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Client: Mark Bishop Evans
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With a heritage deeply rooted in folk and rock, Massachusetts-based Mark Bishop Evans has been putting out uplifting folk hits that sink in like a home cooked meal. Feel-good vibes are rife in Mark’s music, and his signature sound encapsulates the heart and soul of the breadth of his influences. He cites Gordon Lightfood, Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary, The Kingston Trio and The Beach Boys as influences that helped shape him into the artist that he is today.

Mark grew up around the beaches of southern California, and his introduction to music began early with the trumpet. Guitar would soon follow, as his heart gravitated towards becoming a singer-songwriter. He would develop and nurture this skill at church groups in San Diego, known as hootenannies. Inspired by the East Coast coffeehouse scenes and their rich ties to folk, Mark began writing his own brand of folk-infused rock and ballads.

For Mark, music’s never really been about the pomp or ceremony, but instead a vehicle for which he chooses to move hearts and souls with. Deeper messages and meaningful lyrics mark the very core of what Mark Bishop Evans is about, and can be attributed to the profound impact that the folk and protest songs of the ‘60s had on him.

Mark’s musical migration has seen him traverse the rock, Latin, pop, country and gospel scenes, though has now come full circle back to folk, where it all began for him. With 4 Christian records released between 2000 and 2014, Mark’s creative endeavours have certainly kept him busy.

He has recently finished his latest project titled ‘Somethin’ Bout Tomorrow’, which premiered in June 2019, and is an intriguing blend of folk, folk rock and ballads. Lyrically it’s rich in emotional content and melodically comfortable in Mark’s signature style. The album was recorded at Whole Music Studio in Byfield, MA, and features EJ Ouellette who assisted with most of the backup instrumentation.

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