Slate Digital Release Brand New Free Plugin ‘’Fresh Air’’

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Slate Digital "Fresh Air" Review
I tend to typically steer clear of aural exciter plugins and opt for traditional EQ, but there's something quite unique about this one. The character it imparts on your mixes even when pushed to its limits adds a certain 'sheen' that you just can't get from EQs. Definitely going to be adding it to my toolkit for future mixes.
Sound Quality
Ease Of Use
Excellent tonal quality and character, even when pushed to its limits
Lightweight on CPU
It's completely free.
Easy to overdo the effect!

Audio plugin legends Slate Digital have dropped a brand new plugin designed to (in their own words) provide ‘’the smoothest high end you’ve ever heard’’.

Even better, if you’ve already emptied your pockets over Black Friday deals, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Fresh Air is completely free (download it here).

The plugin is loosely based on vintage exciter circuitry but has been created to offer a much smoother texture than the often harsh tones that an exciter can generate. It works great on channels or your mix bus to add clarity without becoming brittle.

We love the simple interface Slate Digital have produced, with two control functions for mid-air and high air, although behind the simple interface is some serious dynamic processing. 

One of the most interesting aspects of Fresh Air is the Dolby-A style exciter effect modelled on a technique used in the 60s and early 70s to enhance the top end of recordings.

This process involved modding Dolby A301 and 361 noise reduction units by disabling the two lower bands so that only the top end was compressed when recording to tape. Very cool.

Andrew Wuepper (mix engineer – Justin Bieber, Frank Ocean, Mary J Blige) said:

“Fresh Air is my new go-to plugin when it comes to adding presence to any vocal—or even my entire mix. It’s like taking a blanket off my speakers.”

Check out Andrew using Air below:

Fresh Air is available for free download now on Slate Digital’s website.

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