Auxuman Release An Album Created Entirely With Artificial Intelligence

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Auxuman, a music-tech startup have just released ‘Vol.1’ – an album created in full by five artificial intelligence ‘artists’.

The five artists featured are Yona, Hexe, Mony, Gemini and Zoya (Yona having already been featured on a previous release with Ash Koosha, founder and CEO of Auxuman.

Check out Vol.1 in its entirety, on Bandcamp here.

Auxuman tell us:

“the creation of music and lyrics are driven by their digital talent which uses Artificial Intelligence and generative tools, introducing a new ‘soul’ behind ‘non-human content’’’. 

Following on from Vol.1 Auxuman will release monthly compilations of their work which will be available on streaming platforms as well as YouTube and Bandcamp.

Although unusual this isn’t the first instance of an AI created release.

  • Recently, JAM also announced their own AI software which uses loops to create music in several genres.
  • Boomy is also a web-based interface that allows the user to customise their tracks into short pieces of music.

On first listen Vol.1 is a little creepy, probably due to the fact that we know we’re listening to essentially a song written by a computer, singing in monotone, eerie half-spoken voices.

Suspending our judgment though, if this were to be an album created by humans we probably wouldn’t think this at all and treat this as more of an experimental electronic album.

Listening further into the album though we started to really enjoy each track and even noticed some Daft Punk-esque vocoder style vocals. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Could this be the next step towards the inevitable, Terminator-esque, post-apocalyptic world where humans battle to the death for supremacy with an ever-evolving race of AI robots? We can’t say for certain, but at least if it is, we know there will still be music!