Serge Dionne


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Client: Serge Dionne
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As someone who has mastered his craft over 30 plus years, Serge Dionne’s reputation as a prolific bassist is only further cemented by some of the names he has graced the stage with. He has performed across Canada, opening for some of the world’s best, including acts like Buddy Guy, Koko Taylor, Big Time Sarah, and has also played at some of the top jazz and blues festivals across the country.

Those who understand both groove and tone will understand the mind of Montreal-born Serge Dionne.

Serge is often booked for his strong work ethic and his easygoing nature but moreover his impressive sight-reading abilities and his ability to complement the backbone of any song. In his own words, he “selflessly serves the music… I am a bridge – the glue between the drummer and the rest of the band”. His in-the-pocket grooves have mesmerized crowds and kept stages alight more times than he can remember.

Serge’s upright bass heroes include the ‘masters of melody’, Ray Brown and Ron Carter. Their musically minded playing has outright left a mark on his style and capabilities, and it shows. On fretless, Serge totes Jaco Pastorius as the crème de la crème. Discovering his prowess at such a young age, Jaco serves has Serge’s introduction into the jazz stylings. Serge can’t go without mentioning some of his favourite electric bass players – Paul Jones, James Jamerson, Marcus Miller, Nathan East to name a few.

Serge’s philosophy on music is that gems exist in every genre. Depending on his mood and even the weather, you’ll find Serge listening to everything from classical, to pop-rock, to jazz and more. To him it doesn’t matter, so long as long as it makes him feel an emotion.

Serge is classically trained, and studied bass at the Music Faculty of Montreal University with well-revered Michel Donato (Oscar Peterson Trio, Lenny Breau, Bill Evans).

Serge has had a busy career, having played as sideman in over 20 albums and performing in international 5-star hotels across the globe for the past 17 years. Some of his recent works include Bernard Épaud’s ‘Reflexions’, Capitaine Nô’s ‘Évolution’, and Henri Breton’s ‘Sources’. His last professional output saw him record as a sideman for Cliff Stevens’ new album which was released October 2017.

Fast forward to today and Serge has been travelling the globe. He has spent the last 6 years in Morocco, with a couple of years spent gigging around Asia and the middle-east. He has now decided to settle down in Bangkok, Thailand.

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