Reason 11 Launches Today, With 6 Brand New Devices

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Reason Studios have just announced that Reason 11 is now available and Reason Rack is now available for any DAW.

Aside from the expected synths, instruments and effects, 11 will also include 6 new devices.

Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Product Manager, has stated

“We’re thrilled to release Reason 11 today. This release marks a new era for Reason. More musicians can explore the powerful Reason Rack than ever before —as a plugin or a DAW—and I personally can’t wait to hear the music they’ll make.”

Brand New Reason 11 Devices

Quartet Chorus Ensemble: Spice up your sound with four flavors of chorus and ensemble effects. From classic vintage chorus to the unique sound of granular ensemble.

Sweeper Modulation Effect: Add more color with this high quality, multi-talented phaser, flanger and filter unit with expansive dynamic modulation options.

Master Bus Compressor: Reason’s trusted ready-for-radio bus compressor can now be applied anywhere in the rack.

Channel Dynamics: Use the subtle compressor, expander and gate from Reason’s studio-grade mixer anywhere in your signal chain.

Channel EQ: The legendary modelled EQ unit featured in countless platinum recordings is now its own rack device.

Scenic Hybrid Instrument: A cinematic dream machine of atmospheric sounds, textures and powerful performance controls.


Formats & Packages

Reason 11 is available in three formats, all include Reason Rack. The AU version will follow but VST3 is available now.

Available in several packages, Reason 11 Intro is priced currently at $99 and includes 31 devices, Reason 11 is priced at $399 and includes 55 devices whilst Reason Suite is priced at $599 and includes 72 devices.

Existing users wishing to upgrade to Reason 11 can do so for $129, and for $249 can upgrade to Reason Suite.

If you only recently purchased Reason 10 you may be able to upgrade for free. Those who made the purchase between August 1st and 10th can upgrade without cost.

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