Fighting Fire: A DnB Charity LP To Provide Aid To Australia’s Fire Crisis

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Fighting Fire: Relief for Australia is an initiative by Mandie Cay (missledz) in an effort to raise money to support firefighters and the communities affected by the current bushfire situation in Australia.
The project involved the coordination and release of a collaborative drum and bass LP to be hosted on Play it Forward (a website to connect artists to charities – hosting releases and directly providing donations to the charity).
Mandie put the call out on Facebook for potential contributors to the project with regard to track submissions, promotion, artwork, and more. The support and response was phenomenal, and over 50 track submissions were received. Initially, the idea was to include all tracks but soon it was clear (with the number of submissions coming in) this would not be feasible, and 20 tracks were chosen by our team.
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After careful consideration, it was decided the money raised will be donated to Red Cross Australia. Red Cross provide psychological first aid, for those affected by events like severe bushfires, to firefighters and the community.  Their work is so important in assisting communities and rebuilding lives during and after traumatic events such as wildfires.
Donating to the Red Cross will directly assist firefighters, their families and communities in healing and rebuilding following this devastating time.
Artists involved in the project include Bally & Boom, Creatures, Embr, Equilibr1um, False Relation, Freshney, Handsprime, HD, Incus, Jay Marwaha, Jimi Reborn, Koax, LoKo, MFX, missledz, Moose, N-Mon1c, Philth, Screamarts, Serpico (Philth & Volatile Cycle), SMP, Sublimit and Transforma.  It’s been a pleasure to have them involved and we thank them for their contributions. Mark (Abis) kindly offered to master any tracks that were unmastered, which we are very grateful for.Missledz
Finally, special mention and thanks to Francesca Smith, Cristóbal Montesco, Karl Lambert and Neil Bartlett for their help in coordinating the LP, and to the artists for getting the word out about the release.


Bally & Boom – Faith ft. Jay Marwaha
Creatures – Inflicted
Equilibr1um – Burning Forests
False Relation – Accidental Session
Freshney – Amber
Handsprime – Watch the Tapes
HD – Liminal
Incus – Contemplate
Jimi Reborn – The Forfeit
Koax & Sublimit – Chatoyancy
LoKo – Sending Love
MFX – Home ft. Embr
missledz – Ember
Moose – Otherside
N-Mon1c – Structure
Philth – Rain Dance
Screamarts – Coming Through
Serpico (Philth & Volatile Cycle) – Connoisseur
SMP – Lyra
Transforma – Blood Red Sky
Listen, download and support the cause here.