Roland Release New Zenbeats Music Creation App

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Music Shouldn’t Feel Like Work — It Should Feel Like Play

Roland have announced to the world the creation of their new Zenbeats music creation app.

Available cross-platform the app will be free to access for anyone on iOS, Windows, ChromeOS and Android.

The aim of Zenbeats is to enable music-making on the go, absolutely anywhere, anytime.

No previous knowledge of beat making, production or music is needed as the app aims to bring together creators of all different backgrounds from beginners to the more experienced.

Aside from being just a creation tool, Zenbeats will let users collaborate and share songs using the same platform. The app has been carefully designed to make sure it functions well on phones, desktops and tablets. 

For those just starting out there are simple lessons which ease you into music-making, which Roland tell us are designed to be fun and encourage development. For the more experienced users the composition, production and collaboration features will be just as entertaining and useful.

Once downloaded, users will have access to intuitive instruments, plug-ins and (one of the coolest features we think) the ability to Jam with friends via Ableton Link.

Fresh Sounds — Fresh Ideas

Jun-ichi Miki, CEO of Roland stated:

“Roland’s mission has remained the same since it was founded in 1972—to inspire the enjoyment of creativity for everyone. With Zenbeats, anyone can enjoy casual music-making using the devices they already own, and we are certain that our existing loyal fans will inspire us by how they bring the app into their musical lives.”

The creation of Zenbeats follows from Roland’s recent acquisition of Stagelight, a similar music creation app, which is due to be phased out by the end of this year.

Roland are offering the opportunity for users to simply transfer from one to the other, meaning anyone already invested in Stagelight shouldn’t have to lose out, although anyone with Stagelight credits will need to spend them before making the transition (with credits being valid until December 31st 2019).

Whilst the app is free to download there are of course other paid options. The free version is perfect for those who are just starting out and wanting to get to grips with how the app works or access lessons, instruments and songs.

The ‘Unlock’ version is available at two pricings – Android and ChromeOS/iOS for $14.99 or Windows and MacOS for $49.99. Unlock will allow you to access all the in app instruments and features as well as 14 effects and plug-ins.

Beginner’s Mind Meets Professional Power

‘Ultimate’ is priced at $149.99 and gives you the full Zenbeats package. Purchasing will unlock Zenbeats across all available platforms and includes the Zenbets Storepass which allows access to a selection of 40 loop packs, 40 preset packs and other various sounds.

Zenbeats is available to download now.

If you are considering a paid option then Roland have a limited time offer which is available for $99 and includes every loop and preset, all Zenbeats features across all available devices and platforms and over 6000 sounds.

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