6 Best YouTube Channels For Learning Music Production

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  • YouTube is a great place to learn music production, but not all channels are created equal.
  • We’ve compiled a list of the best YouTube channels for learning music production.

The one source on here that needs little to no introduction, I’m sure. This is pretty much as free as you can get, but the quality of information varies wildly. There’s nothing worse than learning from a YouTuber that has a poor setup, is just a bad teacher (sometimes both).

The fact is though, that YouTube has given way to some incredible channels that have been a staple in my music production learning journey. Here are 5 of my favorites that I come back to, time and time again when I am in a music production rut (damn you, writer’s block!)

6 Best Beat Making YouTube Channels For Producers

1. SadowickProduction

The calm, soft-spoken Sadowick has built an empire of tutorials and guides on his channel, and are a goldmine of info.

They may or may not be your cup of tea, though — tutorials do sometimes tend to be overly long, but they certainly are in-depth.

Stylewise, he covers most things 4/4, and often focuses on deeper techno, house, disco and psy sounds.

His content is done mostly in Ableton Live, and often features deep dives into niche-specific synthesis techniques, creative sampling tips and much, much more.

Sadowick’s official website can be found here.

2. Andrew Huang

Andrew Huang exploded onto the YouTube music production scene a few years ago, and has garnered massive success due to his charming and friendly personality and great content. In 5 words, he makes music production fun.

His reviews are super in-depth, and understands how to hone in on the pros and cons of the gear he reviews. His tutorials are also very well put together, and are unique in that he goes off the beaten path with synthesis and music production techniques.

Oh, and his “Flip The Sample” series is just downright viral genius.

3. Pensado’s Place

The legend, Dave Pensado (Grammy Award-winning mix engineer) is one of the holy grails of free information.

Again, his personality might not be everyone’s cuppa tea (content does sometimes drag on), but if you’re in the modern rock and pop world, you should definitely be keeping up to date with Pensado’s Place.

The official website of Pensado’s Place can be found here.

4. Christopher Carvalho

Chris’s channel is one I came across quite recently, and have been thoroughly enjoying his content. It’s well laid out, gets straight to the point, and the tips presented are of a very high standard.

From what I’ve seen, his videos are done exclusively in Logic Pro X, which may be a good or bad thing, depending on what you’re looking for. Regardless, many of the mixdown and mastering principles he covers are not mutually exclusive to any DAW.

Chris also runs Unlock Your Sound, a service that helps up-and-coming musicians  create and release their music without all the headaches. Check out Chris’s website here.

5. Produce Like A Pro

Warren Huart has to be one of the nicest guys in the industry — his personality shines throughout his content, and is always a delight to learn from.

Moreover, the dude has an abundance of talent (and has the accolades to back it up). He has produced hits for James Blunt, Aerosmith, Korn, Matisyahu, The Fray and many more.

Similarly to Dave Pensado, Warren has lived through a few eras of music production, and so the wisdom he imparts is a good mix of classical (“vintage”) and modern production techniques.

He also regularly hosts very cool giveaways, so keep an eye out for those.

If you enjoy his content, definitely check out his blog, Produce Like A Pro. It’s filled to the brim with helpful, solid advice.

6. SpectreSoundStudios

If you’re into metal and/or hard rock music recording+production, Glenn Fricker aka SpectreSoundStudios, is your guy.

His humor and attitude is as edgy as the music he mixes and records, and is a YouTube channel I visit often, even if just for the fun content.

“Fun” aside, the techniques and tips he provides are extremely solid, and he has about 9 years of content for you to trawl through.

As his channel is niche-specific to metal and hard-rock, majority of the content is geared towards recording guitars, bass, drums and vocals.

Glenn runs Spectre Media Group, which you can visit here.