7 Best Portable Bluetooth Guitar Amps

(Lightweight AND Great Tone)

Bluetooth guitar amps have become quite popular in recent years due to their portability and ease of use regarding connectivity. Today we’re going to look at the best options on the current market.


1. Yamaha THR30 II Wireless

The Yamaha THR30 II Wireless guitar amp features solid construction, stylish design, and ultimate convenience with quality, all of this in a very compact form.

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2. Positive Grid Spark Guitar Amplifier

These speakers provide a nice, round low end, and great definition right out of the box.

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3. Vox Adio Air GT Bluetooth Modeling Combo Amp

The Vox Adio Air GT features 50 watts of power driving dual 3″ speakers, providing impressive sound at a diminutive size as well as maximum portability.

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4. Boss Katana-Air – 20/30-watt Wireless Amp

The BOSS Katana-Air features a stereo speaker system that produces fantastic guitar tones for such a small amp.

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5. Joyo Jackman II Bantamp XL Series

This mini amp head features a clean channel that can take pedals really well, making it flexible and practical, especially for gigs where you don’t want to haul a bigger amp.

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6. Marshall CODE 25W 1×10 Guitar Combo Amp

The Marshall Code 25 1 x 10″ offers over 100 presets to get you started, with everything from beautiful cleans to that well-known Marshall growl.

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7. Blackstar ID:Core BEAM Bluetooth Combo Amp

The Blackstar ID: Core BEAM (Bass, Electric, Acoustic, and Music) is a great desktop solution for those seeking a practice amp.

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