How To Get Spotify Karaoke Mode (All Devices)

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Karaoke, the Japanese form of singing along with your favorite songs, is a tried and tested form of entertainment embraced by young and old alike.

One service jumping on the bandwagon is Spotify.

The digital music, video, and podcast service has recently introduced its own version of a sing-along feature.

By joining this trend, Spotify has brought this fun, age-old competitive art form into everyone’s pockets.

Are you a karaoke fan? Then, scroll down to find out how to get Spotify Karaoke Mode on iOS, Android, and PC.

What Is Spotify Karaoke Mode?

Spotify has released a new feature called ‘Karaoke Mode.’ This feature allows users to sing along to songs as the lyrics appear on the screen.

Not only does the app show you onscreen lyrics, but it also rates your singing. As soon as they’re done with a song, users get scored on each song they sing, with ratings ranging between 0 and 100, depending on how accurate their singing was.

How To Get Spotify Karaoke Mode

Before we get started, we have to mention that if you don’t see an ‘Update’ button, this could be due to two possible reasons.

The first is that you already have the latest version of Spotify.

Another reason there’s no ‘Update’ button could be that the new version hasn’t reached your region just yet. If this is the case, wait a few months until it becomes available in your area.

To enable Karaoke Mode on Spotify, simply update the latest version of the app. You can do this by toggling the ‘Automatic Update’ feature via any of the app stores, or you can do it manually, as we explain below.

Enable Spotify Karaoke Mode On iOS

Check out how to update Spotify on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. First, open up your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Next, launch the App Store.
  3. Then, locate the Spotify app.
  4. Finally, tap the ‘Update’ button to enable new features, including Karaoke Mode.
  5. Open up your app and start singing along to your favorite tunes.

Enable Spotify Karaoke Mode On Android

Here’s how you can update your Spotify on any Android device:

  1. On your smartphone, launch the Google Play Store.
  2. Next, locate the Spotify app.
  3. Then, on the page for the app, tap on the ‘Update’ button.
  4. Finally, open up the app, look for the Karaoke Mode feature, and start singing!

Enable Spotify Karaoke Mode On PC

There are two ways to update the Spotify app on your PC.

The first is to reinstall the app. This is the quickest way to get the latest version.

The second method is to look for the blue dot next to the app’s menu button in the corner of the screen.

Then, click on the notification bell and the ‘Update Available’ button. Finally, to ensure the new version is enabled, restart your PC.

How to Use Karaoke Mode on Spotify?

Once you’ve installed the latest version, open the app, then choose a song. Next, tap on the banner that appears at the bottom of the screen.

This will open up the page for that song. Then, scroll down or just tap on ‘Lyrics’ at the bottom to get the lyrics.

You’ll see the word ‘Sing’ next to a small microphone in the top right corner.  By clicking on it, you enter karaoke mode, and a 3-second countdown will begin.

When the song begins, the words you’re supposed to be singing will light up, line by line, just like a regular karaoke machine. An audio analyzer will also be visible throughout your performance in the middle of the screen.

Once the song is over, you’ll get a score, which is a percentage of the accuracy of your lyrics and tone during the performance.


Do You Need Spotify Premium for Karaoke Mode?

No. One of the best things about this feature is that all Spotify users can make the most of this feature.

So, it’s not just restricted to Premium accounts.

Why Turn on Automatic Updates for Spotify?

Setting the automatic updates feature on your devices means you no longer have to keep checking the app stores for any available system updates. Instead, your device does all the work for you.

You can turn on this feature for iOS devices via the Automatic Downloads option in the App Store. Android devices also have a similar feature, which you can activate via the Play Store called the ‘Enable auto update’ function.

Even better is that you can choose which apps you want to be updated automatically. This way, you won’t have a constant stream of updates on your device.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how to get Spotify Karaoke Mode on iOS, Android, and PC. So, what are you waiting for? Gather your karaoke buddies, open up your app, and let the singing begin!

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