10 Modern Home Studio Setups That Nail The Vibe

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A Collection Of Modern Home Studio Setups

It’s no secret nowadays that you don’t need to spend millions in a recording studio to get a great sound.

In fact the constant development of new plugins and software means you can write, record, mix and release your own material without even leaving the comfort of your own home.

We’ve covered some of the intuitive music production software that are great for recording at home (check out our guide to drum replacement software if you’re after huge drum sounds without even needing a drum kit).

But with home producers on the increase, we’re starting to see some really inspiring home setups which, aside from the ‘gear nerd’ factor, genuinely look like a great place to work.

From cool decor to creative lighting to studio desks, here are some of our favorite home studio setups we’ve seen.

Black and White

The first home studio on our list is courtesy of @iamcurtisgriffin. We love the commitment to a completely black and white studio, even down to the monitors and futuristic chair. We can imagine finding no end of inspiration to finish that mix, or complete that song in this pristine space.

We particularly love the Star Wars additions which, you guessed it, are all white!

Instagram: @iamcurtisgriffin


This studio certainly looks the part. With a modern feel and cool lighting this is a great place for anyone creative to work. We particularly like how the acoustic panels and diffuser blend into the decor and actually look really cool.

With plenty of room for recording and desk space for writing (as well as another Star Wars figurine) this studio is perfect for getting creative.

Instagram: @daniel.holsinger

The Key To A Good Track Is….

For the synth players and keyboard enthusiasts among us. We’ve spotted what looks like a Moog on the right hand side and if that isn’t enough to hit the spot there are plenty of other options to choose from.

With a swimming pool not far away, this location is definitely an inspiring place to work. If writers block does slow things down, just jump in the pool for a bit and clear your head!

Instagram: @martin.denev

Metal on Metal

This is definitely one for the metal fans out there. This spacious studio belongs to @metropolitan.viking who has neatly designed this studio to incorporate a guitar and amp collection and memorabilia on the walls.

This strikes us a studio for the spontaneous producers out there who might need to grab a guitar at any moment to capture that riff they’ve had stuck in their head all day.

Instagram: @metropolitan.viking

Plant Power

Did you know that studies have shown that plants can have a soothing effect and help reduce stress?

We’re digging how plants are incorporated into this setup, even down to the painting on the wall. We’d like to think stress is kept to a minimum in the studio, and we can imagine feeling nothing but calm due to the mood lighting and chilled vibes of this studio space – perfect for fixing that difficult mix!

Instagram: @jenraina


Where do we even begin with this studio? This space looks like something out of a nuclear bunker and we can only imagine the crazy sounds and the hours that could be spent in this super impressive space.

Some home studios make great use of space and this setup looks like it could be a converted basement. Whilst some producers love a bright open space, we’d be locking the door behind us only to emerge for food and water!!

The green lighting fits this synth cave perfectly and we think the alien head poking over the top of the racks of gear compliments the vibe even more.

Instagram: @moogfreak

A “Head” Of The Curve

As a self-confessed guitar nerd this studio is particularly exciting. We can see ourselves spending hours finding the perfect tone with this producer’s collection of amp heads.

The wood effect chair, table and cabinet look really sleek when combined with the turquoise lighting and we love the exposed brick style wall on the right.

Instagram: @90s_punk_rock_covers

The Sky Is The Limit

Speaking of inspiration, imagine spending your days mixing on the 27th floor in Shanghai, China.

Whilst minimalist, this studio setup compliments the accompanying city skyline perfectly. We can see ourselves losing track of time altogether in this space, mixing way into the early hours. Either that or we’d spend too long staring out the window. This is one cool place to mix.

Instagram: @dekovamusic


Two reasons we love this setup – 1. the huge monitor (imagine automating on that thing) 2. the giant Spiderman mural on the wall.

This producer has installed some vibey purple mood lighting which perfectly offsets his colourful Ableton setup (and who doesn’t love flashing colourful buttons on their gear in a dark room!)

Instagram: @xmies23

The Record Breaker

Now this studio looks like a lot of fun. We’re really into the metallic looking wall decor, especially being adorned with records.

This is another studio we can imagine locking ourselves in and losing track of time. Aside from just recording and mixing this studio/DJ space looks to have a huge collection of records to get through. Loads of fun!

Instagram: @sebastian.rybinski