The 7 Best Mini Reverb Pedals (That Money Can Buy)

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  • Mini pedals are affordable, efficient, and sound great!
  • There are a ton of options for mini reverb pedals on the market.
  • Which ones should you check out?

Mini pedals have become extremely popular among guitarists and with good reason. You may think it’s hard to fit something as complex as reverb into a tiny package without compromising on the sound…

But the good news is that I’ve still managed to find a bunch of great mini reverb pedals that won’t leave your guitar tone sounding flat or dull. Read on to find out which ones made the cut…

What Are The Best Mini Reverb Pedals?

The TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Mini Reverb is my top choice. It features legendary reverb in an easy to use and compact unit. For those on a budget, the Tomsline Reverb pedal is a strong choice. If you want the absolute best, the Wampler Mini Faux Spring Reverb is a joy to play with.

For those that play many styles and also like to experiment, we recommend the EX Mini Digital Reverb Pedal.

Here’s our list of candidates for the 7 best mini reverb pedals available today.

  1. TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Mini Reverb (Our Pick)
  2. Tom’sline Reverb Pedal (Best Value)
  3. Wampler Mini Faux Spring Reverb (Best Premium)
  4. EX Mini Digital Reverb Pedal
  5. Valeton Coral Verb II Digital Reverb
  6. Donner Digital Verb Square 
  7. Mr. Black Universal Reverberator

1. TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Mini Reverb

TC Electronic Hall Of Fame 2 Mini Reverb Pedal

Tiny iconic reverb pedal returns better than ever with an innovative pressure-sensitive footswitch and new TonePrints.

Why We Love It:
  • Easy to use
  • Legendary sound
  • Built to last
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TC Electronic has been one of the top names in the industry for years. Their Hall of Fame 2 Mini Reverb brings legendary sound to a compact package that delivers the goods. This is our choice for the best mini reverb pedal.


  • Easy to use
  • Legendary sound
  • Well-built
  • Enhanced features
  • Extra “shimmer” setting


The TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Mini Reverb pedal is the second edition of the popular Hall of Fame Mini Series. It features a three-knob design that arrives preloaded with the company’s famous hall reverb, featured in much bigger units that are favorites among guitar players.

You can use TC Electronic’s TonePrint application to have a greater variety of sounds. With this application, you get options with any of the full-sized settings and artist-programmed TonePrints. These cover reverb types such as halls, rooms, and much more.

One of the most attractive aspects of this pedal is the pressure-sensitive footswitch. It uses TC Electronic’s MASH technology to offer you a powerful effect-specific, real-time parameter control. The Hall of Fame 2 Mini also features dedicated knobs for decay, tone, and mix, making it one of the best mini reverb pedals on the market today.

2. Tom’sline Digital Reverb Pedal

Tom'sline Digital Reverb Pedal

Classic digital reverb effect pedal, aluminum-alloy body with true bypass.

Why We Love It:
  • Cheap!
  • True bypass
  • Three reverb modes
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03/29/2023 02:06 pm GMT

The Tom’sline Reverb Pedal is ideal for those of you who need good reverb in a small package and are also on a budget. This pedal features a “classic” reverb sound and allows for true bypass, all of this while being extremely budget-friendly and quite compact.


  • Best budget option
  • True bypass
  • Three reverb modes
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Classic reverb sound


The Tom’sline Reverb Pedal is a very affordable choice for a mini reverb pedal, from one of the best budget brands. It features a classic sound with a traditional digital reverb design that provides a beautiful tone quality. The body is constructed of aluminum allow, making it very durable.

With this Tom’sline mini pedal, you get three mode options for reverb: room, spring, and shimmer mix. These are controlled via a switch. There are also mini tone and mix controls, to the right and left of the three modes switch, respectively. It also features true bypass and a decay knob right above the footswitch.

The Tom’sline Digital Reverb Pedal is compatible with any 9 V negative tip effect pedal power adapter. It will deliver beautiful and versatile reverb while occupying a minimum of space in your pedalboard, for a minimum of money from your wallet.

3. Wampler Mini Faux Spring Reverb

The Wampler’s famed Faux Spring Reverb, condensed into a mini enclosure.


  • Three knobs for full control
  • Based on the Faux Spring Reverb
  • Fantastic reverb effect 
  • Easy to navigate layout
  • Made in the USA


The Mini Faux Spring Reverb pedal features an extended decay time for a beautiful effect that can be modified at will. For this, it features three independent control knobs: depth, volume, and tone. Despite it being a mini effects unit, the control knobs are full-sized so you can adjust them on the fly, in the middle of a gig or recording.

Wampler managed to pack a bouncy spring tone and that characteristic drippiness that is found in bigger units, in this compact enclosure. This mini pedal is quite popular among guitar players. It offers a beautiful-sounding spring reverb and the possibility to dial your tone quite fast and on the fly.

This mini pedal is the premium choice for this list – it just oozes quality. But it is not the most affordable option due to the extra care taken in its design and construction.

4. EX Mini Digital Reverb Pedal

EX Mini Digital Reverb Pedal

Add a huge variety of reverb types to your guitar effects options with the EX Mini Digital Reverb Pedal. Control the space and depth of the reverb easily and conveniently.

Why We Love It:
  • Super-versatile
  • Easy to use
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03/29/2023 02:56 pm GMT

Great for a wide array of styles and musical situations, the EX Mini digital reverb pedal is the most versatile option on this list. While there are other pedals here with more features and tone-shaping options, this one is most versatile across all styles thanks to its classic and familiar reverb tones.


