Strymon ‘Iridium’: In Search Of The Perfect Amp Tone

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Nothing quite compares to the true nature of a guitar and it’s playing like a world-class tube amp driving a perfectly-matched speaker cabinet in a great-sounding room.

With Strymon’s timely addition of Iridium to its ever-expanding line of pedals pushing the limits of what is possible with music gear.

Iridium features simple controls for effortlessly dialling in the perfect amp tone when going direct.

Discover inspiring tube amp responsiveness, unprecedented impulse response speaker cabinet realism, and controllable natural-sounding room ambience — as implied by the amp & IR cab wording subtly splashed across its foot-friendly top panel.

Behind the scenes, Strymon’s Matrix ModelingTM process captures all the subtleties and unique tonal qualities of each amplifier — from the unique composition of each tone stack to component values, bias levels, corner frequencies, and tube stage gain, all of which affect the way a note or chord reacts and evolves over time.

Taking three iconic tube amps with distinct characters, the powerful processing effects developer has mathematically modelled every aspect of their circuitry with absolute precision to deliver the response, feel, and inspiring experience of playing through the original amps at their best.

  • Fender Deluxe Reverb® — one of the most recorded amps in history for good reason, round is clean, bright, and mid-scooped, with plenty of headroom.
  • The chime AMP —  based on the Brilliant channel of a Vox® AC30TB, the amp that defined the guitar sound of the British Invasion.
  • Marshall® Plexi (Super Lead model number 1959) — Meatier, with higher gain than the other two amps, and has a powerful midrange response.

True to the tone stacks of the classic amps that Strymon meticulously modeled, Iridium’s tone controls have the same interdependences as those found in the original circuit designs.

Strymon is accepting orders for Iridium via the Strymon Store to North America for $399.00 USD (plus tax and shipping) or through its growing global network of authorized dealers.

For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated Iridium webpage here.

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