Roland Debuts New Line of Jupiter-X Synthesizers

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Synth giants Roland have recently unveiled their new line of Jupiter-X synthesizers.

The new models will be available in two different formats, the Jupiter-X which features a 61 note keyboard with full control set and the portable Jupiter-Xm, the smaller of the two with a slim 37 note keyboard and option to be battery powered.

The sounds of both synths will be based on a range of classic Roland gear from their long history.

Classics such as the analog Jupiter-8, Juno 106 and SH-101 are replicated as well as digital pieces such as XV-5080 giving you access to expansive warm sounds as well as more modern digital tones (although it is worth noting that the models aren’t analog per se, rather they mimic the analog tone).

To add to the impressive list of models already recreated you’ll also have access to the sounds of a range of Roland classic drum machines such as the TR-808, TR-909, and CR-78. 

Roland have told us that the models offer ‘loads of polyphony’ with over 4,000 presets, 250 scenes and 90 effects.

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The X and Xm can layer up to five parts (four for synth and one for drums) and the dedicated effects area allows for quick switching between synth lines allowing a really intuitive way of sculpting sounds. 

Both models include the I-Arpeggio which utilizes artificial intelligence to actually create complementary parts to your input notes, rhythms and phrases.

The function creates drum beats, chords and arpeggiated lines which work off each of the X and Xm’s five parts which Roland tell us will “energize live performance and pulverize writer’s block”.

It all sounds super exciting and we can’t wait to get our hands on one. The Roland X sadly won’t be available until next year but will be priced at $2499. If you can’t wait until then, you can pick up the Xm now for $1499.