world, it is imperative to have a reliable pair of headphones. Whether you are tracking on the go, editing, or simply doing some critical listening, headphones are a must.

The RØDE NTH-100 headphones offer you quality, reliability, and comfort at an affordable price.

RØDE has developed a strong reputation in professional audio for offering quality and affordable tools for musicians, producers, and engineers.

Besides microphones, mixers, interfaces, and software, RØDE has now jumped into the headphone market for the very first time

At this price range, the RODE NTH-100 headphones are a great option for beginner engineers, producers, and those who aren’t looking to break the bank with their next purchase.

RØDE NTH-100: Verdict?

This is a very impressive product, especially considering it’s RØDE’s first headphone design. For about $150, the RØDE NTH-100 headphones are of amazing value.

You get a fantastic set of useful features, along with durability and reliability. The sound and build quality are great for the price, and chances are you won’t get tired of using them as they are very comfortable indeed.

In short, the RØDE NTH-100 headphones are a fantastic option for headphones in the 150-dollar range

RØDE NTH-100: Full Review

Sound (9/10)

The audio quality and response on this set of headphones is very good at this price range. The 40 mm custom-matched drivers create a clean, vivid soundstage with low distortion. 

The NTH-100 features an incredible frequency range that goes from 5 Hz to 35 kHz. This is an unusually bold claim considering human hearing ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz but it’s good to know the extra range is there all the same.

Although this set of headphones does a good job on the low end, there is no escaping the laws of physics, and all headphones are inherently limited in this area (particularly closed back headphones).

Having said that, these headphones sound balanced and can be quite useful once you “learn them.” To do this, simply take some tracks or mixes that you know really well and play them through the NTH-100 headphones.

I found the response to be mostly flat from the high to the mids, but I did notice a bump around 100 Hz that may raise some eyebrows. However, I actually felt that it aids the overall sound of these cans, plus having a bump here helps reduce muddy mixes which are more common with headphones.

That said, even though these headphones sound good, they are not a replacement for models that cost two or three times the price, not to mention audiophile models.

In other words, headphones on the higher end will still help you distinguish specific frequencies better than the NTH-100, so there’s still merit to buying more expensive models if you have the money.

However, the NTH-100 is great for tracking, editing, and other general uses like practicing and listening to music either critically or just for fun. 

Build Quality & Design (9/10)

Considering they only just launched, it’s hard to tell how well these headphones will last over time once they have been used and knocked around a bit. But based on the immediate feel of them, chances are you will be using the RØDE NTH-100 headphones for a long time. Simply put, the construction on these cans is nothing short of fantastic.

They feel sturdy from the moment you pick them up, but without adding unnecessary weight and feeling cumbersome.

 The engineers at RØDE took care not only of producing good-sounding headphones, but also comfortable ones that can handle some mishaps. For instance, the 7.87 feet cable locks in once connected, but the locking connection is softer than the connector on the headphones.

What this means in practical terms is that if you trip or someone steps on the cable, the cable will disconnect to avoid headphone damage. In short, it’s a fantastic design feature.

Speaking of design, these headphones were built so that they clamp firmly to the head while remaining comfortable and cool. Easier said than done!

This is accomplished via the CoolTech technology that absorbs and dissipates heat. Yes, you read that right.

You may not notice it at first, but the ear cups gently cool the area around your ears. This is more noticeable if you’re already a bit hot and sweaty, and I don’t think people living in cooler environments will get the same effect (and this is probably a good thing).

Comfort (9.5/10)

Comfort is paramount when it comes to headphones. After all, you are likely to have them on for extended periods and perhaps on a daily basis. Well, the folks at RØDE definitely took this matter very seriously.

It all starts with the fantastic padding on the earcups. They are made from Alcantara-covered memory foam just like the headband itself.

This all but ensures that you are comfortable during long listening sessions. 

I cannot overstate the importance of comfort when it comes to headphones. Naturally, the sound is crucial, but what good is a pair of headphones if they are uncomfortable and tiring to use?

The NTH-100 feels very comfortable, and chances they will fit you nicely

I wear glasses and have often found the need to remove them when wearing other headphones. However, I did not have to do this with the NTH-100. 

The memory foam worked its magic with me, making these headphones extremely comfortable to wear. 

To top it off, the headband and earcups are all user-replaceable. This factor alone can extend the life of your headphones significantly.

Features (9.5/10)

The NTH-100 comes loaded with features, all of them very useful and considerate of the user’s wants and needs. 

Perhaps the most impressive one is the FitLok Locking headband. This locking system all but ensures the headphones are comfortable for you every time you pick them up.

After you first find the most comfortable setup, the FitLok locks the earcups in place when you’re not using them, so you don’t have to readjust them every time you pick them back up. 

Another fantastic feature is the detachable cable and unique locking mechanism that prevents accidental disconnections

The NTH-100 can also take some rough handling. That is because the cable’s locking connection is softer than the connector in the headphones.

This ensures that if there’s a rough disconnection, it is the cable that will deform, as opposed to the headphones. Much cheaper to get a new cable anyways!

The NTH-100 features a closed-back design with up 20 dB of passive isolation. Additionally, its circumaural design provides excellent isolation as well as comfort. Another cool feature is the colored ID rings which help eliminate cable mix-ups. 

RØDE really thought of the user when deciding to include dual cable inputs. With the NTH-100 you can plug the cable into either the left or right cup, depending on what is more comfortable for you.

This is a breakthrough for headphones around this price, which will either have a fixed cable or only let you plug the cable into one of the cups.

It is important to note that these headphones do not fold up. Although this has no bearing on the sound, comfort, and build quality, it may be an issue for some folks.

Finally, the NTH-100 ships with a storage bag and 1/4-inch adapter.

Final Thoughts

With the NTH-100, RØDE has made a great set of headphones at a seriously affordable price

The NTH-100 headphones sound fantastic and offer superior design and build quality, especially in this price range. Additionally, you can use these headphones for a long time as their comfort level is nothing short of stellar.


Are the RØDE NTH-100 headphones good value?

Yes – the RØDE NTH-100 headphones are worth every cent. They sound good, are very comfortable, and are affordable. 

Are there other RØDE headphones?

No. The NTH-100 is the first set of headphones ever made by RØDE.

Are the RØDE NTH-100 headphones wireless?

No. The NTH-100 uses a 3.5mm cable that you can plug into either ear cup for stereo sound. 

What type of headphones are the RØDE NTH-100? 

The NTH-100 is a closed-back set of headphones with a circumaural design. 

RØDE NTH-100 vs Audio Technica M50x?

These headphones can absolutely compete with the ubiquitous M50X headphones from Audio Technica.

Although the RØDE NTH-100 headphones don’t look quite as stylish, they have a more comfortable fit, better soundstage, and more bells and whistles.

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