7 Best Online Drum Lessons/Courses (For All Skill Levels)

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There are an incredibly dizzying number of resources available online for drummers to learn the fundamentals and improve their form.

If anything, the information available to drummers in the modern era can be overwhelming.

It can be especially tricky for beginners to find the right source to learn drums online.

We’ve compiled a brief guide to the 7 best online drum lessons.

These sources vary slightly in style, cost, and course layout, but they all provide a highly reliable foundation for drummers to improve their skills online. 

What Are The 7 Best Online Drum Lessons? 

Much like any other form of education, the teacher-student relationship will largely determine the quality of an online drum lesson.

When choosing the top sources for online drum lessons, we had to factor in different considerations, such as pricing, course volume, and the instructor’s ability to keep students engaged in their courses.

Not every student is identical, and if one of the below-listed options doesn’t work for you, you can easily try the next one.

Our list of the 7 best online drum lessons in 2022 reads as follows: 

  1. Drumeo Edge
  2. Drum Ambition
  3. Artist Works
  4. Mike’s Lessons
  5. Stephendrumshed.com
  6. Drum Channel
  7. Masterclass

1. Drumeo Edge (Our Pick!)


Learn to play the drums with the best teachers in the world! Organized video drum lessons you can watch anytime with direct access to legendary drummers every step of the way.

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Key Features:

  • Price: $29 monthly/ $249 annually/$1200 Lifetime
  • Platform: PC/Mac Browser, iOS/Android app
  • Trial Offered: 7-Day free trial
  • Genre/Style: Pop, Rock, Funk, Jazz


  • An extensive list of courses
  • Student Focus Service
  • Song breakdowns and transcriptions


  • Might be too pricey for some drummers.
  • The content amount can be overwhelming


If you ask most experienced drummers to suggest a reliable learning platform, the name Drumeo will come up often.

Many drummers may already be familiar with Drumeo’s Youtube channel but have yet to investigate their course content.

With names like Benny Greb, Dennis Chambers, and Larnell Lewis contributing to their online drumming lessons, the quality of their knowledge base is highly reputable. 

Drumeo Edge is Drumeo’s subscription-based learning service. There are over 2,500 courses on the Edge program, with a staggering 3,100 song transcriptions for drummers to browse and study.

For beginners, Drumeo offers their handy Drumeo Method syllabus that tackles the absolute fundamentals in a 10-course layout. 

Drumeo also offers a Student Focus service that lets users exchange videos of themselves practicing with instructors for hands-on feedback.

Drumeo also hosts an open forum for drummers to share knowledge, beats, and other precious information. 

2. Drum Ambition (Best For Beginners)

Best For Beginners
Drum Ambition

Beginner drumming lessons that follow a proven learning path. Every course is guided by Simon DasGupta, a drum instructor who has over 25 years of experience teaching drums.

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Key Features:

  • Price: $29 monthly/ $199 annually ($499 Pro)
  • Platform: PC/Mac Browser
  • Trial Offered: No trial, free lessons on the website. 
  • Genre/Style: Pop, Blues, Jazz, Funk


  • Ideal option for beginners
  • Well-curated course layouts
  • Exercise and song transcriptions


  • Only one instructor in the course
  • Advanced players might find this course limiting


Drum Ambition is an online drumming course specifically designed for beginner drummers.

Their total course content comprises just 70 videos, as well as downloadable transcriptions, which might discourage some drummers looking for course longevity.

However, what Drum Ambition may lack in quantity, it makes up for in quality.

Course founder Simon DasGupta has laid out a very cohesive curriculum that drummers are free to navigate at their own pace. 

Drum Ambition also offers a reasonable amount of budget flexibility. Drummers can sign up for a monthly subscription at $29 or $199 annually.

Members are also free to cancel their subscriptions at any time. 

DasGupta offers monthly check-ins as part of his course content to help incentivize students to keep practicing through their course.

While Drum Ambition is not the best option for advanced players, it is a solid platform for beginner drummers to learn the ropes and master the fundamentals. 

3. Artist Works (Best For Jazz Drummers)


Peter Erskine captures his wealth of knowledge in this rich library of jazz drum lessons online. Students access hundreds of video lessons, backing tracks, and much more. Learn how to play jazz drums from a true master.

