Amazing! Producer Hive got right to the heart of it and exceeded our expectations. Was very patient and gracious as we changed our mind daily. Highly recommended!

Client: Grubber
Format: Standard Biography

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If you ever thought that the days are gone where rock groups were made in the dank, sweaty garages of some unknown suburban town–think again.

For NEPA rock band, ‘GRUBBER’, that grassroots garage-band road to glory is being kept well and truly alive. Founded in the basement of drummer Jake Borosky’s family home in Carbondale, PA alongside Hank Waller, GRUBBER went from a humble two-man jam to a four-man gigging rock band after a year of writing and perfecting songs. Adding friend JonPugliese with some on-the-fly Bass lessons and stealing Lead singer, Shawn Connolly, frontman of ‘that other’ local band, GRUBBER is set to share their sound to the world.

Influenced by the legends of rock music history with Black Sabbath Bass Riffs of the 70s, to the household names of 90s rock/punk bands Green Day, Pearl Jam, and Tool. GRUBBER not only reinvigorates what so brought about by a ‘band-of-brothers’ type mateship, which far transcends many of the inflated egos of today’s industry.

Don’t be fooled by laidback getups and young appearance – GRUBBER uses their underdog aloofness to capture your attention.

Stay tuned for their debut album, ‘Gardens’, to be released on BAMF Records January 2017.

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