Radiating Circles


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Client: Radiating Circles
Format: Standard Biography

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Radiating Circles, aka Ciaran Richter is a techno/house producer residing in Melbourne, Australia. Much can be said for his appreciation of the craft — with cutting-edge influences such as Aphex Twin, Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and Solomjun to name a few.

Signature, haunting melodies and hypnotic beats coalesce into a harmonic cacophony of rhythm and sound — Radiating Circles’ takes the sensibilities of modern house and techno and makes it his own. Ciaran’s music is undeniably ‘underground’ in character – but while it refuses to conform, there is a certain accessibility and charm to his music that can attract both fanatics of the genre, as well as casual listeners.

His sound encapsulates a vision that is both bold and adventurous. He also takes influences from his father, who was also a songwriter and quite arguably the catalyst to the adoration for music.

No stranger to music, Radiating Circles has been making music from way back. With a foundational knowledge in classical piano and jazz, and multiple decades of years as a drummer, it wasn’t long before Radiating Circles would expand into electronic music territory. By the age of 11, he had acquired his first pair of turntables and was quickly amassing an impressive vinyl collection consisting of 90s techno and house.

For Ciaran, electronic music is about the journey that envelops the listener, and that’s exactly the intention with his own productions.

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