10 Of The Best Android Music Making Apps

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  • What apps you can use to make music on the go.
  • Which ones cater specifically to your production needs.

10 Best Android Apps For Music Lovers & Producers

As music-making on the go becomes more and more popular, mobile music software and apps are becoming increasingly advanced.

We’re now starting to see intelligent beat making music apps which mean, aside from a desk, speakers and monitor, you can make music on your android phone without having to give up anything.

Here we take you through 10 of the best music-making apps for Android.

1. FL Studio Mobile

For music makers who already have a desktop DAW and existing FL Studio users looking to create on the go.

FL Studio is a long established DAW for music makers and the mobile version allows you to record, sequence, edit, mix and render complete songs on the go through its familiar interface and layout.

FL Studio Mobile comes with integrated synthesizers, drum loops, and sampler and can even link up to a midi device for extra control whilst mixing and arranging. 

FL Studio Mobile is currently available for $16.69 on Google Play.

2. Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker

For beginner and intermediate beat-makers, or anyone looking for easy introduction to beat making.

Groovepad is a beat-making app that combines a user-friendly interface and high-quality samples. It is one of the more addictive apps on this list. 

Open up the app and you’ll have access to a huge range of soundtracks enabling you to create almost any genre from dubstep to EDM to hip hip.

Groovepad is currently available for free on Google Play.

3. KORG Kaossilator for Android

The great thing about the Kaossilator app is it’s easy to use even for non-musicians.

If you’ve ever got your hands on a physical Kaoss Pad you’ll know how fun they are!

Kaoss Pads work by using your finger placement on a touchpad to generate a sound or effect, and the mobile version is no different. Swipe up, down, left, right and horizontal and cycle through beats, synths and pads.

With over 150 sounds included and a built in key/scale feature which eliminates any wrong notes, the time from opening the app to creating an impressive loop is literally seconds.

Download the Kaossilator for Android on Google Play priced at $22.25. 

4. SongMemo

Suited for songwriters, guitarists, singers – anyone creating their own music who wants a quick and simple way to track their demos.

What’s worse than writing the perfect riff, chord progression or solo, then finding an hour later you’ve forgotten it? Literally nothing.

SongMemo is a free to use multitrack recorder style app that offers 4 independent tracks for you to record your demos on (before you forget them).

Each track enables you to do a basic mix of your ideas, with a customisable name, level and pan on each channel. Whilst you won’t be recording your new EP on the app, it will certainly save a lot of time and frustration when you forget your song ideas.

SongMemo is available free of charge on Google Play

5. Add Music To Voice

Perfect for vocalists looking to create a starting point for a track, singers who don’t play an instrument or have a backing band.

This app literally ‘does what it says on the tin’. Record your voice and the app will allow you to add backing music to the recording.

Simply record your vocals (or import a recording you’ve already done), select the backing track you wish to use and select smart filtering to add a smooth mix of the two.

Add Music To Voice is available on Google Play for free.

6. Sun Vox

A small and fast cross-platform modular synthesizer with a pattern-based sequencer.

Sun Vox is a creative modular synthesis music creation app with a pattern-based sequencer.

Midi import and export functions are available and the app also utilizes USB in/out (Android 6+ users). Once you’ve created your track you’ll be able to export individual tracks as WAV files should you want to use them in a DAW.

The modular interface may not be for everyone but Sun Vox is definitely a powerful tool for music-making on the go.

Sun Vox is currently priced at $5.99 on Google Play

7. BandLab

Perfect for creators and songwriters looking to create on the go, but also network and get feedback from other musicians in the community.

BandLab is a unique music app that combines elements of both music creation and social media.

With an easy to use interface, BandLab will let others listen to your finished tracks and you’ll be able to do the same to theirs.

The app includes great-sounding effects and a multitrack editor so you can be sure your music will be up to scratch when you’re ready to share.

Get feedback, tips and collaboration opportunities through the app, all without a subscription over on Google Play.

Also check out our full Bandlab review here.

8. Roland Zenbeats

Best suited for intermediate to advanced music makers looking for modern and classic synth sounds.

Roland’s ethos with Zenbeats is that ‘music should be fun’ and this shows in the slick interface which makes music creation almost effortless.

You’ll have access to modern and classic sounds such as Roland’s TR-808, TR-909, and TR-707 synths.

The touch screen integrates on-screen controllers, instruments, and effects to enable you to modulate and pitch bend with the touch of a finger.

Roland Zenbeats is available free of charge on Google Play.

9. RD4 Groovebox

Perfect for beginners through to advanced music makers and synth fans.

RD4 Groovebox is the latest in the Groovebox series that incorporates virtual analogue synthesizers, beats and effects.

Rather than try to cram a desktop-style DAW into a small smartphone screen the makers of Groovebox have kept user friendliness in mind with the design of the app. 

Like many DAWS, recordings can be done live with a piano roll for editing after the recording process. You’ll also have access to classic bassline synth tones and drum sounds.

Groovebox is available for download on Google Play at $5.99.

10. Hip-Hop Producer Pads

Suited for Hip-Hop producers or those wanting to create beats with friends.

Hip-Hop producer pads is a really fun and unique virtual sampler and drum machine. 

You can use one-shots, loops and melodies to create music on the go whilst an inbuilt metronome keeps you in time.

This one is a lot of fun to play with friends and will no doubt keep you occupied for a while at the party!

Hip-Hop Producer Pads is available free of charge on Google Play.