Ninja Tune X Erica Synths: Introducing The Zen Delay

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The awesome London based independent label Ninja Tune has joined forces with Erica Synths to bring you the Zen Delay.

The Zen Delay is a dub style delay effects unit which is designed to be at home both on stage and in the studio.

Similar in aesthetic to the previous Fusion Box (also be Erica Synths) the Zen combines both analogue and digital into a small user-friendly box and comes from the imagination of Ninja Tune’s Matt Black and Dr. Walker of the Liquid Sky Collective.

The unit creates dub and low-fi effects by utilizing a BPM synced delay and can create anything from a subtle warm delay to more extreme dub sounds. The Zen also comes with valve overdrive and 24dB synth filter which can be used in High Pass, Low Pass or Band Pass modes.

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Functionality has clearly been kept in mind here.

At first glance, it could easily be mistaken for a Stompbox but as you glance over the controls and layout it’s easy to see how the Zen Delay was created with the needs of DJs and producers in mind (both live and in the studio).

This isn’t an effects unit for simply turning off and on when needed, it’s one that you’ll want to tweak your parameters in real-time to really hear what its capable of. Have a look at the video below to see one in use.

The unit comes in a sturdy metal casing and utilizes a selection of Bakelite knobs for each parameter.

While we’re told the unit is extremely sonically versatile it’s built to be easy to use meaning you won’t have to spend valuable time reading a manual or scrolling through endless banks of pre-sets on a digital screen.

Sadly we’ll need to wait until December when the Zen Delay will start to ship, however, pre-orders can be made as of now.

The unit will be priced at €499 + VAT or if you get in early, you’ll be able to purchase at a discounted rate of €455 + VAT (including a limited Zen Delay T Shirt).

For more information head to Eric Synths website.