The Return of the Moog Model 10

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Moog music have announced to much excitement the return of one of their classic synths, the Moog 10.

The history of Moog dates back to 1964 when their first synthesizer was released. What made the Moog so impactful was the way that it gave the user complete control to build a sound from scratch.

The Model 10 itself was put into production from 1971-1973 but now, almost 50 years later, we are set to see it’s return.

What’s so interesting about the new Model 10 is it stays faithful to the exact design of the original even down to the hand-soldered electric circuits.

Moog have long been synonymous with quality and this hasn’t changed one bit as the new units go into production at the Moog Factory in Ashville, NC. The downside is the 10 will only have limited availability.

Back in the day the unit was praised heavily for its small size compared to other synthesizers that could easily take up the space of a whole wall but nothing has changed when it comes to the portability and size of the new version.

The Model 10 itself is a compact modular synth which was structured around the 900 Series Oscillator (check out Wendy Carlos’s Switched On or Isao Tomita’s Snowflakes Are Dancing to hear the sound of the 900 series). 

Produced in a tolex-covered wood cabinet the 10 will include 11 separate modules, all capable of being connected in different configurations, giving masses of possibilities when it comes to tone.

The 907 Fixed Filter Bank is also present, famous for creating the classic Moog sound. 

The Moog 10 (as you can imagine) will set you back, with a retail price starting at $9,950. Moog advise to contact their sales team to find a Model 10 dealer in your area.

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