FL Studio Skins: How To Install Them, Where To Find Them (& More)

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  • Wondering how to change your skin in FL Studio?
  • Is it safe to change your FL studio skin?
  • Learn where to find custom FL Studio skins.

FL Studio comes with a healthy range of adjustable user settings and parameters to help optimize your workflow and make it more enjoyable.

One of the lesser-known features of FL Studio is the custom FL Studio skins. 

Not many FL Studio users know this, but changing the FL Studio skin is possible.

If you’re a fan of deep customization, you can go as far as applying your own custom FL Studio skin

We’ve compiled a brief guide to the three primary ways to change your FL Studio skin. Some of these methods are safer than others.

It’s also highly recommended to back up any precious data on your PC or laptop as a general safety precaution. 

How To Change Your FL Studio Skin

There are three primary methods to changing your FL Studio Skin. These methods apply to PC and Mac users and can be done at home with little to no outside assistance. 

  • Changing The Theme in Settings Menu  – Some stock themes are included in FL Studios 21’s user settings. These themes come with adjustable parameters like hue, brightness, and saturation. 
  • FL Skinner –  Software like FL Skinner can be used to download and organize FL Studio Skins. It should be noted that FL Studio doesn’t officially authorize these types of software
  • FL Studio Custom Sites – certain third-party websites like Trance Pulse, FL Studio Samples, and Medium host custom downloadable skin packs for FL Studio. You will need extraction software like Winrar to use these files.

Changing Your FL Studio Theme in Settings 

  • The latest FL Studio (21) version now has a dedicated Themes tab in the user settings. You can use this section to select from a range of stock Themes and make some aesthetic adjustments to each theme. 
  • Launch FL Studio and open up the click the ‘Settings’ option at the top left side of the window. A menu should appear with all of your user settings. 

  • Click on the Theme tab in this menu to open the FL Studio Themes menu. In this menu, you can browse, preview and select from a range of stock FL Studio themes safely.
  • Below the Themes browser window are a set of macro controls that you can use to adjust various aesthetic parameters of your desired theme to your preference. These macros include controls for brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation. 
  • FL Studio 21 also allows you to make basic changes to your desired theme’s color spectrum. You can make these adjustments using the color palette selector in the Theme menu. 

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Custom FL Studio Skins Using FL Skinner (Or Similar Software)

  • You will need to download software like FL Skinner that hosts and organizes various custom FL Studio Skins. The download link for FL Skinner can be found here

  • If you’ve downloaded your software in Zip Folder, you must extract these files using Winrar, Winzip, or something similar. Once these files have been extracted, look for the executable file (.exe) to install the program. For FL Skinner, this file should be ‘flskinner.exe’

  • Once the program has been installed, open up the source folder and start up the program. For FL Skinner, this filename should also be ‘flskinner.exe.’

  • When FL Skinner starts up, users are provided with a browsable menu with a selection of custom FL Studio Skins. Once selected, the program should automatically change your FL Studio skin to your desired one. 

  • If your FL Studio skin does not change, click the ‘’Change FL Studio Path’ option in the main menu. This will allow you to manually find and set the correct path to your FL Studio Skins folder. 
  • You can find new and updated skins online and then add them to your collection in FL Skinner. Simply click the ‘Open Skins Folder’ option in the main menu. A window will appear with all the files for your FL Studio Skins. You can drag and drop any new skins into this folder, and they will be added to your user library. 

Third-Party FL Studio Skin Sites (Trance Pulse, FL Studio Samples)

  1. Certain Third-Party websites like Trance Pulse and Medium compile and distribute FL Studio skins their users make. You can head to these websites and find a wide range of Fl Studio skins and themes.
  2. Once you’ve found a skin you like, you can download it in a Zip Folder. Extract these files using Winrar, Winzip, or similar software. 
  3. Locate and open up the source folder for FL Studio on your PC. For Windows users, this should be in your program files folder. Mac users can find this folder by clicking on their browser’s FL Studio artwork folder. 
  4. Locate and open the Skins folder within this source Folder. 
  5. Drag and drop your newly extracted skins into this Skins folder.
  6. Launch FL Studio and check to see if your new skins are available. Click on the General Settings tab and look for your skins under the Themes section. 

Final Thoughts

Changing your skin in FL Studio can come with some surprising advantages. You can find a fresh Fl Studio skin that stimulates your creativity or balances out your workflow.

Changing your skin is a relatively simple process, but it comes with a few risks. 

It’s important to remember that FL Studio’s latest update has tried to accommodate everyone’s wishes to have more customizable skins and themes.

Installing a custom skin can compromise your DAW, so if you are unsure how to do the above steps, be sure to find adequate assistance. 


Can you make custom skins for FL Studio?

Yes. Certain services like FL Skinner allow users to upload custom skins for FL Studio.

The latest version of FL Studio (21) also allows users to safely select from and adjust a wide range of stock skins. 

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