  • Three different settings
  • Master level control
  • Dry/Wet knob control
  • Time adjustment for decay
  • Electronic true bypass switch


The EX Mini Digital Reverb Pedal offers you three reverb effects in one compact pedal. These are selected via the big knob that controls which of the three settings you choose. The first one is Spring Mode. It emulates the response of a vintage amp’s reverb tank, with a snappy but dark character.

The second mode is Well Mode which simulates a fine studio plate reverb. Finally, Room Mode provides a sound that can go from a natural echo chamber effect, to very wet atmospheric sounds that work great with ambient sections.

The Wet knob controls the amount of the effect in the mix and can take it from a nice touch for enhancing a solo to very experimental levels of massive atmospheric reverberation. The Mini Verb features an LED display that changes color depending on which mode you’re using. That makes it great for gigging and even for studios with dim lighting.

This is one of the best mini reverb pedals on this list simply due to its versatility. Put the EX Mini Digital Reverb on your pedalboard to get that beautiful rock or blues-type room tone, or use it as a very wet ambient reverb for experimental tones.

5. Valeton Coral Verb II Digital Reverb

Valeton Coral Verb II Effects Pedal

The Valeton Coral Verb II has everything you need to cover your modulation sounds in one compact, rugged enclosure.

Why We Love It:
  • Easy-to-use
  • Wide range of features
  • Upgraded sound quality
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The Valeton Coral Verb II is a great mini pedal for guitarists that prefer to have many functions at hand. It has a great sound quality and is user friendly at the same time, making it one of the best mini pedals on this list.


  • Heavy duty
  • 24-bit digital platform
  • Wide range of features
  • Upgraded sound quality
  • User friendly 


The Valeton Coral Verb II has a speedy 24-bit DSP chip that ensures deep reverb sounds without any digital noise. It is quite compact and loaded with features, all of this for a very affordable price. This is one of the most complete mini reverb pedals on the market as it features sixteen high-quality effects that will fit any music style. You can also get very experimental with this pedal if that’s what you’re into!

Tone geeks and guitar nerds will love this pedal as it features a plethora of reverberation types with individual knobs to control the decay, tone, and mix. This will let you build a massive reverb atmosphere that will bring most amplifiers into experimental territory.

The Valeton Coral Verb II works with a 9 V center negative regular pedal power supply and is a great option for those that want their guitars to go beyond the realm of reality.

6. Donner Digital Verb Square

Donner Digital Verb Square Reverb

Digital circuit design, and variety of reverberation effect adds musical color to you tone.

Why We Love It:
  • Good Reverberation Tone
  • Easy to Control
  • Classic Design
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03/29/2023 02:27 pm GMT

A fantastic choice for those guitarists that need a reverb that offers great value. The Donner Digital Verb Square offers a multitude of options, is strongly built, and very affordable.


  • 7-Mode Effects
  • Digital circuit design
  • Whole aluminum alloy construction
  • Very affordable
  • 3 function knobs


The Donner Digital Verb Square offers 7 modes: Room, Hall, Church, Spring, Plate, Studio, and Mod. These mods just about cover the main types of reverb out there, and certainly, the ones guitar players use the most. All of these modes can be adjusted through the three independent level, decay, and tone knobs.

You can get quite creative with this pedal and use it for adding a bit of space to some clean chords, all the way to creating a very wet sound that can go anywhere you want to take it.

The Verb Square also features a non-electronic true bypass line to feed your amp the unaltered dry signal from your guitar. It also features an LED indicator to show whether the effect is engaged.

This unit is well built in a whole aluminum alloy enclosure that is quite durable. It also works with the usual standard 9 V DC power adapter that you use with your other pedals.

7. Mr. Black Universal Reverberator

Mr Black Universal Reverberator

Don't let its tiny footprint fool you. The Universal Reverberator lives up to its name with a wide array of reverb tones.

Why We Love It:
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
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This pedal features reverb tones ranging from old-fashioned studio plates to cavernous 60-foot ceiling concert halls. The Mr. Black Universal Reverberator is a strong choice and one of the best mini pedals on this list for any style of playing.


  • Slick and durable design
  • True bypass
  • Led activity indicator
  • Classic sound
  • Hand-built in the USA


The Mr. Black Universal Reverberator has three separate knobs for controlling the sound: Wet/Dry (reverb mix), Tone, and Decay. You can dial in a good variety of ambient sounds by simply adjusting the tone and decay knobs alone.

This mini pedal was designed to fit on a pedalboard without taking up much space, but it’s also a durable road warrior. You can use it for dark and moody chamber sounds (to play some slow arpeggios, for instance) or for more conservative reverb types.

For those of you who like to experiment, turn all the knobs all the way up for a washed-out wild spacious sound that is so out there that will make your guitar sound like nothing else. The Mr. Black Universal Reverberator is handmade in Portland OR, using only premium parts.

Wrapping Up

There’s absolutely no reason why mini-pedals can’t sound every bit as good as their larger counterparts. They are almost always cheaper and occupy significantly less space on your pedalboard. These three features make mini pedals an obvious choice for many guitarists.

When it comes to reverb, you’re going to be looking at digital pedals more often than not. Technology these days allows for an incredible amount of DSP processing inside a very small package.

All in all, mini pedals are a step forward for guitarists, especially for the ones that gig constantly. Also, by taking up less space, they allow you to have even more pedals put together. And we guitarists just love more gear, don’t we?

(Those with more cash and pedalboard real estate can check out our roundup of the 8 best boutique reverb pedals!)