Roland Announces The BTM-1: A Bluetooth Speaker For Musicians

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  • Roland announces the BTM-1 Bluetooth Speaker
  • Jam along with your favorite music
  • Offers “advanced cabinet design and custom speakers” with a 6-hour battery life

Roland BTM-1 Bluetooth Speaker: First Look

Guitar heroes looking to infiltrate their living-space with more practice time can now rejoice! Roland has announced a nifty-looking Bluetooth speaker that features a 1/4-inch guitar cable input so that you can jam away to your favorite tracks in places where bumping in your full-sized guitar amp may be less than ideal.

Featuring “advanced cabinet design and custom speakers”, this unit is said to be “fully optimized for accurate audio reproduction” — a far stretch from the majority of wireless portable speakers on the market.

It should be stated that this speaker isn’t just limited to the 1/4-inch input. The BTM-1 also comes equipped with a stereo aux input and a headphones port, not to mention the ‘Guitar Channel’ which offers Gain, Tone and Level knobs (yes, you can overdrive this thing until it summons the Kraken), plus a rather nice FX button that has a nice delay function.

In terms of power, The BTM-1 can be charged via a micro USB port and has a battery life of around six hours — an acceptable amount for an impromptu jam session or trip to the park with friends.

The new BTM-1 model will be available exclusively on Amazon for $199 / €199.

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