Devious Machines Unleash the Beast With New Pitch Monster Plug-In

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Devious Machines have just released a brand new Pitch Shifter and Vocal Processor – the Pitch Monster.

Devious Machines tell us that the plug-in will bring 64 voices of ‘sound warping insanity’ to your DAW.

Three types of processing are available within the belly of this beast, Granular, Formant, and Vocoder. Each one will be compatible with three different modes – MIDI, normal and chord.

Chord mode allows you to create chords from up to eight notes via the on-screen interface. You’ll be able to save and recall these from 8 different banks.

The MIDI function will enable you to manipulate your existing sounds in real-time.

You’ll be able to control the amount of shift via your MIDI controller or DAW allowing you to control your vocals almost as if you were playing an instrument.

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The Pitch Monster gives you a 6-octave range with dual high and low pass filters and you’ll also be able to stack up to 64 voices to really fatten out your sound.

Devious Machines tell us that the Pitch Monster will turn “a solo vocal into a beautiful choir or robotic melody…a mono synth into an orchestra, or your own familiar speaking voice into the rumbling vibrations of Thor.” Sounds like tonnes of fun!

If your quick to purchase you’ll be able to get hold of the Pitch Monster for a limited time at $79.19 before it increases to full price at $105.59.

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