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Key Features:

  • Price: $23 – 35 monthly (3,6 and 12-month subscription plans)
  • Platform: PC/Mac Browser
  • Trial Offered: No trial, free lessons on the website. 
  • Genre/Style: Jazz, Funk, Fusion


  • Other instrument courses available
  • Interactive video feedback
  • Highly experienced and accredited instructors


  • More pricey than other options
  • The limited scope of genres


Artist Works is an absolute must-see for any drummer that wants to improve their jazz game. Their drumming course is the lovechild of jazz legend Peter Erskine.

Erskine has paid much attention to detail in his course, from the beginner phase to the expert level.

As well as his in-depth course layout, Erskine also offers students an optional feedback program.

Students can upload videos of themselves practicing the course to Erskine, who then advises them on any areas to focus on and improve. 

Artist Works also offers a wide range of lessons for other instruments like guitar, bass, and piano.

However, their drumming courses are quite limited, with the primary option being the jazz-intensive course from Erskine.

Sadly this should alienate a considerable amount of drummers who may be looking for a universal curriculum. 

4. Mike’s Lessons 

Mike's Lessons

Each week you will get the opportunity to interact with Mike during the live streams. This will also be your opportunity to get you questions answered live in real time.

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Key Features:

  • Price: $29 monthly/ $149 6-months/$269 annually 
  • Platform: PC/Mac Browser
  • Trial Offered: 7- Day
  • Genre/Style: Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz


  • Masterful lesson detail
  • Live lessons and student feedback options
  • Wide scope of styles


  • Single Instructor
  • Not the most beginner-friendly lessons


A lot of drummers may already have come to discover Mke Johnston’s incredibly dense Youtube channel, which offers a ton of free lessons covering a broad scope of drumming knowledge.

Even with access to this channel, Johnston’s best-kept secrets are stored on the online drum courses through his website.

Mike understands drumming and teaching equally, which is evident in his video lessons. He live streams weekly jam sessions and online Q&A sessions for his students to pick his brain in real-time.

Not many courses offer this level of interactivity with teachers, and this can be especially beneficial for students that need two-way communication when learning.  

Mike Johnston’s online drumming course provides dozens of valuable knowledge and tricks that drummers of all skill levels can adopt, and he has a friendly, energetic approach to teaching concepts like groove, limb independence, and fills.

Certain students may prefer a service with the option of other instructors or coaches, but if you find that Mike’s your guy – you’re sure to benefit from his syllabus. 

5. Stephen’s Drum Shed

Stephen's Drum Shed

Learn how to play with confidence, progress daily, and finally drum like a pro with Stephen Taylor, the founder, and owner of StephensDrumShed.com!

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Key Features:

  • Price: $29.99 monthly/ $259 annually 
  • Platform: PC/Mac Browser
  • Trial Offered: 14-Day Trial
  • Genre/Style: Jazz, Rock, Funk, Metal, Hip Hop


  • Extensive range of genres and styles
  • Engaging teaching approach
  • Student feedback available


  • Single Instructor


Stephen Taylor is another independent course instructor that seems to have a firm grasp on curating high-quality online drumming lessons.

Taylor regularly uploads free video lessons and content to his YouTube channel but also offers a wonderful Drum Better Daily program through his website stephensdrumshed.com.

Here Taylor gives students access to bonuses like weekly live discussions, a community forum, and interactive streams with special drumming guests that focus on different areas of playing.

Students are free to start at any point in Taylor’s course, from beginner to pro level. 

Taylor’s course offers over 70 lessons, all of which have multiple camera angles, song and drill breakdowns, and downloadable transcriptions.

Stephen has a solid and easily relatable feel in his lessons.

However, some drummers may find courses with a single instructor quite limiting, particularly if they don’t click with the instructor’s drumming or teaching style. 

6. Drum Channel

Drum Channel

This proven curriculum covers hand and foot technique, independence, vocabulary, rudiments, reading, and performance. There are 10 Courses with over 250 Lessons and 60 Playalongs that are divided into 4 levels of difficulty.

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Key Features:

  • Price: $25 monthly/ $197 annually 
  • Platform: PC/ Mac Browser
  • Trial Offered: No Trial, Free content through a mailing list
  • Genre/Style: Contemporary, Funk, Blues, Rock


  • Song breakdowns and transcriptions
  • Well-produced video lessons
  • Attractive list of famous drummers 


  • No student feedback is available


Drum Channel is another online drumming lessons resource that prides itself on instructor credibility.

The website is backed by drumming giants like Chad Smith, Thomas Pridgen, and Tony Royster JR, it’s impossible to doubt the quality of content the service produces. 

Drum Channel boasts thousands of drumming video lessons, with styles in almost every major genre for plates to study.

