Last Call For Daughters X Fuzzrocious “Empty Glass” Pedal

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With a vision to create something both cacophonous yet rich with a texture that compliments the sound of Daughters, after a year of collaborating with Fuzzrocious Pedals, Empty Glass was born.

Click here to check out the pedal, along with price and details on Reverb.

Empty Glass takes the base circuit of Fuzzrocious’ M.O.T.H. and slightly alters it to expand its capabilities further. First, a dirty, monophonic octave up circuit slams the M.O.T.H., creating metallic, harsh octave up drive/distortion.

Via the DRONE footswitch, users can activate an oscillator with controls for the volume of the droning oscillator, a blend to mix the drive/distortion signal with the oscillator, and a drone pot to control the sweep of pitched oscillation ranging from the guttural revving of a V8 engine to the ear piercing screech of tinnitus.

This effect is featured on Daughters new record You Won’t Get What You Want, namely on the first track City Song.

“Ryan/Fuzzrocious came up with a modded version of one of his pedals that he thought might be a useful tool for Daughters. We traded the prototype and new ideas, back and forth, for nearly a year until I was able to sit down and begin applying the Empty Glass to this shelved self-referential percussion pattern. Empty Glass provides almost 100% of the music you hear in City Song – the challenge being in how to turn a simple drone tool into performative music.”Nick Sadler

This is the final run of V1 Empty Glass.

Click here to check out the pedal, along with price and details on Reverb.