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Client: Chae Solé
Format: Standard Biography

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Atlanta’s Chae Solé breaks away from the trivialities of music, and instead chooses to focus on what matters most — advocating for the expression of emotion in its purest form. For Chae, music represents an all-encompassing surrender, a pledge to self-honesty. 

Often soft-spoken and invariably sullen in his vocal style, the Latin R&B artist delves into deeper themes of romance, confusion, and anger. Each hook, each rhyme and every bar is deeply rooted in conveying the most intimate moments of the human experience. Above all, it’s deep, it’s sensual — and it grooves.

Chae Solé is currently sitting on 3 releases, ‘Made For You’, ‘Dear Love’ and ‘Fallin’. His most recent release sees him combine his Atalantan and Latin roots, and is a formidable showcase of not only his bilingual talents, but his ability to transcend cultural boundaries with his music.

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