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Artist: Moebocop
Format: Standard Biography

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For the electronica producer Moebocop, music is something that transcends language. It’s a force bigger than we could ever comprehend, capable of transporting us from one dimension to the next.

That’s exactly the vibe the New Jersey-born musician goes for when he’s conjuring up his intergalactic and psychedelic beats.

His influences include many of the greats, notably those who have been notorious for taking bold risks – such as DJ Shadow, Fourtet, De La Soul, Giorgio Moroder, to name a few. This affinity he’s developed for risk-taking shows in his music, and his talent lies in his refined ability to weave in and out influences of disco, hip-hop, house and electro-dance.

While the word ‘melting pot’ gets loosely thrown around a lot, there’s a certain singularity about that Moebocop formula that’s destined to keep you coming back for more. Let him take you through an aural landscape of sounds, a journey to a place where the imagination knows no bounds.

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