14 Producer Setups That Make Amazing Use Of Space

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Need Inspiration Setting Up A Small Music Studio?

If your music studio setup doesn’t feel quite right, you’ll probably find yourself feeling little inspiration to get any work done. Conversely, a state of flow can be achieved by having your own optimized workspace that is geared towards productivity.

Many producers that cannot afford to rent a studio space will find themselves living and creating under the one roof, a lot of the time in either a bedroom or apartment.

From gear, to decor to storage solutions and even studio chairs, here are our favourite home studio ideas for creating a home studio in your own apartment.

14 Inspiring Small Home Studio Ideas For Apartments

1. Holy cork

Small Apartment Music Studio

Loving the corkboard-styled desk and timeless walnut rack units. I’m always a big fan of the MPC as the centerpiece – J Dilla vibes through and through. Bonus points if you spotted the magic happening here (hint: it’s next to the Roland TR-08)… what is supporting the second half of that digital mixer on the right-hand side of the desk? This certainly packs a lot for a small music studio.

Instagram: @seanthomasfoulkes

2. The Tetris Master

awe-inspiring apartment music studios

There’s some seriously impressive stacking going on here. In terms of recording studio ideas this goes to show that you can still fill all your gear-lust aspirations regardless of how many cubic meters you have reserved for them.

Using a multitude of angled stands is a great way to build your studio upwards while still keeping a  relatively tight amount of desk space. This music studio is cleverly set up, it has so much gear yet it still doesn’t feel cluttered to me — bravo.

Reddit: @goldenyangles

3. Custom

Small Apartment Music Studio

Everything has its place here. I’m not sure if this desk is homemade or not but I dig it regardless. Dual rack units with the ply across the top make for a sturdy and well-purposed platform.

The Ableton Push laying flat is something I see constantly in home studio setups. I have mine angled on an IKEA laptop stand because I was finding all that hunching over to view the screen was killing my back (if you are also feeling sore after long mixing sessions we reviewed 10 of the best recording studio chairs for producers here).

4. The Green Lantern

This is a one of the home studio ideas I can really get down with. The MPC on the standalone caddy says that this is the studio of a beatsmith. This apartment studio seems to pack a whole bunch of functionality into quite a small space!

I’m always a fan of any studio that utilizes LED strip lighting or just LED lighting in general — Lighting is something that I feel is essential for fostering a vibe and catalyzing the creative process.

In fact, we have an article that celebrates 7 music studios that make incredible use of LED lighting if you are looking for a little inspiration.

Instagram: @marvinobeats

5. Timber

Small Apartment Music Studio

Rustic is the word here. The vintage timber floors and sturdy timber desk are a nice touch. Attention has been paid to the DIY acoustic treatment which seems to be well thought out also in terms of placement, targeting room nodes. The cable management could receive a little more attention (we wrote a whole article on cable management hacks for music studios here) but other than that this setup is a great studio workstation. I am really loving the resourceful HS5 & house brick combo – one of the best home studio ideas I’ve seen.

6. The Joyride

Small Apartment Music Studio

Everything you need to unleash your creativity is contained atop of this simple, yet effective desk.

This shows how much a personal touch can change the vibe of a small recording studio. The vintage lamps are a beautiful touch, but we would try to elevate the monitors to decouple them from the desk. Even something as simple as the Auralex Isolation Pads (they are a cheap and effective way to solve this) could do a wonderful job. Racking the Moog gear was a smart idea and a real space-saver. Custom hacks for life.

7. Inner City LifeSmall Apartment Music Studio

What can we say? Minimal, elegant, and…. very low. Everything feels particularly weighted by gravity here. Maybe it’s just the low window frame. Whatever it is, it’s a perfect minimalist studio setup with all the right tools to do some damage.

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Instagram: @karelchladek

8. The Lunchbox Setup

Small Apartment Music Studio

I’m really vibing this new wave of consumer desks with perfect rack spacing in recent studio setups. Coupled with the API 500-Series lunchbox housing (functional speaker stands too, right?) cases, this home studio makes for an extremely versatile and efficient workstation with a minimal footprint.

Instagram: @mrsmarterchild

9. Reclaimed Timber

Small Apartment Music Studio

Noticing a common theme here with these Apollo Twin Duo’s. They’ve been in almost every studio featured in this article so far! It makes sense, the preamp’s are superb.

I’m imagining this person means business, there’s a lot going on for a small music studio. 3 Lacie HD’s = high output (or large-scale sample hoarding). The reclaimed, stained timber top is a nice touch. Add the slide-out keyboard drawer and you have yourself a timeless looking space saver. With the addition of the plants, this producer studio is the sort of place I could see myself spending many hours in.

Instagram: @austinwcannon

10. A Quiet Place

Small Apartment Music Studio

The crate of wax and turntable says this home studio setup is one of a die-hard sampler. The birch theme is a nice pairing with the view. This feels like a rustic cabin to me (rather than an apartment music studio), but is one of our favourite bedroom recording studio ideas . Illusion is everything. The Doepfer Dark Time and MS-20 combo makes me want to lock the door and pull up a chair immediately.

11. Improvisation

Hey, if you’re really struggling to find some space in your place then some improvisation is often the remedy. Using the dining table as a mobile studio is both cost-effective and space-saving, not to mention often has a great view as seen here.

Home studio idea tip: If setting up your gear on the kitchen table warrants some domestic war then you could consider upgrading in small steps until you have your own domain. A cheap way to slowly upgrade this setup would be to purchase some basic foam speaker stands and a low-cost studio desk.

We found 5 cheap studio desks that aren’t a total waste of money for under $400.00 if you are looking for some cost-effective furniture that can sort you out in a bind.

12. Classic vs Modern

This studio setup screams sophistication. Once again (I must have woken up on the bias side of the bed this morning) we are seeing the timber desktop rack units that seem to be the new paradigm for perfect monitoring height.

This is my idea of the perfect producer studio for your apartment – sleek, stylish, minimal. The LA-610 Tube Channel Strip & 6176 Tube Preamp shows that this producer cares about quality, and it shows in the design of this fantastically appointed studio.

Instagram: @audiobytes

13. Cityscape

This modern recording studio has everything a producer could need at the swivel of a chair. I think I would really feel the vibe recording in this space overlooking stunning greenery and a distant city.

There is tech galore whilst still maintaining a rustic feel, providing plenty of inspiration for music creation. I can easily see myself spending hours in this space as day turns to night overlooking this great view.

Instagram: @garyphayes.photography

14. Purple Rain

This home studio is a perfect example of combining decor, equipment and acoustic treatment.

Us producers can easily find ourselves trapped in a dark studio for hours on end with no natural light but in this case I can’t see myself complaining at the awesome (and slightly mesmerising) purple lighting in this home recording setup.

This example just goes to show its easy to find inspiration in small spaces!

Instagram: @sonhodehomestudio

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