BluGuitar Announce Pedalboard Amp for Metal Guitarists

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One for all you metal enthusiasts today, BluGuitar have revealed a brand-new pedalboard amp designed to satisfy all your riffing, shredding and chugging needs.

The Amp1 Iridium Edition is a 100-watt Nanotube amp which showcases four channels and contains all the features you would expect from a boutique amp.

The Amp1 comes in a slick black design, not much bigger than your average stompbox, and is lightweight enough at 2 pounds to be able to transport in your gig bag or on your pedalboard if you’re on the move between rehearsals and the studio.

As you would expect with a metal amp, each channel is capable of producing serious gain, but care has been taken to ensure the low end remains tight which means you won’t need to worry if you’re playing in a low tuning or even with a seven-string guitar.

More Than Just A Distortion Pedal

Aside from being just a distortion pedal however you also have the added options of reverb and a noise gate to eliminate any unwanted noise or feedback that can be a common issue when cranking the gain. 

Three independent overdrive channels are put to use in the Amp1, each with a rich distortion that can be altered in gain structure and gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to attack and dynamics.

The ‘Modern’ channel is a high gain channel. Blu tells us this offers ‘crystal clear string separation’. This channel features a custom ‘Tone’ knob allowing you to flex between a more cutting solo sound versus a more brutal ‘mid scoop’ setting.

Switch to the ‘Vintage’ channel for a more tight, mid-ranged sound which responds really well to lower tunings.

The ‘Classic’ will offer a wider mid-range than the Vintage channel. Again, the Tone dial will let you shape your sound from ‘Hot Rodded British High Gain’ to ‘German Wall of Sound’.

There is, of course, a clean option, which compliments the in-built reverb for some sparkling, shimmery tones but also works great with modulations and delays.

The noise gate allows you to choose from three levels of sensitivity. Placed in front of all four channels as a pedal would be, you’ll be able to customize the settings to ensure there are no nasty squeals or buzzing whilst ensuring any rung-out notes aren’t cut off prematurely mid-solo or riff.

Lastly, you’ll be able to use the custom ‘Boost’ knob to adjust the levels of gain on each channel, whether you want a cleaner, more mid-rangey sound to add definition to your tone, or just to add more gain to your overdriven sounds without becoming muddy.

We’re hoping to get our hands on the Amp1 Iridium Edition when it ships on 1st November. It is currently priced at $849 (£810).

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