There are also dedicated courses that focus on specific playing areas, from basic rudiments to odd time signatures and metric modulation.

Drum Channels’ primary benefit is its unrivaled range of styles and genres on offer to students.

Any drummer that is looking to add to their versatility could benefit highly from integrating Drum Channel’s courses into their practice routines.

The website also releases weekly drumming podcasts with rotating guests and has a user library with thousands of hours of exclusive live streams for users to explore. 

If anything, Drum Channel’s only downfall is that it does not provide a knowledge exchange or feedback service between students and teachers, which some drummers may find hindering their progress. 

7. Masterclass  

Ringo Starr: Masterclass

Through demonstrations behind the kit and personal stories from his time in The Beatles, Ringo shares his principles for creative collaboration, finding your unique playing style, and embracing your musical journey with joy.

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Key Features:

  • Price: $180 annually (once-off payment)
  • Platform: PC/ Mac browser
  • Trial Offered: None
  • Genre/Style: Pop, Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz


  • Highly affordable pricing
  • High production value
  • Attractive list of famous drummers 


  • No monthly payment option
  • Advanced drummers may find course content limiting


Masterclass has become the one-stop shop for creatives of various kinds to steal pearls of wisdom from their heroes.

The website covers a large list of creative outlets, from filmmaking and cooking to songwriting and other forms of visual media.

Their drumming roster plays host to incredible players like Ringo Starr and Sheila E. Masterclass’ online drumming lessons can do some students wonders, while others may find them somewhat redundant. 

Masterclass prides itself on high-end video production, and this is where it can’t be faulted.

Every video lesson on offer from the service is curated with pristine treatment, and the information is well-paced, clear, and cohesive. 

With that being said, most of the drumming lessons provided by Masterclass don’t quite feel as technically focused as other options on this list.

Also, the service only lets you pay a once-off annual subscription, which might be too costly or rigid for some students. 

However, those that can afford to take on this service should find precious pieces of information and insights amongst all the impressive production value. 

Quick Tips For Learning Drums Online

  • It might seem redundant, but start learning things you’re already comfortable and familiar with from your chosen drum source. By picking up online lessons already within your comfort zone, you’ll be able to settle into the pace and tone of your drumming lessons before taking something more demanding. 
  • Make a list of techniques or specific areas of your drumming that you would like to develop before searching for online lessons. This practice will help you create a clearer structure around which lessons to prioritize. 
  • Set a dedicated schedule for learning and practicing your online drum lessons. By laying out a schedule and sticking to it, you’ll gain a more consistent productivity rate. 
  • Always relearn lessons in the same course, even if it feels repetitive. This practice is especially important if you tend to speed through your online drumming lessons for the sake of finishing the course. Repetition is incredibly beneficial to a practice routine.  
  • Finally, remember not to burn yourself out by taking too much on at once. One of the most overlooked areas of learning drums online is maintaining incentives. The more motivated you are to take on an online drum lesson, the more likely you will improve consistently.   

What To Look For In Good Online Drum Lesson

  • First and foremost, make sure that the instructor giving the lessons can demonstrate what they’re teaching. Some courses offer simple theory and form suggestions without a visual presentation of a practical application. 
  • Similarly, any source for online drum lessons must include some form of notation, sheet music, or other visual mappings of their exercises and techniques. While some drummers may learn from watching each other play, others benefit from seeing sheet music or other visual aids.  
  • Check if your online course offers 1-on-1 training programs, special workshops, or subscription offers with specialized services or mentoring. These online courses can be much more interactive than simply watching instructional videos and can speed up your rate of improvement.
  • Check the background of the instructor you’re thinking of following or subscribing to. Great drumming teachers often have a diverse set of skills and experience playing in a variety of styles and environments. 

Final Thoughts

The amount of online drum lessons available offers just about any aspiring drummer an endless pool of knowledge and expertise.

Whether you’re just learning to master the groundwork or trying to expand your skill set, there’s an instructor or course online that matches your goals and requirements. 

One of the most significant challenges when finding an online drumming course is quality control. Several people can set up a simple drumming curriculum or video content.

However, just like other forms of education, drummers need to find a course that keeps them engaged and motivated to play – even more so than practice. 


How Long Does It Take To Learn Drums?

The time it takes to become proficient at drums will vary between people.

People with a natural sense of rhythm and groove will naturally progress faster than those without.

However, most people should be able to master things like very basic backbeats, rudiments, and fills within a few months of consistent practice.

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